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iBITE 2017
Intermediary, Broker
and International Trade Entrepreneur (iBITE 2017)



Last updated : 24 March 2017 AEST
Offer Number FTNX017


Segments Part (1) to (5) in a single PDF format of our current and last base intermediary trading Beta doctrine is being offered. The PDF is advised to the applicants inbox once the purchase process is completed. The FTNX doctrine of trade masterworks made for corporate or home based for Intermediaries is our final ‘Masterpiece.’ FTN Exporting is ostensibly retiring from this business in 2018, to return to private practice and consultation. Our legacy to the world of International Trade is now a matter of record, for many decades to come. The FTNX unique beta doctrine can be purchased on its own, for those looking to trade in their spare time at their own pace. Tutorship is available separately, for those who want to be instructed on proceedings after they have studied the doctrine–as further advised on the doffer page.

Accordingly this is the last opportunity for applicants to receive some valuable hands on mentorship with the purchase of the doctrine made. The Bite Doctrine is offer ‘as is’ with 5FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) units as offered. FAQ’s are used when applicant needs more clarity on matter snot clearly understood. All minor updates ( if any ) of the academic level iBITE 2017 Doctrine will be advised via www.ftnexporting.com site. Should major trading rules or laws change, effecting the iBITE doctrine, come into effect within the next few years, a ‘PDF supplement’ instead of replacing the whole iBITE doctrine, will be advised for a small fee, so as to directly update the iBite 2017 Doctrine, ( if need be) ensuring it remains fresh for years to come. No more editions of this IBITE 2017 doctrine will be released. If dramatic rule changes come into effect, ‘ITSI II’ (which is still selling well 7 years after it first print release) will be produced and carry the new base doctrine into the future (Unlikely; in any event another supplement for ITSI may only be needed) If the IBITE tile is changed, it only signifies that any such new editions is based on this doctrine, in where we managed to refine the doctrine further producing less words and pages.

Tenacity of a Bull Pit Terrier
The applicant must have dogged tenacity and perseverance ‘to last the distance’ and trade full time, or in their spare time over the longer term. It will take around 3/4 months to commence trading, and around 2 years before knowing if this business if for you or not. Only those with serious intent should take us this academic level study and practice.Those who are business minded, financially stable and are currently working, and have a good grasp of the English language and basic maths are ideal candidates for the iBITE 2017 study and practice regime.Those looking for immediate business success, hoping to recoup money spent on the study in the short term; should not consider this study, as ‘no get rich quick scheme’ nor refund is offered for this unique academic level study. Trade as an informed person, or don’t trade at all is our strongest advice.

‘You want to try and chase a life time of earnings on one commodity deal being closed, then you must study this doctrine and apply only procedures herein intently, or your chances to close such a deal is literally nil. If you think you can close a deal doing what 95% of ‘idiotic intermediaries’ are doing online-Good Luck!’

How to Use Tutorship / Mentorship as Offered.
Applicant may buy iBite 2017 and Tutorship at the same time,( added special attention served) or they may buy IBITE 2017 where the applicant may ask questions (FAQ) about matters that may need further clarifications, while offer is available at listed price as per Offer (1)

At Offer (2); Whether in your spare time or full time, for those taking mentorship, please read the doctrine quickly the first time around. Don’t waste time trying to analyse everything written. Read it like ‘any other book,’ up to part (4). Read part (5) later as this section deals with advance trading applications as well as crude oil /fuels deals, which may be attempted at a later time once the basic trading aspect has been practiced intently. Understanding the basic aspect intently will ensure you’ll understand more advance trading aspects later at a much quicker pace later. We’ll give you 3 months grace study period (unless applicant activate tutorship earlier), in this period, you ay ask FAQ questions as well, which is left open as per our terms and conditions related to fair policy use. Once the 3 months grace study period is up, contact FTNX and tell us that you have completed the study. We’ll then give you live trading tasks to perform, as a FTNXNET USCT Member. Your trading and home based site is www.smice.com. You will acting acting as our FTNXNET Agent. We’ll get you up to speed in matters of sourcing supplier and even sourcing end buyers,.Once the tutorship time is  up, you should be trading, and undertaking the doctrine intently, which is used as a reference guide when needed. This aspect will place you at least 10 months or more ahead,as you trade alone and gone more and more experience,until they one deal finally comes your way. You need to only follow our tasks and make efforts, at will, and at your pace-–we are not going to push you; either you want to quickly learn the all important ‘stating premise’ or you don’t. We’ll be overseeing all aspects, of your efforts and we will bear all legal liabilities should you make mistakes.It’s like taking out insurance; as you build confidence up quickly and don’t become complacent or hesitant to commence trading, for fear of making a serious trading mistake.Read more about being a FTNXNET Agent. Applicants working during the week, on the other side of the world, Author is online weekends mornings and will serve advice within 24 hours of email being advised by applicant.

In Summary
Even if only some aspects of the above tutorship are attempted, you will learn much more instantly, that might have taken many months or years for you to work out alone. The progress of your study, will be greatly enhanced. As a limited tutored applicant it is you who needs to make the efforts at practising enacting on live deals. Once the practice opportunity has ended, refresh parts of the doctrine, and intently study part (5) iBITE 2017 as you trade on your own as a highly informed specialist ’Buyer/Seller’ of commodities world wide. The above aspect will take some time to perfect as ‘second nature’ and defines the trading status that you will encounter often. Once one deal fails more and more experience is gained until finally that one deal you’ve been chasing has finally ‘lined up.’ Issuing the contract is the least of your concerns which will not come around often compared to offers and quotes. I have provided you with a contract model, and advice in IBITE 2017, which is an easy aspect to apply, when the time comes to trade at that level. For now, you need to learn the starting premise this has been a big issue for many after studying the true nature of this business. Its a complex business , but not that difficult to apply especially once you enacted on a few deal while being tutored,which is conveyed in a an amicable and friendly manner by email.

All the Best!

Note from the Author. FTN Exporting has been educating Intermediaries and trading  since 1988 and has serviced the industry for decades ( See; Google  Davide Andrew Papa  www allexperts.com with over 1000 answers served since 2001-2010)  as expert before releasing our first  legally defined  Beta  Doctrine  of Trade for intermediaries online in 2005 , as first created by us. In 1995 we appeared in a major newspaper article. Much study and work produce the  legally defined  unique one of a kind intermediary trading  doctrine which  has been  tested and praised by no just the plethora of home based intermediaries form every country on Earth,  but by  better minds than ours; including many lawyers and bankers world wide and other industry  specialist  who have purchased the doctrine  ( often more than one edition.)  Idiotic traders were plenty (as they are now) back when I started in this business . I wish I had this advice back then. Legally defined FTNX doctrine can close  import export deals lawfully, and is made for private home based  traders and the likes.  It's difficult to close one large NBC deal; thats a truism,  but  extremely rewarding for those who do. Many don't  understand  that when the 'trading bug bites', you'll be stuck at it for many years or decades.If you are ill informed from the start , you'll waste all those years  trading on export import deals that cannot close, as procedures and terms were wrongly applied as advised  to them by other ill informed in idiots.All that I am saying is that;  If you are going to trade for so long, why not learn the proper  terms , procedures, rules and laws as per the FTNX doctrine that can actually legally close an intermediary inspired import export  deals. It's a 'no brainer' to me. As for the expense! Ask yourself  this? What will years of trading in 'nothing' going to do for you–Nothing!   I couldn't even buy a few good law books with  the price of the doctrine.My past lawyers charges more, just for a few 15 minutes chat sessions. If You spend year, costing tens of thousand of dollars to be educated on International Trade procedures, Finance, Agency  and Contract formation rules you still wouldn't  how to trade as a professional informed specialist  and export import intermediary.Nobody has ever produced  such formidable strict and safe procedures, no matter how many thousands of years one goes back–except FTNX . And it only took me, 30 years to do so.  FTNX doctrine show what the intermediary MUST do to close a deal legally and safely. We have turned   a complex business practice into an easy to understand, unique doctrine–the rest is up to each individual as personal abilities and skill plays a role. Our formally edited and proofread international best seller ITSI is now in its 7th year , and still going strong. The non  edited and non proofread  IBite (beta)  however 'packs a punch' because  it breaks down the 80,000 works ITS  into a 350,000 word ' step by step' application; hence minor  errors in grammar and spelling will not detract  from the  academic level  advice being served.  I can lead the horse to water , but I can't  force it to drink! I can't do more! Am I being obtuse ! No at all. I'm just a pragmatist. 

All the best. Davide Giovanni Andrew Papa