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For the first  time novice intermediary coming to this site page; lets repeat in part what we have stated for decades. International Trade  is a very complex business for any intermediary to transverse when trying to buy and sell commodities for commission and profits; and the net is full of  trading clowns and ill informed traders, nothing compared to when we first  attempted to conduct such business in 1998. The FTN doctrine explains it all fully. We had ti use the very same laws and rules  that supplier and end buyers need to use , we had to extrapolate such rules and laws, place limitation and produce the doctrine which is both legally effective and workable. 


We  had to create an intermediary  doctrine, the first ever describing the whole process in a legally and lawfully defined manner,  and we had to make supporting rules to give guidance to  intermediaries(URPIB).It took me decades to get it right. My mistakes were not to become your mistake . In 1985 the first in-house publication was released in PDF. form, and we have never stopped thereafter releasing over 30 edition each carrying slight refinement from the previous edition, all carrying some semblance of a base trading protocol. SWIFTN   is the latest of these refined works and most likely  the last.


In 2010 ‘ITSI’ (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary) was released in U.K  which and soon become a best seller hardcopy, and sales are still going strong in 2014 with Amazon and publishers  Gowers/Ashgate along with other official resellers, as  found on line.


There are a few ways that the intermediary could become informed, some are expensive and some are not so expensive for the Academic lessons being provided in such publications. ITSI is the cheapest .It’s been edited and was produced in collaboration with a Barrister and Lawyer from England, and carries some 300 pages and around 90,000 words. Lorna Elliot, after reading an in-house copy , saw the virtues of the works,  and had  taken a rough stone and made it into a diamond. So many professional and home based entities had complimented such works ever since.


What is being offered on this site pages are current personal in house BETA publication of FTN Exporting, which breaks down ITSI to  its basic structure offering  the intermediary step by step trading advice in a very easy straight forward less formal  manner.This meant adding  many more words, and  many more pages were need to complete to produce such  publications. An intermediary learning to source, sell and buy commodities for profit must study and  learn the FTN exporting academic or in house Beta  doctrine intently  made for all export, exporting import intermediaries, no matter the country they are from. 


The study is complex because ether are a lot of meandering little things that one must be aware about that had to be simply presented;  and we don't mince words in explaining things as they are, in depth so much so that anyone dealing in international banking, finance and contract as a related  entrepreneur will also find great benefit of conducting  safe global business applications with this formidable well tested and highly complimented doctrine. After all it all about the intermediary  applying acceptable rules of agency. Some traders  will advance over the longer term , some will not, as this business has to be tested by those who are prepared to learn how to do so properly.  Trade and apply business as per the doctrine; or don't trade at all is our sincere advice. Whether you are a home based Trader, Baker, Taxi driver, Doctor, Banker, Lawyer, Scientist, Real estate agent , Farmers, Suppliers or End buyers, or the likes, anyone associated with the nature of business should study the doctrine before attempting to enter these kind deals.The intermediary is chase such huge gains. Such gains will not come out of fresh air.  One spends  6 month reading  and self study in where the intermediary should be informed enough to start trading slowly as  instructed in the doctrine. History will  do the rest.


 There are fake resellers offering old outdated copies of our works going back 10 years and copycats who now claim our works as being their own; and mistakes are apparent as terms are changed to disguise the theft of our  unique material. 


Forget about  terms like Broker, Facilitator, Mandates, Resellers, SCO, POP, NCNDA, LOI, MPA, IMFPA, ICPO, ASWP, SBLC and the likes. All are  Internal business applications  often seen used inside USA and elsewhere, in another era long past  and should not  and must not be used international export import deals. All International trade intermediaries, whether from Russia , Iran , China, Europe  or  USA  must work within the bounds of safe strict “International trading rules" and laws and have complete knowledge of making offers, quotes, contracts, and trading within the scope of UCP banking rules and incoterms delivery rules. There are no other safe trading applications that a true intermediary could apply effectively without risk. 


If you are going to give this business a serious attempt, then at the very least one MUST be informed or there is no  possibility of closing a deal let alone secure commissions or gains. If one is going to succeed it will be done using this doctrine, and if one is going to fail closing a deal, then one cannot say they didn’t give it their best shot. There is nothing inbetween. 


This is a self assessing Doctrine, the first ever produced in where the professional intermediary either sinks in a sea of confusion, fakes offers, time wasters, sharks and scam artists or swims  hard against the rubbish  and misinformation found on the net  to achieve  success as a specialist in a very complex business application. To take on this complex business is a challenge for the best thinkers. It’s also an exciting  business.We created the first and  only set of safe procedures that an informed export import intermediary could use effectively we keep it update and any dramatic or major  changes to international trade rules, we post on the FAQ section of this site and smice.net.  The doctrine went  through such rule changes in 2007 and 2010, where no  changes were needed defines further on just how formidable this doctrine is.


The in-house publication also comes with some kind of  valuable personal one on one support.  It’s our way or not at all. We can guarantee the doctrine is legally sound, formidable , effective and workable, what we cannot do gauge and guarantee  is the proficiency and skill level of the intermediary taking up the self study application, this is why we have  never guaranteed that a deal will be closed, we only assure that the procedure are legally and lawfully effective, the rest is up to each individual. Some will make it , some will not,  and give up too  quickly.  Join the SWIFTN club in 2015 or miss out.


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