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Applicable Posting Date: 7 APRIL 2015

E&O.E: Corrections applied in due course.


The private intermediary  broker procedures and  business of buying and selling commodities for profits or commissions is one of most challenging and exciting business applications in the world. It's also one of the most complex business applications to apply and learn. Have I made you nervous ? Good! But? Once the intermediary broker procedures are learned intently, the actual whole process becomes routine and a very simple trading aspect to apply because being informed and applying practice is what actually develops the routine.


Most intermediaries after 3 months of trading and studying  are able to spot a fake or supect deal within "30 seconds" flat; and defines on  just how "routine" the whole matter of actually trading becomes. The informed  intermediary or broker learning procedures  has no support and unlike a "broker-dealer" has no principal to lean upon for support.The intermediary while acting as a principal has to be fully informed about the nature of business being attempted and learn matters of procedures until such becomes second nature.  Don't want education? It's easy to become 'just another brick in the wall.' It's easy to join a 'ship of fools' looking for fool's gold just by waking up one morning, and following what others are doing on line or; one can apply some real study and secure a 50/50 even chance in aiming to do  one single act; to close a exporting deal correctly and safely. 50/50 chance or Zero chance? These are your only two options. SWIM makes the road to learning the intermediary trading process  as easy as possible. The rest is about developing 'your' routine. If a home based or corporate entity wants to make the attempt  at trading as a highly  informed  intermediary or broker , such must first study the FTN Exporting doctrine of trade intently.


If this formidable intermediay and broker study as first created by FTN exporting  world wide,  were offered in a college or univesity (maybe one day) , it would cost thousands of dollars and would take years to completed in where ostensibly the applicant would have not learned  matters advised in our doctrine as personal experience of the author over nealry a 30 year period  also plays a crucial role in support of the advice  and procedures being served. In fact , anyone conducting related agency business should study the FTN Exporting doctrine of trade before venturing out into the shark infested waters of huge contract, big profits and large complex dealings.


"The professional intermediary only enacts on deals that mave a very good probability of being closed;everything else is RF (Rubbish Fodder)" 


It's the whole exporting side of business that must be learned intently. An intermediary acting alone  or head of a group is defined as 'buyer/seller' acting on behalf of an undisclosed  principals (suppliers and end buyers) Here the intermediary may lawfully trade without diclosing who the end buyer or supplier is. An entity acting for a  "disclosed principal" on the other hand is classified as a 'broker' acting on behalf of a disclosed principal.Here the intermediary now actingas a broker MUST "disclose" who they are representing, up front, at all times. A "sourcing intemediary" not acting as a 'principal buyer seller' has no position at all unless attached to an intermediary acting on behalf of an "undisclosed" principal. The virtues of both aspects are advised in the doctrine in where the former rather than the latter is often the position being applied.  We all mostly work  alone on the "undisclosed position" as principal. Nobody disctates procedures to us as we have to bear our own liablities and consequences for the actions we take. Being highly informed, if work was offered under agency, in where a supplier is looking to secure an highly informed agent or representitve, such work could also be taken up by the highly informed  intermediary working on deals alone .  The doctrine therfore covers a large feild of practice, acceptable for use world wide.


"The intermediary and broker position may look the same; but it only seems that way." 


The importing side is a non event except for practice,  because in most cases our business is completed even before the ship leaves port of loading. A complex commodity application broken down to  its simplest 'academic level' like no other publication, is what's being offered in SWIM 2015. A life time of earnings made on one single NBC FOB deal  cannot be legitimately made by bluffing your way around this business. I know of no other business  where an everyday person can make an attempt to enter into such a legally defined and globally  lawful  business application without spending big money to do so. Spend 3 or 4 months of study and enter the market place by force, to obtain practice and experience at sourcing first, in a protected safe manner, is the first approach. Learn the intermediary broker procedures intently then commence  trading as instructed 'slowly' to eventually make a  real attempt to close your own deals as buyer/seller while  inoculating yourself from legal actions and risky deals; by being highly  informed. Those who  have learned the doctrine intently wanting later to perhaps  work as an agent for a disclosed  principal may seek employment  on such a basis  in where any in house training provided would be  highly complimentary  of the  doctrine as aspects of universal agency advised compliments most leading economies of the world. Work for your self or working for others; learning the doctrine intently is a worthy study to undertake. The intermediary could also, while trading alone, charge consultancy fees as the doctrine will turn the intermediary into a 'specialist'  related to the whole nature of business of importing and exporting commodities. There is a lot more to the doctrine than just 'buying and selling commodities."  A whole business could be set up  via a website on the premise that a professional intermediary is attemtting to  buy and sell commodities for a profit. As we have stated many times; since the professional intermediary has to be highly informed, it may as well also consider other aspects of making money while chasing that one huge deal over a long period of time. Lasting the distance is also important. Selling and buying commodities embodies  priciples of International agency. Giving up too early is often a big mistake. 


"It all starts with learning about  what you must know and learning how to apply such correctly and safely."


If you really think you can enter into one of the most challenging and complex business applications on the planet doing otherwise; then alas, you are not thinking right and may have a few loose marbles rattling in your head. We know of no other intermediary ( and we've met many measured in tens of thousands)  in nearly 30 years of business who has legally closed a NBC FOB  export deal, other than by those who have used our doctrine. On the other hand we've  represented a few  ill informed intermediaries who did  manage to illegally close such deals, their way, only to lose everything, and to do so while thinking long and hard about what they have done; in prison. This is an exciting but tough business. Only those with excellent skills survive. Give it your best attempt by learning from the best; or don't make the attempt at all, is our clear advice. Trade in an informed position and trade safely; the ftn exporting doctrine of trade offers such attriubtes as well.


"There is nothing in-between. Idiotic procedures are many, as are excuses"


Education and intermediaries go hand in hand. Learn how to act as a professional informed business person who knows what they are doing intently while conducting private business as a professional intermediary. SWIM  is an academic study supported by rules, laws in where actual matters of trading and issues therein are advised intenlty and in the most simplest manner. Whether you are from USA, Iran, Europe, Africa, Sth America,  Russia or  Timbuktu ; if you can read and write in English resonably well, and you are a business minded person then this study is for you.  We’ve created the first academic study of its type which was officially released worldwide in 2005 as TWIY. Subsequent FTN exporting in house beta publications  from 2014 were born via  an official full rewite of SWIM in 2013. SWIM goes back to the basics  with the pending lifting of sanctions from Iran as this is the only chance to intoduce to such a large  group of traders  to the proper aspect of what is needed to trade  with western countries and western banks, before they too become "infected" with flawed ignorantly applied  unworkable procedures touted by ill informed traders who have studied nothing; except flawed advice found online. 12 shipments at 140,000 MT each at FOB  of lets say  ULS D2 over one year equates to handling a billion dollar contract.  


"One is not thinking straight if one thinks they can handle a multi million or billion dollar contract without being highly informed"


We've created and govern the first uniform legally defined and lawfully applied intermediary procedures world wide for use in commodity dealings, taking us nearly 30 years to do so. If you want to try your hand in this complex business, then you must study and apply the virtues of our doctrine intently.Using flawed incorrect localised trading terms and associated procedures  to do with  LOI, ICPO, ASWP, PB, MT799, MPA,UN,WHO,IMO  and the many others incorrect terms and procedures to our business will make the trader look foolish when approaching principals of industries. We have also even seen some strange improper terms of reference  applied to our long past outdated publications being illegally touted by others. Even changing the term 'intermediary' to 'broker', destroys the legal effect of the doctrine in the wrong hands. A 'ship of fools' or a 'shipment of real commodities.' You make the choice. Many online  are into the export import business.Most are dealing in nothing more than hot air.


"Follow the actions of a stupid person and you'll can  end up looking stupid as well"


One cannot bluff in this business, or use chopped up, mixed up and hashed up procedures in this business.It takes us years of testing before we release an advanced trading application. Smart intelligent traders must study real and effective  intermediary procedures and make attempts at closing accordingly, standing a on a very strong platform. One of sound mind could not possibly think they can enter into a multi million dollars transactions with corporate giants without being informed. The real pro intermediary has to spend time to study the doctrine intently then start trading slowly as advised in such, to gain experience in where once a new publication is released, FAQ  served on our websites is tracked for the year of purchase  if the professional intermediary  wants to keep the FTN SWIM doctrine fresh and up to date, because many such FAQ’s are selected and added to the next FTN publication in our effort to ensure the doctrine does not go stale. Superior minds than ours including many lawyers  from all over the world have purchased  and  validated the legality of our doctrine over many years;the compliments are ongoing.SWIM 2015 now services the next generation of traders for years to come on the simplest possible aspect of trading in such a complex feild.The more expensive  "masterworks"  in now,  for a short time replaced with this easier to study  condensed version of a TWIY  publication  defined as SWIM 2015 in where matters of  laws and rules are reduced to favour practical expereince and advice therein.


"Read the material intently and source a supplier;this is the first step  from which all others follow 'one step at a time"


After we came along, over the years many others have emerged claiming to  be intermediary experts after stealing our works and material. They change words in the doctrine thinking they can defeat copyright laws thus rendering the doctrine open to litigation and unlawful flawed procedures. Don't be fooled by outdated  stale  altered material or advice.


Unable to  close a deal? Then what you have learned will serve you well to apply in other large scale commercial business applications related to rules of agency, finance, and large scale contract dealings, thus dealing in commodities is directly tied into procedures related to  many other big business applications. One way or another if you have a true  business mind; you will have plenty to gain in this complex challenging and  exciting business, only  if the advice being studied came from FTN Exporting . 




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