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iBite 2015 

Intermediary Business of International Trade and Entrpreneurship (iBITE)

 iBite(e) masterworks with additional material related to entreprenenurial aspect of  on projects, finance and investment dealings.







LOI, ICPO, SBLC, ASWP, SO, SCO, FCO, PB, TT, BG, MPA, Payment, PO, PBG, Mandated, SPOT, Divisible, including NCNDA etc.etc.are amongst the main incorrect International trading terms often seen used by ill informed Intermediaries who have no idea what they are doing. The first thing to do when seeing any offer with any of the above flawed terms, is to trash it immediately.We can't stop a end buyer doing risky business with a supplier;the law books are busting at the seams  with litgation.Some entities have to lose a lot of money before they wakes up to themselves that taking short cuts in this business is fraught with danger.Intermediaries have to only use safe procedures and we have limitation on just how far we can go, the same type of safe procedures that all end buyers and supplier should also be using in where many already do.


You are wasting your time as an intermediary dealing in such above said flawed procedures and terms. The rules, laws and procedures applicable to local laws in a particular country cannot be effectively used internationally. It’s that simple. iBite explains why such cannot be used as a matter of legality. I only needed a few pages to do so. Procedures, laws and rules  used  locally applied in big business deals as often plied in lets say USA, can’t be effectively used in international trade extraterritorially because most jurisdictions have not specified the legal  aspect of using such procedures and terms. In world trade we have delivery RULES defined under incoterms 2010 (FOB, CIF, CFR, CIP, FCA, FAS, EXW, DAP, DAT, DEQ etc.etc.) but countries like USA also have “interstate and local” commerce rules UCC (United Commercial Code) which cannot be  properly used in International business as well. Many countries have their own internal commercial codes and rules not just USA.

I could not expect an American, Russian, Indian or any other country doing business with FTN Exporting  to agree signing a deal based on local Melbourne City, (Australia) state laws and procedures. See how silly it sounds? Yet every year around December the clowns come out to trade, as many take a break for the Christmas New Year festive season. 

WTO, UN and the statutory in house or corporation rules and procedures  that  major companies use around the world  I.e: RSA, Gaspromneft, OPEC, ARAMCO.etc.etc in the primary market can’t be used by intermediaries as well, as we cannot trade in the primary market aspect, but only in the  secondary  market aspect in all goods we deal in.  We also don’t deal in shipping.We are not shipping brokers, nor can we accept / conduct  delivery from charter parties; we have too use “shipowners” BOL.  New ill informed traders come on board trading using said unless terms and procedures. 99.999% of ill informed deals plied by equally by the ill informed intermediary lack even the basic understanding of FOB rules and safe delivery procedures let alone anything elses. Only FTN Exporting informed intermediaries can spot a fake offer in seconds because such traders can see the defects in an offer pertaining to incorrect use of delivery terms and of banking instruments and universal rules applied to such.  


In 1998 FTN started the same way following the same useless advice as per the above flawed terms  given by  traders who also were simply following those who didn’t know any better as well. Yep! all these flawed terms were rampant back then using faxes. There was nothing an intermediary could rely upon back then. I connected with other intermediaries all using the same flawed unworkable and unlawful procedures. Thousands of dollars, college and  6 years later I was advising the world the first uniform basic set of legally defined procedures, created by FTN Exporting, made exclusively for intermediaries to use. Many copycats have now stolen our works claiming such as their own, because we've made the term "intermediary" respectable. I proclaimed my doctrine and told everyone not to use the above said flawed terms; I did that  for 12 years from 2001 on USA Allexperts site (USA) under the pen name of “Davide Andrew Papa”( Answers still can be found online) with around a 1000 questions answered, our doctrine remained watertight against all worthy challenges. In 2010 FTN Exporting intermediary procedure (Doctrine and trading Bible) had become mainstream and have advanced greatly over the years. We also have Universal rules intermediaries are able  to depend on as well (URPIB)  

In this business Quote, Offer, DLC, Contract, Delivery and Collection are the only procedures an Intermediary needs to know intently.Those primary application connect to a whole lot of sub routines.  It’s a full on complex study, which FTN Exporting  has broken down to the simplest understanding. They are the most formidable set of intermediary procedures  as well, that matches the proper aspect a supplier or end buyers should also be using. Add to this knowledge about world wide Incoterms delivery and UCP Banking rules would produce a deal which would be valid in many if not all jurisdictions around the world. This is what iBite delivers to the informed intermediary; uniform correctly and legally defined set of procedures that an intermediary is able to use effectively and safely. 


A Intermediary can indeed lawfully use the attributes of a Irrevocable DLC, but an intemediary cannot and must not use a "irrevocable" Corporate Purchase Order; the "irrevocable" aspect both mean the same thing.The former can be used world-wide the later can only be used locally. In international trade "LOI" stand for letter of indemnity.In local business it could mean letter of intent. If you live in lets say USA and send  a letter of intent or and ICPO within lets say USA and don't perform, you could easily be sued. Do the same for overseas business , the deal cannot be legally closed. How can a person trade as an intermediary without knowing about  such matters intently is beyond us to comprehend , and yet they do .How hard was that to understand?    

If you are going to make real effort in this business, then you should be using procedures which can close a deal for an informed intermediary safely and legally in where such cannot be circumvented on profit or commissions made. Don’t be another clown. Those kind of said improper flawed deals all cross our paths eventually and are instantly trashed by FTN Exporting and by everyone who has studied our doctrine since 2005.  Learn the right aspect of what it means to trade as a pro, or don’t even bother attempting to trade as an intermediary is our advice for 2015. 


But there is more? There is always more! 



Commodity Traders and the Entrepreneur: a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. I.e: Many entrepreneurs see potential in this marketiBite teaches all matters of handling the risks of an international trade deal, this makes the entrepreneur an informed entity.  There is nothing more  powerful than an image of a person  who knows what they are doing and brims with self confidence when conducting big business. To close large complex deals using nothing more than personal ability; is this not the prime essence of any informed intermediary in defining one who has  true entrepreneurial flare.?

To be able to buy and sell large shipments of non break cargo (NBC) lawfully and effectively is a prime example of one person enacting on their ability. The ability to learn, the ability to study and the ability to take on deals worth millions or billions of dollars is the stepping stone to all matters of huge business deals, because in the business of buying and selling NBC commodities we will be dealing in matters of buying, selling, contracts, finance,banking, negotiations, agreements, agency, agents, brokers, gross profits, nets profits, commissions, due diligence, mitigated  risks, safe dealings, shipping, products, suppliers and end buyers. IBite is  written by someone who has been through the mill to produce the first ever uniform doctrine of International business and trade. A person needs the basics to start  to enact on the premises of the real entrepreneur. Some  knowledge in basic maths and being able to read and write in English  to a reasonable level in where one bears mind, the type always looking  to make a buck.

Any person world wide  whether they are a lawyer, banker, scientist of pizza maker wanting to enter into the big world of big business as a business minded entity on a formal level or as an enlightened entrepreneur  must read this iBITE publication intently and make attempts at applying its virtues  of buying and selling commodities “for this road is long and meanders to every aspect of entrepreneurship as well.” We advise on small container deals but this is not the nature of our business.Our business is about chasing large FOB CIF CFR shipments of non break cargo secured from a supplier and to sell such to a secured  end buyer using  correctly and lawfully applied  process where all limitation are made apparent, the basis of which serves those who like to  also create JV  resource projects, which all IBite editions in 2015 will aslo advise on. The doctrine is also supported by our own URPIB rules which in fact is based based on many aspects of international  trade laws as well. Like we said a  formidable lawful doctine is what's being offered. 

We deal in Agri products, Chemicals, Ores and other large shipment lots including Crude oil and Fuels, often in revolving lots and often in  shipment loads exceeding 50,000 MT. If you want to trade in “nonsense” you are in the wrong place , the net is full of nonsensical traders and idiotic scam artist. If you want to trade as an informed educated intermediary and entrepreneur  you are in the right place. 

The application is not hard to apply, what is hard is that so many annoying but important things must be learned before venturing into one to the most complex business and study application on the planet. Nobody will help you and you can't approach a suppliers or end buyers without being fully informed. No because such entities are anyting special, but because they too often need guidance as well, the type of guidance that only a highly informed intermediary could provided.The law books are full of suppliers and end buyers making big mistakes.  We don’t use trade sites and all business must be personally secured or secured using others under your directives and guidance (sourcing intermediaries)  

We created the first uniform doctrine of trade and intermediaries and brokers decades ago . We are published (Best selling ITSI) and our second publication COSI is now being considered once more by one of the worlds leading publishers Gower / Ashgate U.K. Exporting importing advice in iBite is made for home based or corprate intermediaries as well as other related entities such as bankers, lawyers and the likes. iBite breaks down our formal doctrine with a step by step basis and advice, this is why such in-house beta publications are large compared to the formally edited and smaller publication. iBite break down the formal aspect greatly.  We make a complex study easier to comprehend. In 2015! It’s our way or no way , it’s that simple. I’ll give you the stepping stone which leads to the best kind  entrepreneurial  gateway. It’s up to you to test your ability  and efforts.Want to really test your abilities; try and secure a NBC deal using effective and  safe  procedures.



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