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Last updated: July 2018 


This site is a static site  and no longer active  from early  2018. 

FTN Exporting (FTNX) new educational  intermediary site  is  www.ftnx.net  

Our trading website remains as www.smice.net  


FTN Exporting (FTNX) Established 1988

Founder: Davide Giovanni Papa 

General Email: ftnexporting@yahoo.com 

Personal email: ftnexportingceo@bigpond.com


Please read  these few pages before heading to our current  website.





Who is FTN Exporting
FTNX founder D.G.A.Papa commenced trading as a private intermediary in 1988 from a home office environment using phone, a type-writer and facsimile machine. It didn’t take long to soon learn that the market place I was trading in was ‘rotten’ undisciplined and full of fraudulent traders and unworkable fake deals. I spend months going nowhere far from trading with ‘idiots.’ There was a way to trade in commodities legally, except it was left to FTNX to create and finally produce the first lawfully defined doctrine of trade made specifically for intermediaries world wide. All the mistakes I had made along the way were noted, as I attempted the nearly impossible feat of 'unscrambling a scrambled egg.'

Trading in Nonsense
I was becoming increasingly frustrated with so many ill informed traders crossing my path that I decide to pay thousands of dollars, while trading, to become formally educated in matters of ‘International Trade’ at a local college.Unfortunately there was nothing in the study of intermediaries. I soon learned the hard way that the whole intermediary trading process was a myth. No rules, no assistance, no guidance were available to anyone trading in commodities back then.

The Required Trading Routine
One cannot wake up one morning and think that within weeks of following the advice of ill informed others, one could actively trade in buying and selling commodities - it’s not going to happen! I needed to tell the world that trading in; ICPO, LOI, SWIFT, SLC, NCNDA etc.. Was the wrong way to trade, and that; the unworkable incorrect trading process used at the time (and still seen used today) cannot be legally close Internationally applied commodity deals.

An Epiphany
After years of trading the realisation instantly came to me one morning that the process offered to suppliers and end buyers under the same study that I had undertaken, was the same process that I ought to be using as well– but in a different perspective. The realisation that to trade as an effective ‘intermediary’ meant that I had to apply the same process that any ‘buyer and seller’ would need, or ought to be using, had to apply to me as well. This aspect hit me like a bomb shell in where a rough outline of the FTNX procedures was formed and drew up within a week. I began using only this rough outline from this time onwards, refining the process as I traded with others; while at the same time instructing and guiding said others–I had started the road which led me to become the leading global ‘educator’ and ‘intermediary’ expert by default.

We Had Closed Our First Deal
Within a few years, after practising and applying the processes I had developed, a rudimentary set of uniform procedures that an intermediary wouldwide could apply to learning was in force. Using this new first ever legally defined trading application, we had finally closed contract on a huge sugar deal, with two other USA intermediaries. It was a huge deal, in where a DLC for over 100 million dollars was also in hand. I still have the major newspaper article from 23 years ago, stating as much. The FTNX procedures had worked well. We were 'over the moon'–or so we thought. Alas, we had made a huge mistake that was never repeated again.

Big Deals Equals Big Mistakes
We had accepted goods from another intermediary, who had no goods to offer in the first place. He didn’t mean to offer FTNX ‘fake’ sugar because at that nobody could intentionally conceive upon the idea that only an ‘idiot’ would offer goods that they had not personally secured. My ’friends’ had let me down, by making comments like “My father, his best friend, owns the sugar processor in Brazil, ” which FTNX took as an unquestionable ’assurance’ of supply. Two weeks later after frantically following the Sugar offer to the end of the line,in trying to save the deal; another 6 intermediaries appeared along the way.It was confirmed; there was no sugar to begin with. I was in a precarious legal position, which in a way was a God send, as it forced FTNX to now add what was learned from this huge misadventure, as part of the looming doctrine.The good thing about such mistakes is they also deliver lessons. I had closed the deal in an orthodox manner, all the way to secure the DLC- which nevertheless was a very important aspect.It proved that the procedures I had developed and used was becoming effective.

The Market Place is One Big POOP
Everyone engaged with FTNX in the sugar string deal was simply ‘passing worthless fake paper deals' all over the planet. We call this aspect “POOP” (Perpetual Offers Orbiting the Planet.) Nobody verified that the sugar supply was real.The deal turned into a trading disaster–and although we did close on a first deal, years after that event; the actual trading doctrine needed to be refined, and redefined continually in where the premier rule of all other rules and aspects therein became an established trading principle to this very day. The basis of a formidable strict legally defined doctrine of trade was heavily tested, and well on its way.

First Rule of Trade:
One must personally secure supply first unconditionally, before attempting to sell such goods to and end buyer
From this rule the second rule of trade came into effect;

Second Rule of Trade:
Business is business. We have ‘no friends’ when conducting business.

Third Rule to Trade:
An end buyer must never be sourced first, if the first rule has not been fully satisfied, no matter how long it takes to do so.