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FTN EXPORTING (Established 1988)
Last updated : 31  Oct  2016  AEST
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By Davide Giovanni.A.Papa



Welcome to the FTNX doctrine of trade made for intermediaries.

“It took me many years to finally work out safe and correct International trade procedures, that intermediaries world wide could legally and lawfully use. I had to extrapolate the very same laws that supplier and end buyers use, and transform them into a working doctrine-made specifically for intermediaries delving in commodity deals.”

Lets get straight right into it ! You want to learn how to trade as a professional commodity trader and informed intermediary right?

Then you have come to the right place! ( the only place)

Nobody is going to help you when trading. No publication will reveal the full trading paths that a private intermediary can safely take because we created the very first doctrine of its kind as released for the first time to the public in 2005. Either you know how to act as a buyer/seller of commodities, or you don’t;there are no other prospects nor aspects to trade in commodities that an informed intermediary can safely and correctly apply. There are plenty of ill informed intermediaries online, plagiarising our procedures as their own; then you have all those ill informed traders acting like clowns, who will never see a cent in commission because the procedures they are using cannot legally close a deal. You are either defined as a clown, or you are defined as a specialist in this business. Clowns will cross path with a FTNX informed intermediary and when they do, it’s all over as a matter of international trade laws, process and procedures vindicates our position intently.

Our doctrine of trade has been purchased and scrutinised intently not just by the many novice home based traders, but specialists in their own practices including lawyers and bankers world wide; just to name a few. The high praises served about the doctrine are ongoing.

Please read below intently, before reading the offer made on the next page.


About FTN Exporting

Best selling author and CEO of FTN Exporting (FTNX) Davide Giovanni Papa, first started trading 1988.It took around 7 years to close on a first time commodity contract and only after spending a few years studying International trade procedures at a local college, which didn’t help as such studies were geared towards exporters, importers and suppliers and not intermediaries. Today so many have plagiarised our doctrine as their own. FTNX CEO, ‘trading adventures’ was first ‘evidenced’ in a major newspaper story back in 1995, when so many ill informed clowns were trading back then as well, using fax machines, just like they are doing today using the internet. It became apparent that the intermediary had no formal study application to reply upon. FTNX created the first and only formal academic level doctrine of trade made for the entrepreneurial intermediary and brokers. By 2001 FTNX had become the worlds leading intermediary expert and authority in the nature of business, with over 1000 questions (still can be found online via google search for ‘Davide Andrew Papa’ or ‘Distribution of Products’) being served on the USA ‘Allexperts’ site. In 2005 FTNX released its first beta in-house doctrine of which 50 in-house editions later our current up to date doctrine continues to be privately offered. In 2010 the very first uniform best selling academic doctrine of trade in hard copy, made for ‘intermediaries’ was formally released by U.K Publishers world wide, which is still selling strongly today (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary(ITSI.) In 2017 ‘Sister’ publication, to do with crude oil and fuels (Crude Oil and the Successful Intermediary.) will also be released by same U.K publishers (Now trading as ‘Francis and Taylor Publishers U.K ) once the erratic fuel commodity market settles down. Our in house doctrine breaks down our formal publications to a simpilier ‘step by step’ basis of understanding.

As author, teacher and ongoing trader, I have spent a lifetime trading and educating others under the name of FTN Exporting (FTNX), and offer to those who do want to give this business a serious attempt at trading as an informed intermediary, my own private in-house beta publication and doctrine. FTNX mistakes won’t be yours. One cannot wake up one morning and decide to trade in commodities following the idiotic procedures seen being used on the internet by 99% of intermediaries online, who simply have no idea what this complex business is about.

We can’t use trade sties and social site to do business. We cannot conduct ‘International’ business using USA localised business practices. It’s not allowed. FTNX has tried for decades to get rid of such stupid traders; but alas, as we confront such trader is one year, new traders appear in the next. If you think this exciting business if for you, then at the very least, try and make your efforts to trade in commodities worth the while by being informed. Many won’t last long in this business because many think that by reading the FTNX doctrine they will close deals accordingly sometime thereafter.

How about experience?

How about personal abilities and attributes?

How about time?

If you are not in this business for the long haul, whether trading full time or in your spare time, don’t enter it at all, is our best recommendation.If you are going to chase ‘big dollars’ then do so lawfully, correctly and legally, as the trading path for the informed intermediary is a very thin one, and unforgiving. If you can’t bring skill, knowledge and later experience to the table, then you bring nothing to bear. Bringing nothing, attracts nothing.

The issue is not just with ill informed intermediaries pretending to be trading using flawed unworkable (I.e: LOI,FCO,SLC,BCL,ICPO,ASWP,NCNDA,PB,MTN,SWIFT, SPOT.etc.etc.) type of procedures.So many suppliers, end buyers and Corporations are also ill informed as well (and could benefit  studying our doctrine as well)  Add to this so many fake deals that are floating around the planet every single day; if you don’t know what you are doing in this business, then do something else. Become an informed intermediary not a clown, by studying intently  the current  base  doctrine on offer. If you seriously want to try your hand at this business as a formidable Buyer/Seller then this study is for you.  Learn what you are up against, and learn how to apply safe proper trades, alone or with others you consider worthy of attachment, then try your best to close a FOB applied  import export deal for real, over the longer term.There are no secrets in this business, be informed, become highly educated ( Doctrine is an academic level study)  learn appropriate international trade laws, rules of agency, and procedures and 'give it your best shot' as a highly informed professional intermediary. Even you fail to close a deal, other business applications may open up simply by knowing such matters described in the doctrine.The rules of agency, ostensibly are universally applied. Hence the true nature of this business belongs to informed high end entrepreneurs chasing large deals as well


Learn Correct Procedures 

By learning how to trade in global commodities means you are learning  matters of International Agency and Finance, thus you'll be learning  about  big global business applications as well, by default. Learning to buy and sell commodities as a professional intermediary also  means learning  about amongst others, matters of banking, contract, negotiations and international delivery rules.There is 'no point in beating around the bush'  the facts of the matter are  simple to comprehend as they are harsh. Idiotic or ill informed traders have no scope to enter this business, nor ever possibly have success in this business as well. This is a difficult business to master, but not a difficult business to learn if one is prepared to take time to study the doctrine intently because there are so many small, lingering meandering matters of trade that must be understood. As educators, we cannot guarantee that an applicant will close a deal,it would be improper for us to make such assertions; what we guarantee is that our doctrine is formidable, strict and is able to close a deal in accordance with correctly applied practices than any private trader can utilise effectively. Hence , we offer to ‘educate ‘others accordingly on safe and proper procedures that can close export / import deals.



Chase those lucrative deals, land the financial instrument, and close the deal. One single FOB NBC deal being closed could earn the type of ‘honest’ money using nothing more than brains; the kind which could not be earned, while working over a lifetime for someone else, in a factory or office setting, using brawn. You are your own boss. You dictate the shots fired. One single export / import deal? Sounds simple! Don’t be fooled. Simple does not means easy. Any worthy challenge is never easy. Some will close deals, some will get close and some will not make the grade at all. One thing is for sure, everyone has the potential to close such a deal by being informed. The alternative aspect is to learn nothing, in where the deals you enter into have no potential to close at all–ever.

E&O.E: Errors and Omission Excepted
FTNXX and all sites owed by FTN Exporting (including this site) offers general trading advice and are subject to constant change. FTNX site pages are also full of personal opinions, always given with good intent, without prejudice,for purpose of education. FTNXX services information to suppliers and end buyers as well as invited informed others as a matter education. FTNXX often applies testing of new products and procedures on this site as well, which may only be validated as per the advice being tested. Common and obvious mistakes in advice, offers or prices, and all errors overall found on our websites do not effect the service / offer being rendered. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are corrected over time in most cases. Personal opinions served, are done so without prejudice, with good intent, for purpose of education and serving information and advice.We’ve never have made promises in any form over many years, that anyone buying this doctrine will close a deal; hence only an academic level educational aspect is given. Applicant should not buy a pirated altered copies our works, as applicant will be buying old outdate material and losing their money.Such applicant cannot connect with legitimate FTNX peer to peer traders as well.Nobody has permission to resell our material. FTN Exporting (Est:1988) Registered Business (ASIC)

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