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International best selling author and leading intermediary expert 

Davide G.A Papa  Ceo, FTN Exporting: Established 1988

Author: International Trade and the Successful Intermediary (U.K 2010)
Author: Crude Oil and the Successful Intermediary ( U.K ETA: 2016 )

Education: www.ftnexporting.com     Trade: www.ftnxx.net

Posted: 1st February 2016

“If you basically understand what’s written here, you will understand the doctrine and the basis offered therein is best assumed. Go ahead and make the purchase. If below is a difficult perspective for you to comprehend, then perhaps this business is not for you.”

Preamble:FTN Exporting (FTNX)
There is so much about FTN exporting and its founder online via a Google search of key words such as “FTN Exporting”, “Distribution of Products”, and even “Davide Andrew Papa” or “Davide Giovanni Papa”, that we don’t need to declare our position intently anymore; accordingly, the following advice is given as an overall insight and matters of education served with good intent and without prejudice. Whilst our formal publication as indicated in above heading remains relevant and ongoing, it soon will be complimented by another new formal publication to do with crude oil dealings. Our in house private publication offered here as PITA 2016 ‘breaks down’ to its simplest basic understandings, these two formal publications to produce a masterworks 4 time greater in size, as given in the authors own words, without being proof read or edited fully–hence defining that a beta publication is being offered containing unique information as advised in a “step by step” manner which our formal publications could not do, due to constraints applied at the request of our leading U.K publisher.

About the Latest Doctrine
FTNX created the first ever legally defined doctrine of trade and released it for the first time in 2005 after decades practising and testing all aspects of trading that only international trade intermediaries are able to apply. Accordingly our latest in house private doctrine,‘Prime Intermediary, Trade and Agency’ (PITA) Second Predicate 2016 masterworks edition, is now the publication which will lead all others into the future, in the way intermediaries must conduct business when sourcing, buying and selling commodities world wide for profits and commissions.There is no other safe and legally defined method for import export intermediaries to trade other than advised in our doctrine. The novice first time intermediary entering the market place does not know that there are millions of ill informed ‘fools’ out there, from every walk of life and profession, pretending to be dealing in the import and export of commodities. The novice intermediary gets sucked into their world, who in turn quickly becomes just another misguided fool who has no idea what they are doing. These ‘idiots’ will never close a deal because the procedures they are using are unworkable flawed and highly illegal and in most cases unlawful. FTNX created the first ever doctrine of trade for intermediaries–but that’s not all; we have also been in this business for around 30 years as well. We’ve seen it all. Nobody can dictate matters of our procedures except us.Nobody can dictate matters to an informed intermediary once this study has been taken. Suppliers, End buyers and everyone else must bend to the demands of the informed intermediary–or there is no possibility of forming a deal. This also means that the informed intermediary will see a lot of lost opportunities, but then, the experience gained even from business lost, will bring the informed intermediary closer to the day when a deal can be formed and perhaps even close. This is the day the informed intermediary shines.

The informed intermediary needs to study safe formidable procedures first, then needs to gain trading experience under the auspices of ‘practice and failure’ until one day, that one single deal you have been working on, finally arrives. Whether you are a novice first time trader, working from home or office, no matter the country you are from, if you want to trade commodities you need to know what your are doing. It doesn’t matter that you are a Lawyer, Banker, Doctor, Scientist or Cab driver–nobody is going to help you and you need to be informed on our unique procedures. We ‘wrote the first book’ off its kind regarding those procedures. So many others, including experts in their own field have taken up the study since 2005; the compliments are ongoing. We are in all on the same boat. If you want to give this complex business an attempt, then you must study the doctrine or don’t even bother considering this business at all. To become a professional intermediary is not that difficult, what’s difficult is that so many thing needs to be understood.We can’t guarantee you will close a deal, nobody else should be claiming as much either, because we have no idea what the personal learning attributes of individuals are; but what we can guarantee is that the basis of doctrine is very sound, and is able to legally close such deals when correctly used by an informed professional prime intermediary.

Stupid Uneducated Intermediaries are Everywhere
The first time intermediary will find many ill informed traders out there as well as many suspect deals. The internet is infested with sharks in where the unwary intermediary can easily be bitten. As soon as we get rid of ill informed intermediaries in any given year, another influx of ill informed traders appear. The good thing is that there are now many informed intermediaries out there as well, that it doesn’t take long for the ill informed traders to get the message–and vanish just as quick as they’ve appeared. The bad aspect is that suppliers and end buyers all around the world are fed up with such idiotic people. They have beed for decades. Only highly informed professional intermediaries will have a chance to actually get the attention of corporate principals. For all these who already ‘think’ they are trading in commodities; be advised we serve expensive legal opinions to law firms world wide; and we have seen what happens first hand when intermediaries get it wrong–there is no bluffing in this business and there is no point closing on deal that will land you in prison. There is also no point in acting on internal procedures of another country; such procedures that cannot be use to close on ‘international’ trade deals, because the mechanism that the intermediary needs to know about and apply are simply not there. Letter of Intent (LOI), Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) ASWP, NCNDA, MPO, etc.etc, and a whole lost of other stupidity and illegally applied procedures used by those who have copied what others are doing and don’t know any better, cannot close an import export deal and secure commission ever using such applications–It’s that simple. The internal laws rules and practices found in one country (i.e:USA) cannot be conjoined with the internal rules and practices of another country (i:e India , China, Russia, etc.) to close on a large import export deals. A different set of procedure must prevail as accepted under the virtues of international trade rules and laws. As highly informed intermediaries and indeed specialist, applying principles of agency and international trade rules, our practice is both a formidable one and legally defined. We have to know much more about–in macro, the whole business we ply, more so, than most bankers, lawyers, accountants, suppliers, exporters, brokers, carriers, agents and end buyers know ( as well as other related business applications, to do with big sales and big contracts.)

In effect the intermediary is purchasing unique information, and the right to study such as personally tested and effected over a 30 year period. Our mistakes won’t be your mistakes. The intermediary is not simply being a ‘book’ but a doctrine that must be strictly adhered to, by anyone looking to trade in commodities over the longer term.There are not many authors who can back their own work with so much experience and testing attached. In 1995 after an article about the author unwittingly appeared as an editorial in the finance section of a major newspaper, calling for local government to lend support to professional intermediaries, FTN exporting was inundated with phone calls and cries for help by intermediaries world wide. It took us 6 year to formulate a rough set of formal procedures and many years of testing there after before we released out first publication in 2005.FTN exporting literally, could no longer take phone calls, (still applies to this very day) thus the publication provide the required insight that so many intermediaries were looking for; but could not find anywhere because formidable, safe and proper set of trading procedures that an intermediary could use effectively and legally were simply nowhere to be found. FTN exporting by default became a world wide ‘teacher’ of this complex business application.

What Does it Take to Trade in Commodities as an Intermediary
Time, effort, educational material, good nerves, good study principals, knowledge, good writing skills, and finally practice. If we break down the current doctrine and serve it as a university study program, it would take 3 or 4 year to complete the course. We made all complex matters of trade easier for any intermediary to understand. On average one who works and uses their spare time to read the doctrine intently will (should) take 2 up to 4 months to absorb the academic lessons therein. Once intermediary commences to practice in their spare time, the attributes the process and procedures advised in PITA 2016, it may take up to another 4 months or more before email replies from initiated enquiries, commence to come into your inbox. Once the intermediary learns how to dismiss ‘rubbish’ and fake deals (learn to conduct due diligence) as plied my so many ill informed others online, only then can the intermediary now start to concentrate on securing a genuine export import deal for profit. Once a deal fails, then the “experience” gained is what actually makes that one deal you have been attempting to secure, come closer and closer to fruition, until one day, an informed trade intermediary among others, will actually close that import export deal and make a lot of money in going so, safely, lawfully and legally.

Matter of the Actual Deal Itself
Once all the parameters on that one deal you have made real effort to secure has fallen into place, it will take–from the time an offer and subsequent contract is secured from a legitimate supplier, to the time the intermediary can collect on financial instruments ‘at sight’ no less than 50 days, to close on such a deal; 90 days would be more realistic. To secure one long term supplier offering supply of a wanted product will keep the intermediary business for many months, because by securing one supplier, the informed intermediary whether trading alone or with its own guided team, can ply and test an offer to many end buyers world wide, until one end buyer takes up the offer. No trade sites, no intermediary chain, no ill informed traders–everything must be personally applied, initially by email at first, and later by phone as well, as a deal heads towards contract stage. PITA 2016 will provided everything needed including full easy to read, step by step instructions and advice as well as actual examples of formats used and contract template. The intermediary taking up this study, must have the internet connect, must be able to speak and write in English to a reasonable level, as English is the language of international trade. The applicant must also have some undertaking of basic maths. The nature of our business, is about sourcing goods, sourcing end buyers, and about writing and handling documents, including title documents; and not the actual goods we trade in–We trade in valuable and tangible documents. One cannot ‘only’ source goods alone, unless they are informed or are attached to a person who is informed and is prepared to close on a live deal for those others attached. One cannot source goods and ‘hook up’ with strangers online to trade on those goods, as often seen being traded by foolish ill informed intermediaries who for 99.9% of time have nothing to offer to begin with. If you trade on products which do not exist you are trading on matter of criminal fraud. The only ‘prize’ therefore in doing so–is prison.

Being Highly Informed is the Only Way to Trade
Study the doctrine, follow its advice intently and slowly one “step at a time”, enter into the market place as a “principal” buyer and seller and as a lone trader; or a principal with your own group of sourcing intermediaries attached ‘who have merit’ and can be trusted. You as the “Prime Intermediary”, and informed principal of Agency directs and instructs all other under you. The doctrine will instruct you with examples and offers to cover everything you need to know, from products you can deal in, to matters on how to conduct due diligence; matters of finance ( Letter of Credit ) delivery rules and laws of contract, agency etc.etc. Everything that the intermediary needs to know is in the doctrine; even matter about paying commissions, formulation and the likes. Our URPIB Rules of Trade will guide you on such matters as well.

We’ve given examples of offers and even a full contract format. If in a ‘few years’ you have ‘given up’ on closing that large deal, then use what you’ve leaned in other related “big business matters”. One could even seek employment is related industries–that’s how formidable our doctrine is, because we also have to understand and use the very same rules and practices that all banks, carriers and exporters are meant to follow. The traps in their business are great as are the potential of huge gains. It’s and exciting business, great people are met, in where huge deals may be enacted upon, worth 100 of millions of dollar even billions; the business itself however is unforgiving, if you are uneducated and trading on an ill formed basis. To sell a secured shipment at lets say 150,000 MT, at FOB delivery of a product carrying a 300 or 400 dollars a Metric Ton unit price value in where, a few dollars extra, has been added to the buy price is going to make a lot of money to the person who closes on such a deal–now think about this? What if the goods are purchased at monthly revolving shipments over 12 months. Do the maths! This kind of deal cannot be traded upon without knowledge in the first instance. To chase such a deal is a wasted effort without knowledge and experience in the second instance–and you would be wasting your time thinking otherwise.The many ill informed intermediaries online today don’t even know some very basic matters to do with international trade, let alone matters on how a deal must close. It all sound easy when in fact the informed intermediary is actually attempting to enact on one of the most complicated and complex set of high end business procedures found on the planet.

In Summary
You’ve sourced a much want product that many others world wide want. You have a great price. You add a few dollars more to cover your own expenses and profits as well as to cover others assisting you with a commission payment. You now source and test the offer against the intent of many end buyers. You protect the deal for the supplier and end buyer, you’ve provided a service that others could not. A Coal powered plant has been buying Coal for 70 dollars per MT FOB , when you turn up with an offer for the same coal at 60 dollars per MT. There will interest more so in ‘proper, safe and recognisable’ procedures are also being advised. Much more so if the informed intermediary acts like and sounds like a specialist and well as a professional trader.

If an intermediary thinks they will earn such money for doing ‘nothing’ then such a person is not thinking straight.The intermediary must bring skill, abilities and knowledge to the table. These effects, when tied to real efforts being applied are the virtues which earns money. If you want to give this business try; the first step is to become informed–history will delivery the rest. Some will get close, some will close a deal and some will not; one aspect never changes; without the intermediary being educated on such matters, the chances on closing on such business deals is zero. The informed intermediary must close a deal using the “locked in” money as secured from the end buyer.The informed intermediary must never use his own money to close such deals.

Finally beware! There are many fake offerings of our publication out there offered by those who have stolen out works and changed the face of such, to claim our material as their own. There are many old unworkable and outdated doctrine in PDF form, out there that should not be used as the International rules of trade pre 2009 were changed. We produced some 50 publications since 2005. We govern the uniform intermediary doctrine world wide. Before FTN exporting came alone not such formidable trading aspect was available. Learn the doctrine and make real efforts by being educated on a unique skill set. Attempting any other trading aspect is a waste of time.




  E&O.E: Errors and Omission Excepted

FTNXX and all sites owed by FTN Exporting (including this site) offers general trading advice and are subject to constant change. FTNX site pages are also full of personal opinions, always given with good intent, without prejudice,for purpose of education. FTNXX services information to suppliers and end buyers as well as invited informed others as a matter education. FTNXX often applies testing of new products and procedures on this site as well, which may only be validated as per the advice being tested. Common and obvious mistakes in advice, offers or prices, and all errors overall found on our websites do not effect the service / offer being rendered. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are corrected over time in most cases. Personal opinions served, are done so without prejudice, with good intent, for purpose of education and serving information and advice.We’ve never have made promises in any form over many years, that anyone buying this doctrine will close a deal; hence only an academic level educational aspect is given. Applicant should not buy a pirated altered copies our works, as applicant will be buying old outdate material and losing their money.Such applicant cannot connect with legitimate FTNX peer to peer traders as well.Nobody has permission to resell our material.

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