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By Davide Giovanni Papa


A few words from the Author D.A.G.Papa
E&OE: Spelling and grammar corrected over time
Posted: 14 May 2015.

FTN Exporting has been on this site for decades and is now approaching its 30th year in business. Business ‘officially’ started in 1988. By 1998 we were online using this very same ‘aged’ site page. It’s been a long road in getting our doctrine mainstream. This site is for those contemplating entering into the world of commodity trading. We could be “nice about the whole matter” and only point towards the positive aspects of trading in commodities and say all the ‘sweet things’ you would like to hear. The problem with being “nice” is that it could (will) produce a false perception. One thing that we know about intently is that the best intermediaries are the ones who enter trading, even though we’ve pointed towards the adverse effects of this business. Sound minds like to be told ‘how things really are’ before facing up to any challenge.

Early Years Were Tough
For 10 years, from 2001 via the USA “allexperts.com” site I have serviced many FAQ (around 1000) to many intermediaries until I was overwhelmed in 2011 that I had to stop serving that forum as well. My answers given can still be still sourced by looking up “distribution of products” in a Google browser where the name “Davide Andrew Papa” is used to head the forum. Unlike some have wrongly stated, I have indeed ‘given up decades’ in providing free valuable advice to many, long before my publications were released. I went from full time trading to become a global teacher by default. FTN exporting has left it legacy to the trading world.We no longer need to support our own publication and doctrine as there are many highly informed intermediaries in the worlds today.

The Future for FTN
By late 2015 FTN Exporting will be returning to private practice alone, trading in selected large commodity contracts as wells Joint Venture investment projects,using the doctrine as a basis in doing so, as we slowly dissolve the teaching side of business to a set premise. Along the way we will bump into the many informed traders.The doctrine of the future will add intently to matter of intermediaries and joint ventures/projects.

About Our Formal Doctrine
The best seller“International Trade and the Successful Intermediary” released in 2010 set the doctrine as a mainstream world wide application.‘Crude Oil and the Successful Intermediary’ a sister publication to ITSI will be released by our academic publishers U.K, by late 2015, in where once more, its mainstream aspects will apply. These formal publications offer the “base” trading structure.They are inexpensive and offer the direct trading aspect. Our In house publication are often tree times larger defining that while the core aspect has been presented, so much was not presented as well.

About FTN Exporting
I started to trade in commodities in late 1985, but actually registered the FTN exporting as a business for the first time in 1988. I created the only legally defined doctrine intermediary doctrine of trade, which started to be formed and used by late 1992. It took me 4 years to arrive at having a rudimentary doctrine in place that all intermediaries could apply after taking up, in frustration, international trade studies at a local college, which didn’t even mention ’intermediaries.’ I then took and extrapolated all the relevant matters, to finally form a rudimentary “intermediary” only doctrine that anyone could use ( Even suppliers, sellers, banker, lawyers, buyers and end buyers) I now needed to put the doctrine through its pace, in real live deals to refine as much. It still took me another 3 years to close on my first contract. Then came the internet–the ‘circus full of clowns’ was upon in where added refinement to FDOT were needed to be tested over time in live market situations.

Frustrations and Trading
The import exporting business of buying and selling commodities for profits or commissions is one of most challenging, complex and frustrating business applications in the world. You will be happy, frustrated, angry and dumbfounded by the huge number of mistakes and foolish traders you’ll meet along the road to closing your first deal. You’ll meet and deal with all kinds of people from around the world, including VIP’s and industry leaders. Above all else you will be highly informed when doing so. Whether you deal with the worlds biggest suppliers or end buyers, or the other industry experts, including lawyers and bankers; you will be able stand your ground firmly, because you know all about the ‘international trading’ side of business intently. It's also one of the most exciting business applications to learn and apply. Once the intermediary/broker procedures are learned intently, the actual whole process becomes routine, and a very simple trading aspect to apply, because being informed and applying practice is what actually develops the routine. The informed intermediary will be able to spot a fake deal in seconds and assess real potential deals on the same basis. No more dealing with clowns. 50/50 chance or Zero chance? These are your only two options. SWIM makes the road to learning the intermediary trading process  as easy as possible. The rest is about developing 'your' routine.“The professional intermediary has to know a lot about banking, delivery, finance, agency, documents, shipping, contracts, offers, rules and laws.” The most difficult side of the whole business is securing real long term suppliers of wanted goods as offered in whole shipment lots. This is where the big gains can be found.

The Customer is Mostly Always Wrong!
You’ll be surprised on just how many mistakes are being made in this business within weeks of commencing your study.You’ll also be surprised on how many acknowledge your skill. Instinctively people like to attach themselves to those who know what they are doing. A life time of earnings made on one single NBC (Non Break Cargo) FOB deal cannot be legitimately made by bluffing your way around this business. Spend 3 or 4 months of study and enter the market place by force, to obtain practice and experience at sourcing first, in a protected safe manner, is the first approach. It takes up to 3 months to close one live deal.

It’s Business
There are no “friends” in the business. There is no “cap in hand” here. It’s business. Keep away from fools. Real end buyers and suppliers will always pay attention to a good well advised offer, ill informed trader will not. You are trading on the safest platform possible; it’s “your way” or no way, thus there are many principals in the world who understand your way, equally there are those who don’t, in where if it has to be said, many don’t even know basic matters of formal international trade rules and laws anyway; and who are the type of traders who do end up in court more often than not. The “name of the game” is to get one legal deal over the line safely. To do as much means; you’ll never leave this business as the “trading fever” takes it hold. If it means trying and testing hundred of deals per year - so be it. You need to set up a deal so that you can close on its premises.No point getting a deal too early if you lack experience hence the study period is actually as good basis to commence trading at until the routine is understood.

Psssst ! Big Secret Don’t Give Up Early
Giving up too early is often a biggest mistake made by many applicants I have personally mentored over the years. This is an exciting but tough business. Only the best minds last the distance, and only those who are in it for the long term ever have a chance to close one single NBC deal. The secret to success in this business has nothing to do with study and practice alone but it do with longevity. Only those who develop excellent skills survive, such attributes we cannot gauge, this is the reason we cannot promise success to all two take up the study; and we have seen may poorly applied efforts being made. Give it your best attempt by learning from the best; or don't make the attempt at all, is our clear advice.

Idiotic Procedures
The applicant starts to practice as a “sourcing intermediary” but in time the applicant makes moves to control, then head its own deal alone or its own team as principal. The applicant has to become the ‘buyer’ to the supplier and ‘seller’ to the end buyer. The applicant has to eventually become a legally defined ‘buyer/seller’ of commodities in its own name, in where informed intermediaries attach to the principal as sourcing intermediaries. In the doctrine the principal is PIA. (You are PIA)

Flawed Unworkable a Procedures
Using flawed incorrect localised trading terms and associated procedures  to do with LOI, ICPO, ASWP, PB, MT799, MPA, UN, WHO, IMO, ICPO, LOI, SCO, and the many others incorrect terms and procedures to our business will make the trader look foolish when approaching principals of industries. Many online  are into the export import business using flawed procedures. Every year as new ill informed traders pop up, it does not take long for them to cross the path with a FTN Exporting informed intermediary in where they soon give up their foolish ways. Most are dealing in nothing more than hot air anyway.“Follow the actions of a stupid person and you'll can  end up looking stupid as well.”

First Steps; Test the Waters, Paddle, Float then Swim

The “Testing of Waters” Stage;

• Applicant reads the doctrine intently

The Paddling Stage;

• Applicant treats it as a study discipline; as if attending college
• Applicant secure one single supplier
• Applicant Instructs, directs others attached to him or her.

Sourcing many end buyers with one supplier in hand.The above step is the major routine. Failure along the way is applied by above routine that gives the applicant practice and experience. You will be trading at the above level the most (all the time).This routine is what must be perfected. As one deals fails another turns up. Safe aspects, means PIA while learning to trade, has mechanisms in place to walk away from deals, until personal trading confidence slowly builds up. The above translates in matters of trading as; sourcing, making quotes, negotiating, making offers.

The Floating Upright stage;

• Source end buyers to test intent
• Enter into contract stage of a deal

The above step is a major routine. Failure along the way is apply above routine is what give you practice and experience at contract level which do not come by often. This above step will be encountered the next least number of times in any given year.It is from this position that PIA will eventually at even lesser times progress forward on a deal.

The ‘Swim’ or Sink Stage.

• Close on a contract and thus deal

Above is your overall aim. Once achieved, the world is yours. You pay commission to all those who assisted you as you now chase your next big deal at half the time of the first; as so on, and so forth. PIA is the Buyer/Seller. PIA is the anchor of his own team. Above all else PIA is highly informed, because PIA has studied the doctrine intently of which others obey if attachment is conferred when forming an intermediary string. PIA commands respect because PIA is also a ‘principal’ in his own right. Someone has to apply the final skill to carry the deal through to its final conclusion. Someone who knows what to do.

Ideally not many intermediaries can afford to stay at home and trade full time like I have been doing; accordingly those who are working would spend weekends and evenings studying and eventually trading. The applicant will learn so much on about the business while studying where efforts and practice delivers the final outcome, over the longer period. For those who are semi retired or financially stable, then trading at will is the approach in where the applicant is treating the premise as a new “start up” business. If a person is going to waste their valuable time to trade in commodities  then such a person ought to do so in an informed manner.There is no scope to do otherwise.

Grab the doctrine by neck and don’t let go. History will dictate the rest. One is either a ‘sourcing intermediary’ for a principal like PIA or one is a lone trader defined as a ‘buyer/seller’ when a deal is evident; in both cases PIA can close deals–a lone unsupported ‘sourcing intermediary’ enacting with other cannot.The first step in judging character is the ability of a person to make decision on their own in where such is able to protect the whole deal taking place at any given time for himself and those he or she has conferred attachment to.





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