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iBITE 2015

Business of International Trade and Exporting (BITE)  

 INTERMEDIARY (i)  Edition 

FYBR / TWIY Latest Masterworks



URPIB Effective: Offer Date:11 Sept 2014

All offer subject to price rise without notice.




FTN Trading Period in Any Given Year

Closed: Easter Period  (10 day break )

Closed: 5th December  5 Jan any given year (4 Week Christmas Break)

Online: 7 days per week mornings up to 5am -10.00 am  AEST 

Skype: FTNXCEO ( at random times)



This site is for Intermediaries, brokers, agents world wide  and anyone transversing  International Trade business especially first time novice traders. Supplier and end buyer could also benefit from the advice given in our doctrine.Take the time to do the study and later consolidate your position from intermediary to buyer/seller as you begin to trade. Become the best  trader you can be and do so in a highly informed manner learning from the entity who created the first uniform doctrine of trade that intermediaries can use safely world wide. If the information on these extensive site pages  are  complex for you to comprehend, then the publication is not for you is best assumed. There is no other effective and lawful way to close an import export transaction safely for profits and to do so without being circumvented. Learn proper terms and procedures and trade as an informed  professional or don't trade at all is our best advice. 98% of  traders appearing out of nowhere yearly  have no idea what they are doing. Don't be fooled;this is a tough but exciting business.The Doctrine also supports one of the most complex business applications on Earth, International Trade and Agency. The study is not difficult to learn, what's difficult is that the intermediary has to know a lot small matters about making offers, sourcing, contracts, delivery, finance, banking, laws, rules and shipping. There are no trading secrets, it's all about applying rules and procedures correctly. Read the doctrine and try your hand at trading as a genuine informed and professional intermediary buying and selling commodities world wide following a strict set of uniform procedures, as created by the worlds leading expert on the whole subject matter going back to 1988.


Give yourself one year to be trading in an informed state, experience and refinement of skill  thereafter  dictates who will lose a deal and who will not. Three years at university for a study which does not exist in a complete form; or 12 months studying the formidable FTN Exporting  doctrine, where study and trading is incorporated.? As produced by an intermediary of nearly 30 years.You make the choice.


The best way to study the publication is to print and bind into 3 volumes each containing  approx; 330  A4 pages.








As per offer one (1) except  applicant  has 3 month grace period then is registered as a CPPA agent (Certified Practicing Professional Agent ) in where applicant uses the SMICE site in 2015 as their home base site trading from such as a sourcing intermediary for principal FTN exporting while learning the doctrine  under direct support and guidance. CPPA registration remains once training period is over. Training period is for 9 months minimum after study grace period if over, unless extension is sought(once only) in where the applicant should be able to trade alone as an informed buyer/seller shortly there after as a very highly informed trader. “It’s like having an expert on standby in where the SMICE exchange is a live  trading and  training board.” This is one the fastest and best ways to learn and gain some good experience while the principal bears all liabilities and consequences of the applicant. If by a remote chance the supported intermediary lands a deal due to real skill and guided efforts, FTN will close such a deal with the applicant on an even commission share  basis. Applicant finishes study grace time and presents the steps they are going to use, to FTN exporting to examine. Once allowed, the applicant may work at the step reached at any given time alone. No pressure is applied applicant works at their pace, but! The only limitation is that  (if applicable)  the  Applicant may not close a deal alone while support is in effect, in were such is reserved for FTN exporting as Principal to do so in a transparent manner with the applicant. Mistakes are expected association is amicable and friendly conducted by e-mail or at times via phone chat at applicants discretion.  Reasonable use of e-mail support may be used as needed for Q and A  and trading interactions. “We just want see the applicant make the efforts with this interaction.” We’ll guide  and direct  the rest. The first lesson is about securing a supplier of wanted goods for SMICE listing in 2015. 


IMPORTANT OFFER (1): Applicant is supported personally by Davide.G.A.Papa. The applicant should be financially stable, read and write in English reasonably well have some spare time weekly, to trade evening or weekends. The applicant needs basic knowledge in applying simple maths. The applicant must not have a criminal record for fraud related matters and must not be currently an undischarged bankrupt.Applicant must have internet connected at home (internet cafe applicants not served) Applicant  is allowed to use  free generic e-mail services I.e; gmail but must also have ISP issued personal e-mail address when trading. This is an educational service. Applicant must assume immediately that no trade will be closed is the best course of thought when taking this offer. No exam needs to be taken ITAS Certificate ( International Trade and Agency Specialist)  conferred based on  observed skill which will be posted by hardcopy mail near the end of support period. Applicant may mention their status on their own website anytime,but may only  apply information on their website as found on SMICE trading board page site  only,  while support is in place.









1000 A4 pages  280,000 Words -/+10% covering NBC and FCL commodity deals  including  fuels / crude oil. Comes with 6 threaded e-mail support Q&A  consult e-mail must be used within 6 months  of purchase. (First 3 months don’t count and is defined as a study grace period time. E-mails related to  ITS exam don’t count ) Those who submit a test at the end of the publication and score a pass mark  will receive a personally endorsed  International Trade  Specialist Certificate (URPIB Registered ITS)  as advised by the only entity who could endorse and verify such a certification FTN Exporting. iBITE Masterworks is built upon the new totally rewritten standard  SWIM Edition produced mid year 2014 and is considered a full update to the TWIY / FYBR  past editions.Everything the intermediary needs to know is in the masterworks works including 6 mostly used templates, URPIB agency agreement and multi purpose FOB, CFR, CIF contract format. Read the Doctrine and start to trade slowly as advised near the end  of iBITE  as per trading steps given in a “step by step” process. Whether novice or seasoned home based  intermediary, if you really want to give this business an attempt, this is a “must have” publication. We’ve made a complex subject matter easier to both understand and apply. We state things as they are and we define the traps  that must be avoided. Most Government Agencies, NGO’s, Lawyers, Bankers , Carriers,  Suppliers and End buyers  and related professionals  world wide could also indeed benefit the from the legal aspects of conducting business from the perspective of the professional and informed intermediary. Includes URPIB Logo Registration and Number. The best doctrine in the world supports the  best most highly informed import / export agents in the world.








1000 A4 pages  280,000 Words -/+10% covering NBC and FCL commodity deals  including  fuels / crude. Comes without any e-mail support. Just study BITE intently, then start trading as per instructions advised in a ‘step by step’ form at the end of the publication. Includes URPIB  ITS Cert; as per offer (1) applicant needs to attain a pass score mark.  Includes URPIB Logo Registration and Number.



COST:USD$528.00 “As Is”  



1000 A4 pages  280,000 Words -/+10% covering NBC and FCL commodity deals  including  fuels / crude. Comes without any e-mail support  or ITS Certificate . Just study iBITE intently, then start trading as per instructions advised in a “step by step” form at the end of the publication. Includes URPIB Logo Registration and Number.


  • Added Notes
  • Logo: URPIB registration once used on a trade or inquiry will  cause other like minded peers coming across your advice  to see the logo and respond in an informed state accordingly with complete understanding of trading  processes being applied. Supplier and end Buyers world wide  also have respect for the  name and integrity of FTN exporting. 
  • Exam: *Exam  needs a pass mark before ITS certificate issued as PDF
  • Discounts:Offer one (1) only: Anyone who has purchased a FTN exporting in house  publication from this site in the past wanting to take up offer (1) or reconnect with SMICE. Please ask FTN for a discount.(Excludes ITSI purchasers.)



OFFERS (1) (2) (3)  AND (4)

Please use  e-mail: ftnexporting@yahoo.com


FTN is a registered long term customer of PayPal and we have never had any problems with any payments or delivery of doctrine. It takes up 3 banking days to set up  and advise all material ordered by PDF e-mail. It also takes 3 banking days for Pay Pal to clear payments as such are not instant payment. USA and U.K buyers are often served within 48 hours. Payment by eCheque could take up to 10 days to clear. Payment by Western Union or direct bank deposit available,p lease ask us for a pro forma invoice first by e-mail, if this is the  kind of payment  methods being sought .  


PayPal has credit card payment options. If you have a PayPal account , then payment thorough  such an account  prevails; otherwise if you do not have a Paypal account, payment could still be easily  sent to FTN Exporting as follows. 


  • Go to PayPal site
  • Select “Send payment to” button
  • Describe offer: Make payment to: ftnexporting@yahoo.com
  • Send us e-mail that payment was made.
  • We’ll confirm payment to test your e-mail .
  • We’ll start setting up your folder. 
  • Connection remains open until offer is serviced.





Terms  and Condition of all services /offer made by FTN Exporting

  1. Applicant is buying unique service and license to look at private confidential publications and private commercial applications for personal use as created by Davide G Papa as tested over a very long period  of time defined as decades as refreshed and update yearly at any given time. 
  2. NO REFUND whatsoever possible once unique support  services or purchase of unique beta publications are initiated, no matter the excuses. No “look first” option available. 
  3. The uniform legally and lawfully defined publication offered is unique , created first by FTN Exporting . 
  4. The applicant is paying for right to personally and privately see and use such advice and confidential  information offered and purchased as owned and created by Davide Giovanni Papa. 
  5. iBITE 2015  is a Beta publication, is left unedited and not proofread so that the whole  overall message being delivered remains intact as we want it to be delivered. Grammatical and spelling mistakes have been kept to a minimum and do not effect the overall delivery of the doctrine.
  6. No resellers offering our works iBITE is available for anywhere else.No support is given unless offer has support offered/ paid for.
  7. FTN Exporting  was established in 1988 and created the first ever uniform doctrine of trade  as released online in 2005. Applicant is paying for authors own long terms experience as well which serves in  ensuring the  mistakes made by the Author are not made by the applicant .
  8. We never guarantee nor have ever guaranteed or assured that a deal will be closed  by the applicant is the immediate assumption to be made this includes supported applicants.
  9. No get rich scheme is offered. A full formidable correctly defined  international trade and agency study application tested over a very long time and praised  by  home based traders, bankers, lawyers and others is being offered. Up to 3 year of studied conduced to the simplest meaning.
  10. Applicant  should become reasonably informed within 6 months of commencing self study application.
  11. FTN charges $300 dollar plus per hour when serving legal opinion with an 10 hour minimum. Serving an intermediary support requires just as much effort now give reflection that an offer with support  is a valuable, offered well below its normal value. 
  12. The doctrine is able to close a deal, the abilities of the applicant contributes to this aspect.
  13. FTN  Exporting has governance on all matters of the doctrine . No other entity, school or university may offer advice  about the whole doctrine or  change the doctrine or supporting URPIB rules as the exporting import intermediary , broker,  agent, buyer and seller  doctrine incorporates not just matter of laws and rules but of long standing trading experience.
  14. Consultancy type of support is not mentor ship. Support is charged at rates offered from time to time.
  15. Supported applicant via consultancy  may not imply to be a FTN Agent or have permission to represent FTN exporting  unless authority to do so is apparent in expressed form. 
  16. FAQ email service  where offered should be sought and applied in the course of a live deal .
  17. Repetitive FAQ on the same issue will cause  support  being reduced. 
  18. Lies and  dishonourable acts while representing SMICE /FTN services are cancelled.
  19. All services and information / publication including e-mails served are confidential commercial business  matters given personally on good faith for the applicant to exclusively use. 
  20. Applicant has no permission to give such material or advice to others and must ensure such information is  held in a safe place. 
  21. E-mail/Skype interactions are conducted in an amicable casual manner as needed. Rude combative applicant will have support services cancelled. 
  22. Offers by Reseller are made at their discretion and have noting to do with FTN Exporting. Like wise ITSI which is sold by  U.K publishers  Gowers/Ashgate
  23. Davide Giovanni Papa and FTN exporting are the key words used to conduct due diligence  on us on the internet before making any purchase or taking service.
  24. It is rude, improper,  to ask a business person about their own business takings. Such questions are not entertained.FTN business is not for sale. We  only offer  formidable and Unique tested educational material pertaining to buying and selling commodities, JV Ventures and Agency as suitable for world wide use by any intermediary.
  25. The nature of our business earnings is not the  business of any other person.
  26. As it has a happened in the past, some traders have not hardly not use support in where we have extended  the support period accordingly at our discretion. Support cost is the cost for the minimum period specified while FTN office is open for business.
  27. Support is about booking limited  placement. 
  28. Wasting our time with support  in where we are repeating  advise that the applicant should have understood means process may be slowed down. Abuse of the serve means  offer may be cancelled.
  29. Investment projects are not covered with support only business related to buying and selling commodities.


 “I never teach my people. I only provide the condition in where they can learn.” Albert Einstein