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iBITE II 2015

Intermediary Business of International Trade Exporting  (iBITE) 

All about importing exporting commodities for intermediaries




includes advice  "creating investment  projects and the  intermediary" 


by Davide Giovanni Papa Best Selling Author: ITSI and soon to be released COSI ( mid 2015) 

URPIB Effective:  iBite II 2015  is the latest TWIY publication 








Excerpt from COSI (Release date  mid 2015 Gower / Ashgate U.K )

FTN Exporting URPIB rules apply to the “buyer/seller” as well all sourcing intermediaries (SI)  attached to such a principal in matters of commission rates and payments; unless indicated otherwise. We cannot force intermediaries to abide by URPIB rules but we can insist  upon the idea that all sourcing intermediaries attached to a buyer/seller must also be informed to gauge the proficiency level of the principal they are attached with. Even if an intermediary never takes up the sole position of “buyer/seller”, they must still be informed when soucing goods alone; and to at least know that the principal he or she is  attached with  has some scope to be able to close a deal legally and lawfully using good workable procedures. The position of any good SI is only protected to any reasonable level  when a informed principal is guiding  and heading the transaction. Any informed entity carrying  SI  status  producing a good viable deal to any informed principal especially one who has studied the FTN doctrine will  nearly always look at a viable deal produced by an informed SI they have never met before crossing their path , now gives added reason why the SI must be informed. Anyone who has studied the FTN Doctrine is an informed intermediary, anyone who has not is ill informed and are shunned entities. “Krusty  the Clown school,  is  not found here.” Whether  SI of Principal, everyone involved in this business must be informed for very good reasons; the reasons are  defined under the auspices of  “circumvention” and ‘lawful safe dealings.’


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Applicable Posting Date: 1 January 2015

The Brainless Deals in a Nut Shell: iBite to iBite II 2015

The activity of the  ill informed intermediary can be  found all over the internet measured in the millions. The market place is full of intermedaires, even back in 1988 when we first entered the affray. Most of them back then as today have no idea what they are doing.The biggest mistake a first time or novice intermediary can make is to join such a "circus full of clowns." Big statement made by a person  who can say as much in support of rules and laws of international trade.Those who have studied the doctrine and fromidable  procedures therein can also say the same.The intermediary has no scope to enter into a real commodity transaction let alone secure commission unless the advice in our Doctrine is studied intently and used accordingly.


Embarrass yourself by acting  like an idiotic ill informed export import intermediary by following the flawed unworkable commodity trading practices  and procedures used  by others online or act as a professional informed business person who knows what they are doing intently while conducting private business as a professional intermediary.These are your only choices. IBite is a academic study supported by rules, laws and experience. We created the first academic study of its type worldwide. We've created and govern the first uniform legally defined and lawfully applied intermediary procedures  for use in commodity dealings, taking us 30 years to do so. If you want to try you hand in this business, then you must study and apply the vitues of our doctrine intently. Many professional  and corporate entities from around the world are studying and using our  strict formidable and academic level doctrine, not just home based novice traders. Some have also stolen our works and claimed it as their own after changing key and important aspects of our doctrine in a vain attempt to diguise the theft; of which produced  flawed and outdated advice due to such changes.FTN Exporting is the only authority allowed to govern and sell our Doctrine.


Laws, rules and experience applied over a long time ensures our mistakes won't be yours. 


Genuine suppliers and end buyers do not conduct business using ill informed procedures, even those  found in USA , China or even Russia.  Corporate  principals world wide use similar procedures found in iBite, except the doctrine  is made exclusively for intermediaries to use. This is "international Trade" business, local laws and commerical business practices found locally within a country can't be and must not be used in "International" import export arena. Suppliers need to be directed as do end buyers who do make mistakes.They cannot be directed by a person who  does not know what to do. Unlike a real supplier or end buyer who needs to enact on only one contract, the highly informed Intermediary has to perform while handling two contracts lawfully at the same time.For this and other reasons pertaining to laws and rules; makes the informed intermediary a highly specialised entity. We have never been served nor seen in 30 years trading as an intermediary, an offer from a  supplier  from any country,  using flawed trading terms and associated procedures  to do with  LOI, ICPO, ASWP, PB, MT799, MPA, and the many other incorrect terms and procedures copied on line as used by those who have no idea on what they are doing.


Follow the actions of a stupid person and you'll end up looking stupid as well.


All such useless and flawed offers have always come from ill informed sourcing intermediaries belonging to a string serviced by ill informed others often followed with a supporting statement like "We know the supplier or ;we represent the supplier/end buyer or ; product is real no time wasters please etc.."  Such "offers" have all ended up being trashed in 10 seconds flat by FTN exporting. The first thing an professional intermediary will  learn when studying  iBite,  is how to identify and trash fake offers a per its "due diligence" application, followed by; on how to source suppliers and handle other sourcing intermediaries in your group. Finally the deal on the end buyer side is learned and practiced, as the the informed intermediary  leaves the sourcing realm to others  to become a buyer/seller of commodities outright. There is  no other effective  nor legally binding way to trade as a commodity trader and informed intermediary other than we has advised in IBite.


After a deal was exposed in a major newpaper in 1995 FTN produced such a doctrine because intermediaries had hounded us for decades asking for as much. 


This is the main reason why FTN Exporitng does not even allow phone number online; we would be flooded with useless inquiries and offers non stop day and night. FTN Exporting has the biggest trash can in the world. It gets filled up  year upon year with thousands upon thousands of  fake or flawed offers for everything from Nigerian Crude oil, Urea ,D2, Mazut, Sugar, Ethanol, Coal, Ores, and even  Nazi Gold and MTN's, served by ill informed and foolish intermediaries who don't know what they are doing. You cannot bluff in this business, nor read a few of the many  pages of advice we have served online over the years and think you are an informed intermediary. You have to spend time to study the docrine intently then start  trading slowly as advised in such to gain experience. This is where the informed intermediary is ready to enact upon the basis of a real deal for profit and gains. To add further insult  to injury to the whole ill informed trading basis, a sourcing intermediary is unable to collect payment  of commission  using such flawed applications and incorrectly applied trading basis, because there is no mechanism to start with  to even  ensure such commissions can be secured  let alone paid, and in where circumvention is literally guaranteed. You name it, we've seen and heard it all before. You have just learned your first valuable lesson in trading as a specialised informed professional sourcing intermediary, and buyer and seller of commodities worldwide.The applicant  studies te doctrine for a few months , then starts trading on the net as  per its advice during weekends and when a "few hours at a time "are spare. The rest takes its natural course accordingly. We can't guarantee that a deal will be closed, nor should anyone else for that matter as we are all different in where the capacity to learn and study procedures is an individual aspect. What we do assure is that the  procedures  in the FTN Doctrine of Trade can legally,  safely and correctly close an export import deal  for intermediaries as we break down complex aspects, to the most simplest undertandings.Hence we are offering an educational service accordingly.


We could have "dressed up the chicken to make it look like turkey" but what's the point. Real time situations are specified and addressed, an aspect that many have appreciated and respected, because "we tell it as it really is." We then advise how informed  intermediaries must act even in the face of adverse trading conditions.  You have no choice, learn the proper safe  intermediary application or don't  think about this business at all. This is a difficult  and complex, but a doable and exicting business; some "will make the cut"  some will not. Other related experts  have praised our works for decades including many home based traders ,and indeed scientists, accountants,  lawyers, bankers  and related others, many who were also personally mentored applicants.You are attempting to  chase big complex sophisticated deals, commissions  and big profits from all around the world. You cannot do as much in an ill informed manner..it's that simple.Superior minds than ours have tested the validity of doctrine over the years;the compliments are ongiong.



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