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FTN EXPORTING (Established 1988)
Last updated : 7 Sept 2016  AEST

FTN Exporting financial year ( Australia)  end last day in June of any given year. 2017 Trading Commences Accordingly 
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By Davide G.A.Papa

Best selling author and CEO of FTN Exporting (FTNX) Davide Giovanni Papa, first started trading 1988.It took around 7 years to close on a first time commodity contract and only after spending a few years studying International trade procedures at a local college, which didn’t help as such studies were geared towards exporters, importers and suppliers and not intermediaries. FTNX CEO, ‘trading adventures’ first appeared in major newspaper back in 1995. So many ill informed clowns were trading back then using fax machines as there are today using the internet. It became apparent that the intermediary had no formal study application to reply upon. FTNX created the first and only formal academic level doctrine of trade made for the entrepreneurial intermediary and brokers. By 2001 FTNX had become the worlds leading intermediary expert and authority in the nature of business, with over 1000 questions (still can be found online via google search Davide Andrew Papa) being served on the USA site ‘Allexperts.’ In 2005 FTNX released its first beta in-house doctrine entitled “The World is Yours” of which 50 in-house editions later our current up to date doctrine continues to be privately offered. In 2010 the very first uniform doctrine of trade in hard copy for intermediaries was formally released by U.K Publishers world wide, which is still selling strongly today (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary(ITS.) In 2017 ‘sister’ publication to do with crude oil and fuels will also be released by the same publishers once the erratic fuel commodity market settles down. The author has spent a lifetime trading and education others and offer to those who do want to give this business a serious attempt at trading as an informed intermediary, its own private in-house publication and master-works. FTNX mistakes won’t be yours.

“Ill informed traders  are those who have not studied the FTNX doctrine, and think that this business is easy and who have not idea what is needed to close on an import export deal and earn a profit or commission for real work done. ”  

There is enough information about the author online as well as the doctrine. May home base intermediaries, lawyers banker and related others of superior minds than ours, have studied the FTNX private and formal works which is in itself a true test in determining if the doctrine offered is a genuinely sound and legitimate application. We have been offering our services online for nearly 12 years. The doctrine is legally and lawfully able to close import export deal, that much is fully assured, but all intermediaries taking up the study will not close a deal is also assured as personal efforts and abilities are matters which we have no control over in where such personal attributes do play an overall role pertaining to matter of success.The International language of trade is English and we are entities who must produce and handle a lot of documents, and often apply complex mathematical formulations. Not having a basic grasp of English, not being able to write in English to a reasonable level, not knowing some basic aspect of maths, not having the internet connected at home or office.etc, will all have an effect on the the performance of the informed intermediary. This is complex business application, nothing like the application we have seen being plied online by the many ill informed intermediaries who will never close a deal because the procedures used are fraught with risk, lacking prudential effectiveness, and are incorrect as well as are unworkable. Those who want to give this business a real attempt must spend a few months studying our doctrine before they start to trade, and stop copying procedures applied by ill informed others; the rest will become a matter of history.

"Using unworkable and incorrect terms as seen used online by so many ill informed intermediaries like; ICPO,IPO,LOI,MPA,FCO, POP, ASWP,NCNDA, BCL,SLC,MTN,SWIFT, PG, DIVISIBLE, SELLERS SIDE, BUYERS SIDE,..etc.."

Now lets talk about trading matters
Anyone can act as an intermediary even when trading in commodities.They can make their own procedures and do whatever they like-just like they have done for thousands of years. Most intermediaries are bluffing their way without training or skill since day one; in a hope as if by magic, passing unless material around all day will miracously somehow produce a commission. Guess what? It won’t! We call these type traders, 'foolish and ill informed.’ They wake up one day, thinking that trading in commodities is for them; they go online and soon are copying what so many ill informed and ignorant others are doing.

"Deal with Donkeys, then you’ll soon become a Donkey as well. International trade laws and rules are on our side. Donkeys don’t get a mention."

FTNX educated traders are not intermediaries nor brokers or agents in the proper sense,  even though we have to learn such applications ‘along the way’ and could work holding such positions after studying the FTNX doctrine intently. We are legally defined ‘Buyers and Seller’ of commodities in our own name, acting for undisclosed others. We buy from a supplier goods, and sell such to end buyers that we source or come to us. We use skill, laws and rules to do as much. We do as much because there is no other legally defined, effective and  uniform protocol that such an ‘intermediary’ can legally rely upon and safely apply when trading in commodities or representing a "disclosed" principal as their agent. We have to trade just like an export ready supplier or end buyers do, except we need to interpret and apply the rules and laws of trade differently.This is what the FTNX doctrine does; it breaks down complex matters to its basic core level of understanding. You can’t learn such matters in a university ( even though the doctrine should be offered in such a study environment.) One cannot simply hold title as an agent, undisclosed broker or intermediary attached to some deal, as initiated in a string full of ill informed others, and expect to earn commission- it will never happen as the mechanisms to ensure commission will firstly  be secured and  secondly be paid, are not in effect.

"Such  ill informed traders  are simply  acting like a  chicken, blindly running around all over the place, after its head has been lopped off."  

Only a ‘Buyer/Seller’ can guarantee that a "gross profit" will be made and readily collectible should he or she  close a deal. This  'Buyer/Seller'  is also called  a principal. For example, FTN Exporting is a principal.  A principal may work alone or with a group of informed   Professional Sourcing Intermediaries (PSI) attached. These  kind of  intermediaries are defined as 'brokers' when acting on the directives of a disclosed principal, and 'intermediary' when not acting for a disclosed principal. This means that a lone ill informed  unattached intermediary is an unworkable and useless position to hold if no principal is heading the deal.

"A Captain of a ship, a Pilot, a CEO of industry,Teachers.etc.. are all principals; without such ‘leadership’ being in place to guide an aspect from the very start; disasters will eventuate."

So, if other informed educated traders attach themselves to such a principal, then it's the principal who  has to pay out, earned commissions payments,  to all those intermediaries assisting such a principal  in a string deal. There are thousands of FTNX trained principals and PSI's in the world today thanks to us; some are also  always   apparent on our  trading website SMICE  who are selected to assist us from time to time.The professional intermediary must learn how to trade as a principal, before they can ever consider calling upon informed others to assist on a deal. Someone must hold position as the ‘Boss’ before a trade can eventuate in a string deal. It’s the conductor of an orchestra which ensure the orchestra is paying music that all can appreciate.The principal in this business is akin to the aspect poised by a conductor. An intermediary who has studied the FTNX doctrine and secures  a real supplier, and is not yet ready to become a "Buyer/Seller"(principal) in their own name could attach themselves to a USCT member as a ‘sourcing’ intermediary and specialist, who is already acting as a “Buyer/Seller” and therefore safely earn and collect commission accordingly should the combined  efforts of the group manage to close a deal, otherwise there are no other legal, lawful, safe and effective ways to secure such a commission payments, by an informed intermediary, let alone close a deal. We also have our own URPIB Rules of Association to ensure informed groups know what the rules and expectation are. Become a highly informed principal or highly informed PSI until you are ready to hold position of a principal.

 "Ten  people all conjoined in a string, handling fake deals and products all looking for a  'NCNDA' to sign, doing nothing but  passing useless information to each other via email,  in a hope that a  stupidly formed and often illegal or fraudulent deal eventuates are ‘ill informed' intermediaries who are simply wasting their time."

Become an informed intermediary not a clown, by studying intently  the current   base  PITA predicated doctrine and total  rewrite first released in 2016.As more refinements become apparent , they will be added to the base predicate to produce a new edition.  If you seriously want to try your hand at this business as a formidable Buyer/Seller or PSI, then this study is for you.  Learn what you are up against, and learn how to apply safe proper trades, alone or with others you consider worthy of attachment, then try your best to close a FOB NBC  import export deal for real, over the longer term.There are no secrets in this business, be informed, become  highly educated (to an academic level)  learn  appropriate international trade laws, rules of agency, and procedures and 'give it your best shot' as a highly informed professional intermediary. By learning how to trade in commodities means you are learning  matters of International Agency and  thus you'll be learning  all other kinds of  big global business  applications as well by default. Learning to buy and sell commodities as a professional intermediary also  means learning  about such big business applications, especially amongst others, matters of contract, negotiations and international finance. There is 'no point in beating around the bush'  the facts of the matter are  simple to comprehend as they are harsh. Idiotic  or ill informed traders have no scope to enter this business, nor ever possibly have success in such a business as well.



  E&O.E: Errors and Omission Excepted

FTNXX and all sites owed by FTN Exporting (including this site) offers general trading advice and are subject to constant change. FTNX site pages are also full of personal opinions, always given with good intent, without prejudice,for purpose of education. FTNXX services information to suppliers and end buyers as well as invited informed others as a matter education. FTNXX often applies testing of new products and procedures on this site as well, which may only be validated as per the advice being tested. Common and obvious mistakes in advice, offers or prices, and all errors overall found on our websites do not effect the service / offer being rendered. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are corrected over time in most cases. Personal opinions served, are done so without prejudice, with good intent, for purpose of education and serving information and advice.We’ve never have made promises in any form over many years, that anyone buying this doctrine will close a deal; hence only an academic level educational aspect is given. Applicant should not buy a pirated altered copies our works, as applicant will be buying old outdate material and losing their money.Such applicant cannot connect with legitimate FTNX peer to peer traders as well.Nobody has permission to resell our material.

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