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FTN Exporting Presents

Uniform Rules and Practice for Intermediaries and Brokers
Universitas Edition (Universally, world wide)

Beta Dissertation

(David G.A.Papa Melbourne, Australia )
Completed July 2015

Personal informed opinions of the author included
served without bad intent or prejudice







By Davide G.A.Papa

The term entrepreneur is tossed around a lot these days.The term when fully defined correctly means ‘a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’ In fact one who correctly applies the business of buying and selling commodities as prescribed by our universal doctrine of trade is also learning the virtues of what it means to be a "safe" informed entrepreneur in the global arena; where the whole aspect of conducting big business and big deals is apparent, and in where, we mitiage all risks with education. The intermediary is learning aspects of contract formation, laws, banking, delivery, documentation, serving process, delivery, agency, procurement and all aspects of closing upon such large scale business applications. The practical business of the entrepreneur is in effect 'unseen' when applying our doctrine in matters of closing upon NBC (Non Break Cargo)  type of import export deals at FOB, CFR or CIF. The first road to any worthy challenge is education. Only an informed professional intermediary would recognise such a worthy aspect. Those who are looking to enter the  world of big business as an  formdiable entrepreneur  should take up and practice trading as a informed international trade intermediary-goes without saying. This is where the first step of any  worthy entrepreneur is taken. 


Davide Giovanni Papa Founder of FTN Exporting entered into the world of trading in commodities as an ill informed intermediary in 1988 to become the worlds leading informed  expert in the subject matter of intermediaries and exporting commodities world wide for commission and gains. We have created the first ever legally and lawfully effective professional intermediaty doctrine - and it's formdiable.  There is plenty about Davide Giovanni Papa, (Davide Andrew Papa as found on USA  allexperts.com Q&A from 2001)  and FTN exporting online going back decades. The trading bug had bitten the author hard in 1988. The way intermediaries were trading back then, as some still are today, was wrong, flawed, incorrect and laced with procedures which could attract criminal charges. I was never ' any good at school' hence to leave the realm of the highly paid professional  French and Italian Chef and enter into the complex world of buying and selling commodities was a huge leap to take. Fake offers were also a big problem back then as they still are today. FTN Exporting had followed what other ill informed intermediaries were doing at that time only to learn years later that literally nobody knew what they were doing and nobody could lawfully close a deal with the idiotic procedures being applied at that time using terms such as LOI, ICPO, BCL, NCNDA, ASWP, PBG, MPA and other incorrectly addressed and unworkable variants of such ‘procedures' which can’t be effectively applied in international trade business for many (legal) reasons. This idiotic aspect of trading exploded, once the business became applicable on the internet. Decades later after FTN Exporting, enacting upon the auspices of intense studies, testing and practice, released proper trading procedures that any informed professional intermediary could personally apply  with the corporate sector world wide. FTN Exporting released  for the first time a  uniform legally defined doctrine of trade that all intermediaires could use in 2005. When FTN Exporting entered the market place with these new never seen before procedures all challenges from ill informed principals of global industries including many lawyers and bankers were met head on, in where FTN Exporting was winning every battle and argument  on one single premise. Our newly created doctrine was lawfully correct as is the formidable aspect of such a doctrine. Novice or seasoned traders world wide  wanting to try their hand at trading in commodities in a formally applied, safe and correct manner must apply to study this leading publication. Nearly 30 year of the Authors own success, dealings, and costly mistakes bound  the educational material being offered. Expereince, procedures, laws and rules  fill its pages. 


The applicant is buying nearly 30 years of experience as well as a formidable doctrine of trade made for intermediaries–not many Authors can boast such experience and educational aspect with the publication they have released. Our formal best selling academic publication ITSI (International Trade and the Successful intermediary : Ashgate /Gowers U.K) is still going strong, 6 years after its release, is further testament on  the virtues of our doctrine. Crude Oil and the Successful Intermediary (COSI) is currently being proof read by another leading lawyer and will soon join ITSI (2016) URPIB Universitas, is my own personal  Beta version of the doctrine, that could not be applied in our formal publications, due to page contraints and spells out each trading step intently.URPIB 'U' is twice the size of both formal publications put together.  This is an excting business but also its also complex. Many ill informed and indeed stupid clowns exist in the market place, some who had the gaul to also serve opinions based on our studies. As it was in 1988 so its still stand in 27 years later, except such clowns don't last long in this business and we have mentored  many entities  since 2005 to become "informed" intermedaries.  We deal only in rules and facts of which one stands out above the rest;  high end adademic level type of skills are needed  to trade in commodities. We've made trading in commodities easy to understand but only the best entreprenurial minds will succeed,  in where with such success, huge gains could be made. If you have what it takes, spend the time to learn the ropes, and become educated, then give trading in commodities "your best shot." Worst case scenario? You've learned skils  that could be adpated for other types of of related high end  business applications.Whether you are a lawyer, rocket  scientist, banker or one of the many novice home based intermediaries; we are all in the same boat. Everyone contemplaing over the long term to trade in commodities  must study our doctrine  first before making the attempt; to do otherwise means you'll join the line of the 'ill informed' clowns  who  will cross the path eventually with a FTN exporting informed trader in where your trading days will  suddenly come to an end. It's a difficult but exciting business, the type in where for a small outlay and a little time spent in studies, one could earn the kind  profits, that most other comparable businesses, costing  large sums of money to establish  could not make. Note the word 'earn'- this is the apsect that many cannot comprehend. The intermediary has to "earn" such profits. One earns nothing pushing useless and often fake deals around all day with clowns. Even if by some remote chance,  an ill informed person has sourced  real  supply or buyer capabilites; how is the deal going to close where  simple rules and laws are being broken unseen, on every step of a deal taken, which ultimately always leads to the same path of collapse. To find a "supplier" online is easy. To find and secure  personal supply and assurance of a much wanted product is not and ;  once such a personal assurance of supply is secured, how is the deal going to legally close without risk to the informed intermediary. From start to finish it takes on average  up to 3 months to close on one single export deal at FOB once an end buyer is secured, for goods personally sourced by an URPIB  informed intermediary. TIM in  Panama City need 50,000 MT of Cement, and TAM an intermediary from Malaysia  can get it from an Indian supplier TOM, for USD$50.00 per MT at FOB, thus  by adding USD$5.00 dolalrs to the buy price, TAM can make a lawful  attempt to sell the cement at USD$55.00 per MT FOB Panama City. The best price the builder from  Panama City could get the same grade of cement; was quoted at  USD$66.00 per MT, as quoted directly from a  USA cement manufacturer. TAM has the potential to close such a deal. He has a real supplier and details of such in hand, via a valid  and current personal offer secured in advance; and not  some kind of "supply" found on a online list, or as advised from  ill informed trade goups. TAM now has to test the buyer, before a deal can start to move forward.If the buyer proves postive, the deal move forward until failure or success is recorded. Success means TAM will make around  $250,000 net of this deal.Failure means TAM still has supply, thus looking for another buyer- becomes the natural course and bedfellow of  "rountine.' It takes time to learn an effective  routine. Hence one or a few suppliers secured in hand in any given year could keep an informed intermediary busy testing  many end buyers at any given time. Securing many suppliers in a short itme  is actually an adverse aspect.If an intermediay becomes expert at handling only  one single product , then even here  strict procedures  relating to closing, confidentiality,  and agency must  be understood. If an intermediary is  asking why would  someone  use  services of a highly informed intermediary , then above already gives the answer to the question, in where many more answers could follow.The nature of business is sensative and confidential, and each person must play their role and make big efforts to close upon such large deals. All because one person has closed a deal, using the doctrine,  does not mean everyone taking up the study will close a deal as well.  FTN Exporting has been hounded for decades by intermediaries, after  a major  newpaper article was released on a sugar deal we have been working on in 1995. Everyone wanted to know "how to legally close a export import deal " as if I could just give a simple answer to such a complex process,  hence I released the doctrine accordingly to show everyone the process in the simplest possible manner.The rest was up to each induvidual who was serious enough about  trading in commodities to make the attempt at applying such a process, just like FTN exporting applies today.  There are no secrets in the business, just rules, laws, efforts, procedures and plenty of sleep less nights. There is only education at first, followed by obtaining experience there after. Some will make the grade, many will not. I've worked out the first ever uniform  legal process that an intermediary must apply to close upon an import export deal. This is the process I am offering as a matter of self education and nothing more. If the applicant is looking for "a get rich quick" scheme , they need to look elsewhere,  as there are plenty of such schemes online. If the applicant is looking  for "guarantee of  trading success" they'll need to pay me a lot more to obtain such an assurance (partnership), as we are only offering educational material and nothing more, for all the reasons already stated. 


One aspect is assured above all others–those who do not study the doctrine full time or casually, and apply real efforts and practice over the longer period of time will have zero chance to close and import export deal is best assumed right from the start. Those who do  take up the study have a 50/50 chance to close a deal. The rest is about , personal skills and and abilities, something we do not have control over. (If a person is able,  for instance to  read in English,  but cannot write in English, then in such a case  it's a waste of time to learn the doctrine or to trade as an informed intermediary. If a person cannot apply simple maths ,or produce clean looking documents,  etc.etc.)  The doctrine can legally and lawfully  close a deal correctly. The skill of the applicant hence  also plays a crucial role. Those who do succeed to close a deal using the doctrine and real skill–a life time of earnings could be made on one single bulk cargo deal at FOB, with more deals, and indeed other  related big business opportunties will flow quickly from the first time success. Hence all efforts are applied for one purpose–to close one FOB deal safely, using real skill in a highly informed manner. The applicant is actually setting up a business, without the burden of huge expenses associated with doing as much.This is the mind set the applicant needs to comprehend. If a person has been hit with the 'trading bug" then such should spend a small amount of time and money and make a genuine effort to become informed.The applicant then 'gives it their best shot ' and trades as a professional for a few years, is our recommendation. Many business people have spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and a few years on a business that has not suceeded. In this business,  only time has real  short term value but like all thing based on time, if genuine  efforts are not made, one would never know the final outcome and of which serves only the virtues of  regret.   


The best import export  intermediaries in the world have been educated by FTN Exporting!



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