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 Preamble 2016 Trading Year Onwards
One cannot remain trading as a sourcing Intermediary; those days are coming to an end fast thanks to our doctrine.There are many types of doctors, and doctors who don't even provide medical advice. It's no different for a person carrying the general title as an "intermediary". There are many types of intermediaires; but only one type which is informed  as a international trade and agency specialist. This specialist is defined as being a 'buyer/seller' acting on behalf of undisclosed principals'.  An intermediary who is not informed or is not attached to a principal, cannot become involved in closing commodity deals. FTN exporting doctrine of trade is finally having an effect in getting rid of such ill informed  traders. A professional intermediary is one who bears responsibilities and takes on to trade in commodities holding lawful status as a buyer/seller. An ill informed intermediary doing nothing but sourcing and circulating information, cannot close a deal nor ever hope to earn commission. An informed buyer/seller should never consider associating themselves with the many false deals being plied online by those ill informed.The day of the intermediary of an era past is coming to an end. We either act as highly informed professionals, or not at all. We do not force anyone to try their hand in this business accordingly those who have a deep urge to attempt such business intently over there longer term, should consider taking up the study. If one is going to attempt to give this business a serious attempt, then at the very least such should do so as a highly informed specialist. Only two active sites will remain from 2016 this educational site and trading site www.ftnxx.net. FTN Exporting will only support in 2016 its own  attached and  selected USTC members, as we too, begin  to  mingle in the market place once more,  as private traders rather than educators in where some of the many traders who have learned  our doctrine world wide will cross paths with us. FTN exporting will interact with those informed who do perform as expected.After decades of efforts, the doctine is now self perpetuating and no longer needs us to promote it. Study the doctrine intently and trade accordingly or don't make the attempt to begin with; is our supreme advice.

FTN Exporting Presents


Doctrine of Trade for International Trade intermediaries as Prescribed under FTN Exporting “Uniform Rules and Practice for Intermediates and Brokers” World wide




Davide Giovanni Papa Founder of FTN Exporting entered into the world of trading in commodities as an ill informed intermediary in 1988 to become the worlds leading expert in the subject matter of intermediaries and exporting commodities world wide for commission and gains. There is plenty about Davide Giovanni Papa and FTN exporting online going back decades. The trading bug had bitten the author hard in 1988. The way intermediaries were trading back then, as some still are today, was wrong, flawed, incorrect and laced with procedures which could attract criminal charges. Fake offers were also a big problem back then as they still are today. FTN Exporting had followed what other ill informed intermediaries were doing at that time only to learn years later that literally nobody knew what they were doing and nobody could lawfully close a deal with the idiotic procedures being applied at that time using terms such as LOI, ICPO, BCL, NCNDA, ASWP, PBG, MPA and other incorrectly addressed and unworkable variants of such ‘procedures’ which can’t be effectively applied in international trade business for many (legal) reasons. This idiotic aspect of trading exploded, once the business became applicable on the internet. Decades later after FTN Exporting, enacting upon the auspices of intense studies, testing and practice, released proper trading procedures that any informed professional intermediaries could apply; relased a  uniform legally defined doctrine that all intermediaires could use. When FTN exporting entered the market place with these new never seen before procedures all challenges from ill informed principals of industries including lawyers and bankers were met head on, in where FTN Exporting was winning every battle on one single premise. Our newly created procedures were lawfully correct as was the formidable aspect of the whole doctrine.


The applicant is buying nearly 30 years of experience as well as a formidable doctrine of trade made of intermediaries–not many Authors can boast such experience and educational aspect with the publication they have released. Our formal publication ITSI, is is still going strong, 6 years after its release, is further testament on  the virtues of our doctrine. This is an excting business but also its also complex. Many clowns exist in the market place who have served opinions based on our studies, as being their own. We deal only in rules and facts of which one stand out amongst the rest;  high end adademic level type of skills are needed  to trade in commodities. We've make trading in commodities easy to understand but only the best entreprenurial minds will succeed in where with success, huge gains could be made.If you have what it takes, spend the time, learn the ropes to become educated, then give trading in commodities your best shot. Worst case scenario? You've learned skils  that could be adpated for other types of of related high end  business applications.Whether you are a lawyer, rocket  scientist, banker or one of the many novice home based intermediaries; we are all in the same boat. Everyone contemplaing over the long term to trade in commodities  must study our doctrine  first before making the attempt; to do otherwise means you join the line of the 'ill informed ' and will cross the path eventually of a FTN exporting informed trader in where your trading days will  suddenly come to an  end. 


FTN Exporting had created the first legally defined intermediary doctrine that all first time or seasoned intermediaries can rely upon, and with it FTN Exporting created a set of rules in support of the doctrine defined as ‘URPIB.’ It takes a great effort, skill and knowledge to close upon a bulk commodity deal for gains and commissions. A lot of advice needs to be given before an intermediary can even start to trade. FTN Exporting has governance on this intermediary doctrine. It can’t be found at a university. This doctrine in effect breaks down all aspects of such rules which are posted on www.smice.net. End Buyers, suppliers and all those involved in related business of large contracts, international sales and exporting, should also be studying this doctrine of trade. Business minded entrepreneurs thinking about large international deals should also be using our unique Doctrine of Trade as well, as the base doctrine covers the widest aspect to do with third party contract dealings, banking and agency. All intermediaries considering to enter the private business of buying and selling commodities as a private home based or corporate based intermediary over the longer term, should study FYBR (Z) 2016 before doing so, as protecting commissions and profits is but one of the many challenges such intermediaries will need face–the doctrine eliminates all possibility of circumvention.


The doctrine of trade was first released in 2005 with many in house publication being updated along the way there-after. In 2010 a FTN Exporting in-house beta publication titled “The World is Yours” (TWIY IV) was formally proof-read, condensed and edited for formal release by leading academic publishers “Ashgate /Gowers” U.K. International Trade and the Successful Intermediary (ITSI) quickly became a best seller and the first ever legally defined, uniform and formal intermediary doctrine ever created–is still going strong 5 years after its release. In late 2015 ITSI sister publication“Crude oil and the Successful Intermediary’ (COSI) will once more set the pace in matters of crude oil dealings, just like ITSI, to become mainstream doctrine of trade but unlike ITSI, which deals in all commodities in general, COSI will specifically deal in much sought after petroleum based products. Past outdate copies of FYBR was replaced with TWIY series which became terminated with TWIY(Z) in early 2015. FYBR is also being finally terminated as a series hence the (Z) designation. FYBR was the greatest and largest of all the in house doctrines we had created and also the best selling of all the in house publication we had created. FYBR series ran for around 4 years from 2008 with over 15 updates being produced. FYBR is a masterworks and the largest of all publication we have created. it cover every thing an intermediary needs to know and offers many great examples and copies of workable contract and documents.


This is a tough business but a very exciting business. Principals of industry, as well as other ill informed traders will be met along the way. Some intermediaries will pick up the doctrine quickly others will not nevertheless, everyone will learn ‘something’ about this business they never knew before and just cannot be found readily online. We can guarantee that the doctrine is able to close an import export deal when applied properly by an informed and skilled intermediary.This is the educational aspect of the offer made. We however, cannot guarantee that all practitioners will succeed at closing a deal, because not all intermediaries think the same and act the same. We have never made such a claim, accordingly those looking for a “get rich quick” publication should not be purchasing this publication-as we offer no such aspect. FYBR (Z) breaks down every trading step to its simplest understandings to produce a specialist trader and professional intermediary delivering expert level advice and commodity trading procedures. FYBR (Z) comes with COFI (Z). Crude oilFuel for Intermediaries, is also being retired. Print the doctrine and study intently then start trading as advised “one step at a time.”


One aspect is assured–those who do not study the doctrine full time or casually, and apply real efforts and practice over the longer period of time will have zero chance to close and import export deal is best assumed right from the start.Those who do succeed, to close a deal–a life time of earnings could be made on one single bulk cargo deal at FOB. Hence all efforts are applied for one purpose–to close one FOB deal safely, using real skill in a highly informed manner. The applicant is actually setting up a business, without the burden of huge expenses associated with doing as much.This is the mind set the applicant needs to comprehend.

History will dictate the rest.


The best import export  intermediaries in the world have been educated by FTN Exporting!

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