FTN Exporting Intermediary Trading Procedures 2025


Beta Doctrine of Trade (DOT) PDF    All other  offers prior are now invalid.

Beta:Grammar/spelling  mistakes  does not detract from the overall lesson being delivered.

Date of Posting: 20 July  2024 AEST


This is a academic level  type of study, and it’s complex; a complex study which we have ‘broken down’ to reveal a simple set of  lawfully workable procedures that any  export import trade intermediary can learn and apply when conducting ‘big business’ internationally.  Time  is your  enemy is this business and is this business once you become busy - time flies. You must know what you are doing  intently to have any chance of success in this business; without attaining said  ‘knowledge’  the chances to close such a deal is ZERO. Whether you are from the USA , U.K or Timbuktu  this is a global uniform trading  study and related application of International  agency, that must be learned before entering into the precarious realm of international  trade. It does not matter if you are new to the business  and/ or are working from home, the ‘intermediary’  studies the publication , over a few months and starts trading strictly as advised, ‘one step at a time’. From  study to obtaining experience plus longevity gives you success. A highly informed Professional Commodity Trader (PCT)  should be handling complex revolving deals within 8 months  of purchasing  and studying the FTNX  doctrine of trade. You will impress lawyers and corporation with your knowledge ; that’s how  informed you will become - if study and practice  is apparent from day one. We have only applied  relevant  information in the study that we all  MUST know about, presented in  in layman terms, as we break down our formal aspect of the publication ‘ITSI’ to it simplest premise and understanding. WINE PDF is a Beta copy, meaning there are grammatical and spelling mistakes due to the massive size of the publication and due to the updating of such yearly, nevertheless 99% of the study that needs to be learned is clearly prescribed. When attempting to trade in large revolving commodity contracts, you are chasing a life time of earnings ( as earned working in a factory all your life )  as secured on one single  revolving contract. FTNX developed the doctrine decades ago, as a matter of need as the market place was full of fake deals and clowns prior  to FTN releasing  the first ever legally defined doctrine of trade made specifically for intermediaries world wide. This is our legacy to the world of trade, which is well tested (over 30 years) as we  legally and lawfully defined procedures and processes that could be safely used by any new highly informed  PCT entering the market place. Any person in any country ( as allowed per its own laws) may trade in commodities using our procedures,  because it offers safe uniform principles of business, and uses  standing  ‘Internationally recognised’ rules and laws, to support the  FTN Exporting trade/deal process. We created the first event set of legal procedure that an informed PCT can use safely and with confidence. 




WORDS:1500 A4 pages printed on one side: 370,000 words min

FORMAT: 6 Segments PDF Including latest 2024 COFI edition and Launch pad.

COST : US $1400.00

EMAIL Q&A SUPPORT UNITS: As described below  

FTNX LOGO: USCT: Unified  Society of  Commodity Traders (USCT)

WINE PDF masterworks is ideal for any first time new novice home based or corporate trade intermediaries and entrepreneurs wanting to self educate themselves on safe procedures for applying tin an export import transactions world-wide. The applicant is learning to become a legally defined PCT (Professional CommodityTrader), by using laws and rules. Study the doctrine and start trading as advised. Applicant has (8) support emails with this offer that must be used within 8 months of purchase.This generous discounted support period is ideal for new traders taking up the study. Ask the question about the study or trading matter you are unsure about by email, and receive a personal response. This support is invaluable when a live deal is being tried. Having an expert on call breeds confidence even if the support units offered are partly/ not used at all. All applicants receives a USCT number and logo. When USCT logo is used on your documents it tell others you are dealing with that you are an highly informed professional commodity trader–and not simply another  ill informed intermediary. Everything  needed to learn process at the academic level,  is supplied as specified below. 


  1. TWINE PDF  DOCTRINE : 5 Segments  (All commodities)
  2. COFI IX PDF: 1 Segment ( crude oil and refined fuel deals added advice)
  4. INCENTIVE: SUPPORT: 8 Q&A units valid  for  8  months .
  5. INCENTIVE: USCT Number /Jpeg logo:
  6. LAUNCH PAD. 30 page reference booklet/checklist  used  when PCT starts to trade
  7. Access to FTNX library restrict download  up to year send 2024  



COST: US$ 790.00

Applicants  who do not  want  email support  offered  may buy WINE PDF in full "as is"  in where one email is reserved  for use within 3 months, to answer any clarifications needed while studying the process.


  1. TWINE PDF  DOCTRINE : 5 Segments  (All commodities)
  2. COFI IX PDF: 1 Segment ( crude oil and refined fuel deals added advice)
  4. INCENTIVE: SUPPORT:1 Q&A units valid  for  3  months .
  5. INCENTIVE: USCT Number /Jpeg logo:
  6. LAUNCH PAD. 30 page reference booklet/checklist  used  when PCT starts to trade
  7. Access to FTNX library restrict download  up to year send 2024  



COST: US$ 2900.00

SPCT (Society of Professional Commodity Traders) Logo 

Applicants  receives offer (B) publication. After 3 months study period  is completed, the new or seasoned applicant remains attached to FTNX  as our Agent while learning the ropes for 15 months. Applicant makes efforts, FTNX  acts on such efforts at their own pace . It is up to the applicant to make efforts to work with FTNX, we cannot force anyone  to act beyond their scope. If the applicant  secures  a deal for closing , FTNX will do the closing in where  FTNX receives and equal share of gains  made with the applicant. Consult is open as needed. Private phone number given.Applicant works  as if they are the PCT,  knowing that their disclosed principal  FTNX is at call on hand  to enact with the PCT privately and confidentially. Te name of the agent is under FTNX letter head, as per deal being tested at any given time . Applicant wanting offer (C) please contact FTNX  first for a private email chat session.If accepted  without prejudice on merit, applicant  will be advised a no obligation pro form invoice  with our banking details  for direct bank deposit valid for 2 days. If applicant is not accepted once email chat session is completed,  we will serve a reason why. Learn  the procedures first, ask questions anytime,  and start trading  with FTNX  This is the only offer where the applicant  can trade in live deals in a supported manner while learning procedures- over the longer term, whether applicant trades in their  spare time of full time. FTNX serves supported members on the other side of the world, weekends, mornings AEST as well. All applicants being personally educated and is trading with FTNX receive a SPCT logo for exclusive use even when support period is over.The applicant is learning while  trying ti close a live  deal- is the aim.Interactions with FTNX are amicably applied- FTNX will  tolerate mistakes and bear all liabilities and consequences of the agent following our directives while trading in our name. 



(As From: 20 July , 2024 )

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  1. Make payment  to PayPal  using FTN_Smice email
  2. Once payment is received from this side well send you an email.
  3. Publication and material advised by email when PAYMENT has cleared 
  4. FTNX contacts applicant via email and arranges for service sought  to be initiated once payment has cleared.
  5. (For those around  the world  working, we are online weekends mornings (AEST) as well)
  6. Once contacted the applicant simply follows our email instructions to receive service/material  sought.
  7. It takes about 30 minutes to send all material to applicant by email as a large  study folder  will eventuate  
  8. Ideally applicant should  have time, to be at their computer for 30 minutes  when the  download process commences 




A private gmail address will be used to communicate with you.


Terms and Conditions of Purchase: 

As applicable and relevant to the purchase is made

  • FTNX holds governance over FTN Exporting, and ZEHEDBIKE (ZBIKE). FTNX is related to matters of trading. FTN Exporting retains matter of education  from 2024.
  • Applicant acting dishonourably after  taking up mentorship/offers made may have services cancelled  without recourse or remedy
  • Private confidential secretive and very unique study served by the creator of such as created over a 35 year period; “no look first pay later aspects”  available. 
  • All applicants  apply the nature of business will learn a great deal from the information offered in WINE.
  • Support is generously served with offer made in that a generous  discount is apparent. 
  • FTNX normally charges outsiders up to  US$ 300.00 per hour or part thereof, for support/ consultation services.
  •  is our current relevant educational website; FTNX is our trading website. Past offers made are not available once removed., 
  • We have stated all relevant matters as they are, regardless if such matters seem negative, adverse or obtuse, to attract only applicants with firm trading intent.
  • The study is designed for home-based or corporate entities wanting to buy and sell large scale commodities for the first time as a long term private business.
  • We are offering educational services ‘no get rich quick scheme is offered.’ An academic level study is offered which cannot be found in a university or college.
  • It is impossible to gauge which applicant will close a deal against those who will not.
  • We guarantee that the lessons learned via our doctrine  can legally  close a  import export deal as relevant. 
  • Reasonable skill in writing  and reading in English, some basic skill in maths as well as skill in producing good documents via a computer  must be evident before purchase of the service or doctrine is made. 
  • NO REFUND available, as this is a unique academic level formidable study owned and created by FTNX not found in any university college (Not Yet).
  • Unsure  about buying our Beta doctrine? Applicants should read ITSI first as our best selling doctrine can be found in all major libraries of the world including Library of Congress USA.
  • Dishonest traders have tried to obtain the publication then cancel payment via PayPal which resulted in no refund; as FTNX does not honour obligation unlawfully created by others
  • 35 year of work and experience is offered with our study.FTNX has been fully open about the nature of this  difficult but exciting business.
  • FTN Exporting is offering to educate/inform seriously minded intermediaries the proper export import process.
  • Past deals are confidential have no bearing on the education aspect  made.
  • Applicants who want to formally study how to trade in commodities and related business of international agency, and banking legally, is being served intently
  • The trading procedures and advice served is made for home-based first-time intermediaries, as well as suppliers and end buyers, lawyers, bankers,  who will benefit from the advice provided.
  • FTNX doctrine of trade can effectively and safely  legally  close commodity deals as per the expectations of current international trade rules and laws.
  • No deal participation with FTNX is made with the study aspect ( Only fully mentored /apprenticed applicants  have this right)
  • One way or another delivery of the doctrine as a PDF or hardcopy is guaranteed