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You’ve  purchase the FTNX  import export trade study. 3 months later you are trading as a PCT ( Professional Commodity Trader). 3 months  more; you have closed a deal for sugar. You have made  US$ 92,000.00 gross profit on your first delivery. You still have 11 deliveries of 100,000 MT each-monthly,  over the next 11 months to conduct. You have  conducted your first deal  alone, albeit on the larger  side of the gross profit scale.You have even  bigger deals on your desk needing your attention. Sounds good. Never going to happen!  We state things ‘as they are.’ The PCT needs to know everything about this business - good or bad. To make money using your brain and not brawn takes time and genuine efforts. Nobody is going to look after your interests.Above all, you must know what your are doing, by being informed.



You’ve  purchase the FTNX  import export trade study. 6 months later  or more you are trading as a PCT ( Professional Commodity Trader). 23 months later or more  you have closed a deal for sugar. You have made  US$ 18,000.00 gross profit on your first delivery as per your very first deal. You are excited and ‘you’ll be nervous as hell.’ Just get past the first deal psychological barrier , and the rest will become history. You must apply  all your efforts to aim for and close  the first deal. You still have 11 deliveries of 25,000 MT each monthly,  over the next 12 months to conduct. You have conducted your first deal  alone , albeit on the smaller side of the gross profit scale.You have even  bigger deals on your desk needing your attention. This is a realistic view.  Longevity is the key. Large revolving contracts  won’t come you way quickly.The more you trade the longer you last , then  more you learn the more   insight and experience is gained - until finally the  day will come when that large commodity deal is heading to contract.This is your time to shine. Will you be ready?  This is when your knowledge and experience kicks in.




FTN Exporting ha been trading since 1988. This original website has been maintained since late 1990. When we came on board, the market places was full of clowns , false deals and risk laden unworkable and illegal  procedures bearing title as  ICPO, BCL, LOI, NCNDA, MPO,  and other strange terms  and requests bearing very strange unsafe and often illegal procedures were common offerings at the time- many such fake and unworkable  deals emanating out of the USA. Nobody knew what they were doing-world wide. Nobody knew what current international delivery rules, banking rules  and contract laws were. “I knew something was not right with what was out there, but I had no idea on just how bad is really was for the ill informed intermediary.’ After studying International  trade law and procedures at a college ( which did not have anything  about intermediaries - that I was looking for) , and spending years gaining experience,  I started to close on contracts. To do so I had to adopt  current international laws and trade laws and make adaptions to such created a doctrine of trade that intermediaries could safely ply - using the same laws and rules that all  suppliers and end buyers were  bound  to apply as well. As the laws stood, I had  finally ‘discovered ‘ that the term ‘buyer and seller’ could mean anyone could trade in commodities safely,  correctly and legally. The PCT has to become a legally and lawfully defined buyer /seller  of commodities, as the position of the effective  private ill informed  export import  intermediary literally- does not exist in any financially viable form.  We all start  as an ill-informed  intermediary, the doctrine is studied for a few months .You are now are now a PCT, an International trade specialist and a principal in your own name. A principal who is able to buy and sell commodities. This is how  an ill informed intermediary enters the market place. The doctrine of trade for intermediaries  came online as a rudimentary publication from 2001. It didn’t take long to become inundated with  so many  queries  from intermediaries from all over the world, after a newspaper leaked information  about a  deal we had done in 1995.  The fax machine was running day and night.  Then came the internet , and the circus full of  clowns  that followed. FTN Exporting trading  procedures is the leading global  study for trade intermediaries wanting to buy and sell commodities internationally, or conduct business in the related field of Agency.  Our formal publication is  “International Trade and the Successful intermediary” (ITSI) which is still a first edition proofread and edited hardcopy publication as released in 2010 by leading U.K Publishers. ITSI changed the standing  perception of intermediary come entrepreneur,  and even some aspects of current laws dating back centuries.  It’s a complex study made for first  time  PCT entering the market place. A lawyer and barrister from the  U.K actually assisted me on matters of editing and the law in checking and verifying the procedures and  claims being made by FTN Exporting.  We have broken down the complex aspect of trade to a straight easy to understand set of procedures that can be safely used and where no circumvention is possible. We got rid of the clowns  in where the first ever doctrine of trade made for intermediaries, buyer and sellers now rules the intermediary trading market . Many home based traders as well as lawyers, bankers , doctors  have purchase our doctrine- with many compliments served as ongoing this day. ITSI can be found  in libraries allover the world  including US library of Congress. Want to trade in commodities? Invest a small sum and take up the study. You’ll be glad you did. Well over 30 years of trading, mistakes and study is being served to you in one single exclusive and unique  beta publication which has everything you need to know as well as document template that the applicant may use.


Our Beta publications  currently named TWINE, takes 80,0000- worlds found in ITSI to convert as much,  to a 400,000  ‘step by step’ worded aspect as we break the complex aspects of ITSI to its bare bones minimum, warts and all. We explain thing ‘as they are, no holds barred.’ The PCT must know everything there is to know to make this kind of business successful. 



  • A legally defined  uniform world wide set of procedure is being served.
  • A strict safe set of procedures is offered acceptable to all buyers and sellers world wide 
  • The  FTNX import expert trade study uses international rules and laws.
  • It explains everything the PCT needs to know in closing a lucrative commodity deal.
  • Explained to serve first time un-informed  novice traders world wide 
  • Well tested  over a period exceeding 30 years 
  • No more expenses.The current beta publication serves the whole lesson
  • No circumvention possible.  You pay commission to those who assisted you.
  • The PCT keeps the rest of the main earned  as net profit.
  • You’ll learn matters of international agency as well.
  • Related  business matters  of business via  agency is the unseen aspect being learned. 


Want  to trade in commodities  professionally?  Many  trading aspects need to  be understood before investing your money in matter of academic level educational matters. You have spare time let’s say 8 hours minimum or more over a 7 day week, or a weekends ( if employed) then  you have time to trade as well.  “When FTNX first started in this business in 1988, “I was spending 14 hours per day on average–trading -  it took 20 years to finally trade  on the deals I wanted to conduct. Today I select deals I want to conduct at my leisure. I don’t test and try  every deal that comes my way, I only try  and test the best potentials deals. You have a small office environment at home or at work and you are able to produce good clean documents on a computer.  You are also able to read and write in English to a reasonable level,  (not perfect but reasonable) . Your understanding of basic maths  is also good and you are a person of good character. On top of all these understandings, you are prepared to last the distance and give it  ‘your best shot’  for at least 4 years ( or forever if the trading bug bites you) This aspect is important as you will complete the study within 3 months or so,  and start trading in live deals thereafter as per our strict  procedures, to gain  experience, as mistakes becomes less, so will experience grow; so long as you have a continual presence in the market place. You need mistakes to learn from, and the FTNX doctrine of trade expresses this aspect intently where the PCT can trade all the way to the contract issuance stage  and walk away from the deal without incurring consequences. This is the special attributes of the FTNX study that most comparable academic level  studies  do not offer. It allows the PCT to commence trading ASAP as per procedures, ‘one step at a time’  with confidence, in knowing that no legal liabilities will be incurred in the event the PCT in the early days, makes a serious mistake. FTN Exporting cannot  guaranteed trading success as individual efforts and skill set plays a crucial role; what we can guarantee  is that  that the  trading procedures a can legally and safely close deals for the informed PCT.  If you think after reading this site page that you can do it alone without being informed, such a perspective is  defined as a fools errand.You chances to close a deal while remaining ill informed is ZERO no matter how long you trade for,