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Society of Worldwide intermediaries : Manual


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Principal  and Author : David Giovanni Papa 

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Interntional Trade is a very complex business realm and the net is full of  trading clowns.  An intermediary learning to source, sell and buy commodites for profit must study and  learn the  FTN exporting academic level doctrine  made for all export, exporting import intermediaries, no matter the country they are from.  All matters of trading applicable to the professional intermediary are broken down to their simplest understanding allowing most novice first time  intermediaries to learn the doctrine intently within 4 to 5 months  in where they  commece trading there after as instructed in SWIM NOG  to gain actual  trading experience over time. The study is complex  and we don't mince words and explain  things as they are, indepth so much so that anyone dealing in international banking, finance and contract as a related  entrepreneur will also find great benefit  of conducting  safe global business applications with this formidable well tested and highly complimented doctrine. Some traders  will advance over the longer term , some will not, as this business has to be tested by those who are prepared to  learn how to do so properly.  Trade and apply business as per the doctrine; or don't trade at all is our sincere advice. Whether you are a home based trader, baker, taxi driver,  doctor, banker, lawyer, scientist, real estate agent , farmers, suppliers or end buyers, or the likes, everyone must study the doctrine before attempting to enter this kind of business and chase such huge gains being aimed for. The world applicable to this busines is full of ill informed clowns. The import export intermediary business is only for those who are highly informed. It is all about applying acceptable and uniform 'International Trade' procedures where local laws and rules can't apply. If you want to enter this  trading arena and attempt to play this game, you must be highly informed before doing so...After spending nealry 30 years in this business,the author and creator of this exclusive first ever  doctrine  has seen it all."My  mistakes of earlier years  will not be yours".....It's that simple.




There are fake resellers offering old outdated copies of our works going back 10 years in where changes have been applied to disguise the theft of our material and hence making such copies flawed as well. Our resellers of a past doctrine are only listed on this website publication offer page.  Forget about  terms like Broker, Facilitator,Mandates, SCO, POP, NCNDA, LOI, MPA, IMFPA, ICPO, ASWP, SBLC and the likes. All are  Internal business applications  often seen used inside USA in another era long ago  and cannot and must not be used internationally. ALL International trade intermediaries, whether from Russia , Iran , China, Europe  or  USA  must work within the bounds of safe strict "international trading rules" and laws and have complete knowldege of making offers. quotes, contracts, and trading within the scope of UCP banking rules and incoterms delivery rules. There are no other safe trading applications that an true intermediary could apply effectively. FTN exporting has been in this business for nearly 30 years. Our own private inhouse doctrine and including the best selling ITSI is the only  mainstream doctrine of trade that all intermediaries world wide should be using . If you are going to give this business a serious attempt, then at the very least one MUST be informed or there is no  possibility of closing a deal let alone secure commissions or gains. Many Bankers, Lawyers , Doctors, Real estate agents,  Scientists, and other entities world wide have been studying our doctrine, not just home based intermediaires, for many years, with compliments ongoing. 


SWIM 2015 is a special FTN exporting 10th year anniversary edition made for intermediaries and entrepreneurs world wide. SWIM ’NOG’ 2015 is Commodity Trading Doctrine made for anyone contemplating trying their hand at buying and selling export import ready commodities for profit world wide as a professional privately based intermediary or broker, using the highly acclaimed, long tested and mainstream FTN Exporting Doctrine of Trade, as currently being used by informed intermediaries worldwide. SWIM 2015 places the status the intermediary at the very top of the “informed” list, as this Doctrine is the most current  and most simplest of them all to comprehend.  SWIM NOG 2015 was written over a 6 month period  completed in April 2014. 

SWIM “NOG”(Name of the Game) delivers both the highly respected  FTN exporting  Doctrine and actual formatted “ready to go” trading application. The applicant reads the whole doctrine intently as one would do to any good book; in where no offers, quotes or other documents will interfere with the learning process. The applicant then starts trading slowly at their own pace  following the  detailed step by step instructions at the end of the publication in where they use some of our offered supplier details for practice as listed in the doctrine. Trading Manual and Doctrine all in one publication. The applicant completes the study while practising to trade in commodities, by further reading  the crude oil and fuel supplement which also  enhances the overall doctrine as  well. 

In the doctrine  the applicant purchasing these works is named “PIA.”  The purchaser needs  to only  pretend to be acting like PIA. Just read the  doctrine and start trading at your pace.  If you don’t know what you are doing after 12 months or less , give it up, do something else is our recommendation, as trading as a professional intermediary is simply not for you is being strongly suggested .We can’t all make the grade, and one would never know who could make the grade, if the attempt to trade as an informed intermediary is never made. The “Name of the Game” (NOG)  is designed for the applicant to arrive at a certain academic level within 12 months.Those who do not get to 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the game, should give up trading and take what they have learned to another business application related to international trade, finance or agency is being recommended (as any good entrepreneur would do anyway.) This is a self assessing Doctrine, the first ever produced in where the professional intermediary either sinks in a sea of confusion, fakes offers, time wasters, sharks and scam artists or swims hard against the rubbish  and misinformation found on the net  to achieve  success as a specialist in a very complex business application. There is nothing in between.The intermediary can now prove to itself if such  has what it takes,  to take on this complex but exciting  business.


There is no other practical way to  learn the Doctrine as we created the first and  only set of safe procedures that an informed export import intermediary could use effectively. This is a self educating Doctrine where many principles of trading advised in SWIM meanders into other every day business applications of   global  banking and deal making. Anyone involved in any big  business related to international trade and in particular those buying and selling commodities for commissions or gains should study this formidable FTN exporting Doctrine; especially those intermediaries from Asia, USA and Sth America. 



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