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Date of Posting; 12 April 2024 

The FTNX Doctrine to Trade (DOT) has broken the back of the ill informed and mythical intermediary market place once and for all with the release of the formal DOT in (2010) and the many editions  and versions of our beta  doctrine; many of which have  become  slightly ‘stale’  when Russia invaded Ukraine, as Russian suppliers of export ready goods ( mostly fuels/ refined fuels)  represented  over 15% of  the trading business (supply base) being applied by the ‘informed intermediary’ market place; such  products which now bear western sanctions. Every now and then a few pockets of ill informed traders can still  be found ‘trying to close a deal’ that can never legally close; such traders often don’t last long as many end up meeting a  highly informed FTNX  endorsed trader along the way, which means “ game over.” The informed Intermediary or PCT  knows what they are talking about and often challenge such  suspect deals - which quickly ‘vanish’ into thin air. When FTN Exporting started to trade in 1988, the market place was full of false claims, idiots and clowns, where a great  term  describing these kind of traders developed, as it first appeared  being used by one of my students (in the USA; ‘Kamal’ from Ohio) as “Joker Broker.”  The many people worldwide who have studied our DOT  are now  defined as  a “Professional Commodity Trader” or “PCT.” The applicants  who were  not ready to trade as a PCT, after completing the study,(taking around 3 months for most) were allowed (prior to 2016)  to source goods for FTNX as an ISS ( International Sourcing Specialists ). An ISS personally attached to  a PCT in a string deal headed by FTNX (the PCT)  were allowed to source goods for FTNX as part of their training. FTNX found ‘some’ great applicants, who were not ready to trade as a PCT ‘immediately’  that were very good at sourcing suppliers and end buyers. They studied the doctrine and commenced sourcing goods for FTNX  within three months. Most began trading as a PCT  on their own after completing the study. A PCT must learn how to source intently; the ISS aspect  serves this purpose. Doing the study is one thing , securing years of experience in months is another. Such interactions, even if lightly used, delivers great insight and  boosts the confidence  level of the applicant, to start trading sooner- rather than late, as a ITS endorsed PCT.



WORDS:1200 A4 pages: 330,000 words min

FORMAT: 6 Segments PDF Including latest 2024 COFI edition.

COST : USD$ 1155.00

EMAIL Q&A SUPPORT UNITS: as indicated  below

FTNX LOGO: USCT: Unified  Society of  Commodity Traders (USCT)

Last Updated: 12 April 2024

WINE PDF is ideal for first time new novice home based or corporate trade intermediaries and entrepreneurs wanting to self educate themselves on safe procedures for applying to export import transactions world-wide.  The applicant is  learning to become a legally defined  PCT (Professional CommodityTrader) and entrepreneur. The term ‘broker or  ‘intermediary’ is not longer applicable  once the applicant has completed the study. To trade in commodities requires knowledge and skill. FTNX doctrine of trade is in effect the first uniform legally defined ‘Intermediary’ relevant set of trading procedures worldwide. Any person in the world  can use the legally defined and very safe  long standing and well tested FTN Exporting  created  procedures in an import  export transaction. FTNX introduced the first doctrine online in 2005, after spending decades practising and studying the subject matter. FTN Exporting created the first and only uniform safe set of  workable procedures that private intermediaries worldwide can lawfully and  legally use.  The applicant  purchases the doctrine offered, spends up to three months studying the doctrine - by reading it intently. The applicant has a generous 4 Q&A ( ask question, receive an answer) support units that must be used within an extended period  of 7 months of purchase, activated one month after purchase was made. Ask a trading question and get the immediate reply (24 hours or less)  by email . A private email address will be given for this service. Even a few answers served will deliver great insight to the applicant  that may have taken many months to learn alone.  The trading part is not that difficult. What is difficult is that you need to learn so many little things in a short time to serve great clarity on what you need to do to close a large revolving commodity transaction. Even by having an expert on call when you start to trade will prove invaluable, it gives confidence to the applicant, just knowing that an expert is on standby, even if Q&A are not used. The applicant  is paying for a leading expert to be  standby mode. Ask as trading matter not an understood or ask a question when conducting a deal - we are on standby for 7 months. The first month of purchase does not count towards the  Q&A validity period, giving the applicant a head start. If you are intending to  trade over the longer term, this publication  will serve you intently. Not matter the country, this is a well tested world wide uniform application, based on the International rules and laws. You want to trade in commodities  or big business internationally  then the doctrine allow the applicant to do so legally and lawfully. The study is at the academic level of application- written in a simple way that most will understand the complex aspects of trading in commodities  not as an ill formed trader  but as a professional and specialist. NOTE OFFER (B): If the applicant  does not want  the valuable underpriced Q&A  support units, the outright purchase of the doctrine is “as is”  US$ 600.00 .  


  1. *TWINE PDF  DOCTRINE : 6 Segments  (All commodities)
  2. *COFI IX PDF: 1 Segment ( crude oil and refined fuel deals added advice)
  4. INCENTIVE: SUPPORT: 4 Q&A units  valid for 7 months  commencing 1 month after purchase
  5. INCENTIVE: USCT Number /Jpeg logo:

FTNX CEO is no longer trading  outright as FTNX is concentrating on completing and Investment Project (Zehed-Bike advice  via library).Mentorship is no longer offered in 2023

In this light FTN Exporting will supervise new applicants with ssupport as needed -only as per offer made. 



(As From: 1 April , 2024 )

Due to many requests being made, Paypal is once again used as our primary payment method.

All payment made via Paypal initially made to: 

FTN exporting is a long time standing and verified Paypal member (Decades).

Applicants are given a private gmail email address  to enact support with  DAVIDE GIOVANNI PAPA 

Payment Process that MUST BE FOLLOWED as a matter of security.

Payment by echeques accpeted but not preffered: No publication served until echeque is cleared to FTNX ( often taking 10 days or more) 


  1. Select offer and make payment by Paypal to ; 
  2. Indicate in PayPal header what is being purchased
  3. Customer to also send FTN Exporting an email message that payment has been made. 
  4. Include a good family and business  profile about yourself and your aim when using the doctrine (Confidentiality assured)
  5. When  payment is advised to FTNX, email sent to applicant by FTNX to confirm that payment has been received.
  6. Applicants order is placed in line. Service initiated  once payment has cleared on our side. (Paypal: 24 hours or less)
  7. FTNX contacts applicant via email and arranges for service sought  to be initiated once payment has cleared.
  8. (For those around  the world  working, we are online weekends mornings (AEST) as well)
  9. Once contacted the applicant simply follows our instruction to receive service/material  sought.
  10. It takes about 30 minutes to send all material to applicant as a big  study folder  will eventuate  
  11. Ideally applicant should  have time, to be at their computer for 30 minutes  when the  download process commences 





Terms and Conditions of Purchase: 

As applicable and relevant to the purchase is made

  • FTNX holds governance over FTN Exporting, and ZEHEDBIKE (ZBIKE). FTNX is related to matters of trading. FTN Exporting retains matter of education  from 2024.
  • Only Selected USCT/SPCT members (under franchise agreement) will be able to  buy and sell ZEHEDBikes world wide as localised agents of FTN Exporting
  • ZEHEDBIKE and FTN Exporting  will be owned and incorporated by FTNX Propriety Limited Company  in late 2024
  • Applicant acting dishonourably after  taking up mentorship/offers made may have services cancelled  without recourse or remedy
  • Private confidential secretive and very unique study served by the creator of such as created over a 35 year period; “no look first pay later aspects”  available. 
  • All applicants  apply the nature of business will learn a great deal from the information offered in WINE.
  • Support is generously served with offer made in that a generous  discount is apparent. FTNX normally charges outsiders up to  US$ 300.00 per hour or part thereof, for consultation services.
  •  is our current relevant educational website; FTNX is our trading website. Past offers made are not available once removed., 
  • We have stated all relevant matters as they are, regardless if such matters seem negative, adverse or obtuse, to attract only applicants with firm trading intent.
  • The study is designed for home-based or corporate entities wanting to buy and sell large scale commodities for the first time as a long term private business.
  • We are offering educational services ‘no get rich quick scheme is offered.’ An academic level study is offered which cannot be found in a university or college.
  • It is impossible to gauge which applicant will close a deal against those who will not.We guarantee that the lessons learned via our doctrine  can legally  close a  import export deal as relevant. 
  • Reasonable skill in writing  and reading in English, some basic skill in maths as well as skill in producing good documents via a computer  must be evident before purchase of the service or doctrine is made. 
  • NO REFUND available, as this is a unique academic level formidable study owned and created by FTNX not found in any university college (Not Yet).
  • Unsure  about buying our Beta doctrine? Applicants should read ITSI first as our best selling doctrine can be found in all major libraries of the world including Library of Congress USA.
  • Dishonest traders have tried to obtain the publication then cancel payment via PayPal which resulted in no refund; as FTNX does not honour obligation unlawfully created by others
  • 35 year of work and experience is offered with our study.FTNX has been fully open about the nature of this  difficult but exciting business.
  • FTN Exporting is offering to educate/inform seriously minded intermediaries the proper export import process.Past deals are confidential have no bearing on offers made.
  • Applicants who want to formally study how to trade in commodities and related business of international agency, and banking legally, is being served intently
  • The trading procedures and advice served is made for home-based first-time intermediaries, as well as suppliers and end buyers, lawyers, bankers,  who will benefit from the advice provided.
  • FTNX doctrine of trade can effectively and safely  legally  close commodity deals as per the expectations of current international trade rules and laws.
  • No deal participation with FTNX is made with the study aspect ( Only fully mentored /apprenticed applicants  have this right)
  • One way or another delivery of the doctrine as a PDF or hardcopy is guaranteed
  • If PDF doctrine cannot be opened by the applicant, FTNX has the right to send an agent closest to the applicants country/town to assist in opening a restricted PDF.
  • Countries carrying sanctions with the USA may not apply for FTNX beta publications. 
  • The applicant taking up the study with the assumption that it is unlikely in the first year of trade/study, that the applicant will close a deal. An educational service is only  being assured.
  • If the applicant cannot financially afford to buy the doctrine and does so with the idea of closing a deal quickly; this is the wrong aspect to take, as an educational service is being offered.
  • A USCT logo once served is used to identify peer to peer informed traders. Applicant may use the logo while trading. No trading with FTNX allowed except where an offer specifies as much.
  • Those carrying a  SPCT number may use the SPCT logo even if not associated with FTNX in where sourced goods are presented to FTNX for closing with SPCT member.
  • SPCT membership cost  is  per year as per SPCT membership  feee at the time of asking.Only those carrying a USCT number may apply for a SPCT membership. 
  • ONLY registered SPCT members may source and present goods for FTNX participation/directives. 
  • When attached to FTNX a SPCT member acts as our agent  at their own discretion, under our instructions, while attachment to FTNX is in effect ( e.g: mentored applicant ) 
  • FTNX will verify the SPCT or ITS status is asked by a supplier  end buyer looking for a reference.
  • FTNX is closed for  up to 3 weeks  from   December in any given year or as stated on the offer  site page made.
  • Dishonourable or  entities caught not being honest and truthful or acting indifferent to aspects of  doctrine while attached  with FTNX may have interactions cancelled without notice.
  • FTNX serves those who are employed during the week,  weekends (mornings AEST)  as well.
  • FTNX does not trade during Christmas New year christian festive season  which is not counted as part of service period taken.
  • FTN Exporting ITS certificates (FITS) are not easily secured and cannot be purchased separately.
  • FITS certificate when offered is served at discretion of FTNX to mentored applicants  8 months after taking up lesson.
  • FITS Certificate may be used to seek employment is related industries of international agency, finance and commerce.FTNX is a highly respected entity in where a FITS certificate  denotes the applicant  unique skill set.
  • Applicant acting as a FTNX agent  has service terms and conditions also applied upon meeting licensing requirements .
  • An FTNX agent  acting dishonourably not within the bounds of the FTNX doctrine or TRA may have licensing revoked. Disobeying instructions of the principal  may cause the same result.



This FTN Exporting site is the original site now operational for decades. FTNX first  appeared on line  1996 before that,  facsimile /KTT use was the norm. 



This FTN Exporitng site is the original site now operational for decades. FTNX first  appeared on line  1996 before that,  facsimile /KTT use was the norm.