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No matter from which country you are from.You are a commodity  trader  attempting  conduct import exporting deals in the international trade arena. You are an ill informed intermediay, just like  most other intermediaires are. You are hoping to earn a lucrative  commisson payment  for doing nothing more than passing usless information  aroumnd  all day. You may even be a new  first time trader, attempting to trade in commodities by copying what other ill informed intermediaires are doing online. To trade in commodities  is to trade in a complex business and practice.Please read the advice below and then read current educational site www.smice.net, before making up your mind that this business for you. 

Lets get straight to the point.The Professional Commodity Trader is required to read and study the doctrine offered on www.smice.net intently for  around 3 months. The publication is placed down where the trader now starts to trade as instructed therein. There is no scope to  at this stage to elude to the idea that you will close a deal anytime shortly. When you first start to trade in commodities, you are gaining experience and learning ‘lessons’ along the way. Nobody is going to help you in this business, not even FTN Exporting, and certainly not banks or other informed traders.” If I were taking calls, I would be literally stuck to the phone for 10 hours or more every single day.This not  the way to ‘run’ this kind business.”  



Even if you tenure the services of a lawyer, some will not understand the whole position of the informed Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) as our doctrine is the leading and emerging doctrine of trade that a home based PCT can use ; as first released online in 2005. In any case, who can afford to call such a lawyer every ‘5 minutes’ asking for guiding advice? Open a business account with a  financially strong bank first  before you even start to trade, this aspect has some importance. Secure the financial instrument into your bank first.

Assistance will then ‘all of a sudden’ appear from your  bank once they see you have good business to ply.  Is the actual process difficult to apply? No not at all. What's  difficult is to actually  secure a live deal. It's no different  for a supplier acting with end buyers directly. This is a challenging business.This business so suit  everyone. If this advice initimidates you , then this busines is NOT for you, because besides learning  trade procedures intently, Banks, suppliers  and end buyers  will not make your work easy. You need to be  astrong willed person and the type of person  who can take rejection, and don't take no for an answer easily.You need to be a leader, not a follower to suceed in the the exporting  importing  business.

It’s  the ‘starting process’ that many find difficult to apply once the study period is over. You need to get the  premise right.This will take up to a year of practice before confidence  levle rise .If you last a year , thsi is the tiem to start tingabout closing that one lucarative FOB revovling commodity  deal. A large number of applciants didn't last a Year,   and we have applciant who are still strading 10 year later. You need to get past the first year and make real efforts to apply what you have leanred intently. You are  looking  to secure at large revolving offer of a wanted product as sourced from ONE  supplier.  We all trade in all kind of  ‘commodities.’ Most  ill-informed traders  deal in many commodities all at the same time.  We trade in  one single commodity at any given time , even though we are able to deal in many kind of legal commodities . Hence one of the many  difference  “we the informed"  and other who are not becomes very apparent. We while trading as a PCT sourcing our  own products to trade with,  simply need to be assured that supply is 100% real in where this one supplier and therefore secured supply, will keep the PCT very busy testing potential inquiries from end buyers being tested. 


There is so much small meandering aspect of a trade deal  that must be learned; it's the number of such unimportant matters that defeat some applicants quickly. The ability to concentrate and spend time to study the doctrine is therefore, a very important aspect. If you are the type of person who does not take easily to matters of ‘study’ here is your first sign that this business is not for you. If you have poor writing skills and have less than a reasonable grasp of the English language, likewise this ‘business’ is not for you, is the assumption. A commodity trader and entrepreneur starts with the basic steps and moves forward ‘one step at a time’ thereafter. What needs to be mastered is the act of producing documents and handling trading documents. We buy and sell commodities using documents just like any other large corporation has to do. That’s what our business is about ‘documents, documents and  more documents.’ The effect of our actions results in deals being entered into. We instigate deals, thus we are not intermediaries in the true sense, but highly informed specialised commodity traders outright. We do not conduct deals with ill-informed others. We also do not deal in ‘stupidity.' Those who are ignorant of the facts, like to deal with others who are equally ignorant of the facts. “Never argue with an idiot, they will drag the argument to their level.”  We are specialist traders,  the skill we will need to attain will guide suppliers, end buyers, and even corporation  giants, some of which have been trading in their way since the ‘dark ages.’ We never conduct business with ill-formed private traders, such as those many un-informed entities found online.

Most deals fail at the early stage of trading. Each failure recorded adds to the experience and education aspect until the time comes when your confidence and proficiency levels increase. For some such levels are reached in under 10 months, for almost 12 months or more is needed before anyone will take you seriously. You are currently building bridges. You are gaining respect and acting with integrity as a Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and specialist.  You will only trade in FOB or FCA delivery mode for at least a year. You now need to master a specific process, because by mastering the ICC FOB Incoterms delivery aspect alone, will establish the premise to learn about all other delivery modes in the future. From FOB, it’s only one step to CFR delivery and another step to CIF, or if you take a step back from the FOB aspect, you are delivering goods at FAS.  Confused? All you need to know about the ‘delivery terms’ used is explained in the doctrine. You will need to know a great deal about letters of credit and financial instrument processing rules as defined under ICC UCP international banking rules. The doctrine explains your position on this matter intently. Then you need to learn ‘Formation of Contract’ rules as it's applied in the international arena. One cannot use localised commercial aspects of doing business I.E: Chinese, Russian, EU, or American local laws cannot apply when trading in commodities internationally.   

You’ll need to learn how to produce good clean documents, and you’ll need to study proper contract formation rules, and more. Unique matters found in the SMICE FTN Exporting Doctrine of Trade  not found written in other trade publications, based on our 30 years of experience must also be observed. Very few authors have this kind of experience. Finally, those trading alone who eventually want to trade heading their string (groups) of informed traders, the PCT will also need to learn and apply commission payment orders and manage such ‘stringed’ traders.