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PITA 2016




Intermediary : One who trades or conducts services on 'behalf of a disclosed principal' defining the lawful position of 'Broker'( The thrid party );  or an 'Intermediary' who trades or conducts services 'On behalf of an undisclosed  principal' in where the position of 'Buyer/ Seller' in the combined form  becomes apparent ( as; a primary Principal amongst Principals) The  business  pertaining to  the 'Professsional International Trade Agent and Intermediary' is an unforgiving,  but exciting one, only suited to those who are prepared to study intently,  and later trade over the longer term.The market place has no room nor tolerance for clowns to participate.


PITA 2016 PRAEDICATUS II  is now our latest base international trade doctrine  for home based or corporate based first time commodity traders defined as private intermediaries, as we return to run updated refinement of based trading and educational platform, ten years after the first base predicate was released in 2005. The first publication released formed the backbone to every other publication up to the year 2015. PITA Predicate II now forms the “backbone” to all advice and issues encountered arm 2016 onwards. We have refined and have added much more clarity to the base trading structure, thanks to the many tests conducted while mentoring others, including testing of new streamline procedures which now forms part of  the second predicate doctrine. PITA 2016 is one of the simplest doctrine of trade to study. PITA 2016 Praedicatus II introduces the  Buyer/Seller status  in a new light, and introduces the new  “Professional Sourcing Intermediary” (PSI) status  for those who do not want to trade as a buyer/seller but who may have picked up excellent sourcing skills through the doctrine, as more and more  principals  world wide look to attach  highly skilled and informed PSI's. Professional Intermediary, Trade and Agency (PITA) advice served will, give you the grounding needed to take on and  handle all the big NBC deals in support of all matters of sourcing, offers, contracts, and the financial aspects of conducting business of trading in commodities for commissions and profits, as a private, highly informed professional intermediary.The FTNX doctrine PITA 2016  helps anyone who needs step by step trading advice and instructions  on how to buy and sell commodities world wide correctly and safely;  as a highly informed specialist. Novice  home based intermediaries and ill informed others who may think that are proficient informed seasoned traders–don't attempt trading in commodities as a private intermediary unless you are highly informed. End buyers, Lawyers, Suppliers, Banks, and Exporters world wide, could also indeed learn a lot from the advice contained in PITA 2016 outright as well, as the base doctrine is what all professional intermediaries will need to learn about their own business and that of many others.
Davide Giovanni Papa Founder of FTN Exporting entered into the world of trading in commodities as an ill informed intermediary in 1988 to become the worlds leading informed  expert in the subject matter of intermediaries, international trade services,  and exporting commodities world wide for commission and gains. We have created the first ever legally and lawfully effective professional intermediary doctrine-and it's formidable.  There is plenty about "Davide Giovanni Papa,” and “Davide Andrew Papa” (as found on USA "www.allexperts.com" Q&A from 2001) as well as “FTN exporting,” online going back decades (See long outdated defunct website) The trading bug had bitten the author hard in 1988. The way intermediaries were trading back then, as many still are today, was wrong, flawed, incorrect and laced with procedures which could attract criminal charges.  Fake offers were also a big problem back then as they still are today. FTN Exporting had followed what other ill informed intermediaries were doing at that time only to learn years later that literally nobody knew what they were doing and nobody could lawfully close a deal with the idiotic procedures being applied at that time using terms such as LOI, ICPO, BCL, NCNDA, ASWP, PBG, MPA and other incorrectly and idiotically  addressed and unworkable variants of such ‘procedures' which can’t be effectively applied in international trade business for many (legal) reasons. This said idiotic aspect of trading exploded, once the business became applicable on the internet. Decades later after FTN exporting, enacting upon the auspices of intense studies, testing and practice, created and released proper trading procedures that any informed professional intermediary could personally apply  with the corporate sector world wide. FTN Exporting released  for the first time ever, a  uniform legally defined doctrine of trade that all intermediaries could use–in 2005. When FTN Exporting presented  the market place with these new never seen before procedures all challenges from ill informed principals of global industries including many lawyers and bankers were met head on, in where FTN Exporting was winning every battle and argument  on one single premise. Our newly created doctrine was lawfully correct as is the formidable aspect of such a doctrine. Novice or seasoned traders world wide  wanting to try their hand at trading in commodities in a formally applied, safe and correct manner must apply to study this leading publication. Nearly 30 year of the Authors own success, dealings, and costly mistakes bound  the educational material being offered. Experience, procedures, laws and rules  fill its pages.
The applicant is buying nearly 30 years of experience as well as a formidable doctrine of 'international trade', made for intermediaries–not many Authors can boast such experience and educational aspect.  Our formal best selling academic publication ITSI (International Trade and the Successful intermediary :Ashgate / Gowers U.K) is still going strong, 6 years after its release, is further testament on  the virtues of our doctrine.In 2016 our second formal publication will compliment “ITSI” dealing in specific matters of crude oil deals. What is being offered in PITA 2016 Beta publication actually breaks down of all basic aspects of our formal publications to its bare minimum of understandings, as we had to leave so much material out, due to publishers constraints. This is an exciting business; but it’s also complex, yet many ill informed and indeed stupid clowns exist in the market place who have no idea on what they are doing.  We deal only in rules and facts of which one stands out above the rest;  high end academic level type of skills are needed  to trade in commodities. No “get rich quick scheme” is being offered. We've made trading in commodities easy to understand for the best entrepreneurial minds to succeed,  in where with such success, huge gains could be made. If you have what it takes, spend the time to learn the ropes, have spare time,  and seriously want to become highly educated about trading in commodities world wide, then give it "your best shot" by becoming  highly informed. Worst case scenario? You've learned skills  that could be adapted for other types of related high end  business applications world wide. Whether you are a Lawyer, Rocket  Scientist, Banker or one of the many novice home based intermediaries; we are all in the same boat. Everyone contemplating over the long term to trade in commodities  must study our doctrine  first before making the attempt; to do otherwise means you'll join the line of the 'ill informed' clowns  who  will cross the path eventually with a FTN Exporting informed trader, in where the trading days of such clowns will  suddenly come to an end. It's a difficult but exciting business–difficult not because of its application, but because it’s going to take a least 4 month study just to absorb the advice given, as there is a lot to know.The rest is picked up as the intermediary starts to slowly trade. This is the kind of business in where for a small outlay and a little time spent in studies, one could earn the kind  profits, that most other comparable businesses, costing  large sums of money to establish, could not make. Note the word ‘earn’; this is the aspect that many cannot comprehend. The intermediary has to "earn" such profits. One earns nothing pushing useless and often fake deals around all day with clowns.

"The best way to promote the products that a country makes is to allow its citizens to promote  such products  internationally."
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