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International Broker, Intermediary
and Trade Entrepreneur (iBite)

TRIBE 2017 Rules Effective
United Society of Commodity Traders (USCT)

Applicants Please Read the Whole Page intently
Date of Release of Offer Made Below  : 23 February 2017 AEST
Offer Reference Number : FTNX003

Welcome to the FTNX (FTN Exporting) import export Intermediary educational and trading site. FTNX is offering applicants who have been attempting to buy and sell commodities as a professional intermediary, or the first time novice–the opportunity to study the FTNX Doctrine of Trade from the foremost expert world wide.
A curriculum is broadly defining the sum of student experiences that occur in the educational process. The term often refers specifically to an academic level kind of study. Alternative terms describing the works offered such as ‘monopolies on information’ and ‘intellectual monopoly’ pertains to define the type of property or ‘works’ on offer; as created by the owner of such works, once expressed in a tangible form.Tangibility refers to the attribute of the works being easily detectable with the senses. In our case, a person may buy the doctrine in PDF form so as to have rights in ‘sighting’ the said personal unique works of the Author, not readily available from anyone else worldwide.FTN Exporting has retired from trading; and will consider heading transactions on an opportunist basis as brought to our attention only by supported and *invited applicants (*those who have purchased support with the iBITE doctrine) buying the Doctrine.

Final Edition
This is the final and last doctrine edition (iBite Curriculum) to be released by FTN exporting. This final edition is offered in segmented form, allowing greater access to the doctrine, by those where financial constraints are a concern. Minor updates of the doctrine will be posted on ftnxx.net if needed, over the next few years. For any major developments, a segment carrying required changes, due to any introduction of new international trading amor agency laws will be offered on our website, for a small charge only to those who have purchased iBITE segments. No new editions will be produced.

Purchasing Segments
Segments can be purchased at will by applicant as needed. The applicant can now self assess how many segments to purchase, or the applicant may decide after the first segment has been purchased, whether or not buying and selling commodities world wide if for them. Whether your are novice or seasoned, but ill informed home based Intermediary, Banker, Lawyer or relevant professional ; if it’s to do with buying and selling commodities for profit or commission, the iBITE 2017 doctrine must be studied first, or your chances at making a debut in this business is literally nil. 30 years experience and studies undertaken by the Author, tells it ‘as it is.’ FTN Exporting CEO and Author is the foremost expert in the whole subject matter described. If you want to try and make the required efforts to close a lucrative import export transaction, then you ought to know what your obligations and legal requirements, as well as correct procedures are. Some applicants will make the grade and make huge profits, some will come close, some will not–this is the true nature of any complex study or business.We can only educate you, we cannot guarantee any member will close a deal. We can guarantee however that the doctrine made for intermediaries, is able to close an import export deal lawfully and legally world wide. We’ve taken a complex subject matter and presented it in a much simpler manner that most will readily understand.

Specialist Status
The applicant completing the study up to the 4th segment carries status as an ‘International Trade Specialist’ (ITS). Reaching the 4th segment means that the applicant has reached the required level to trade in all relevant commodities, including the odd fuel or crude oil deal.Those who want to engage in fuel and crude oil deals intently,should purchase Segment (5) which provides in depth understandings and processes needed to trade in such products in a more proactive manner.

About Each Segment or ‘Edition’
You are buying ‘intellectual property’ as per the unique works offered in the doctrine, and the rights to ‘sight’ and use such unique information personally; belonging to FTN Exporting, as offered in Beta form. FTN exporting created the first ever legally defined doctrine of trade, based on the standard best selling published doctrine ‘International Trade and the Successful intermediary’ which is our formal 80,000 word fully edited base study. IBITE is not formally edited, and is presented in Beta form, where some matters of page margins, grammar and spelling mistakes are apparent, such errors do not detract from delivering the complex study in the simplest manner possible, as we break down the formal aspect of ITSI to its core ‘step by step’ premise. It takes around 3 days to complete a purchase order.

Conditional Aspect of Purchase
All applicants must commence the study with the purchase of Segment One (1). All other single segments must be purchased in consecutive order as taken from the first purchase made. More than one segment may be purchased with the first order. No specific sections covers one subject matter;accordingly–the study requires the applicant to commence from Segment (1) as this is a reinforcing study; one aspect mentioned in one segment, may appear in other segments with added advice and insights, allowing the applicant to slowly build up knowledge over the shorter term.

More About the Study Regime
A complex and unique study, made easy to comprehend, often needing 3 or 4 years to fully complete at a College or University (if study were available in such, which it’s not), is presented in a manner so that the applicant can learn the full doctrine, and commences trading within 4 months or thereabout (if 4 segments has been studied within this time).You are buying the personal right to ‘sight and study’ this legally defined and unique doctrine. This aspect allows the applicant to practice trading sooner rather than later. It takes around 2/3 months to read the whole base doctrine intently (Segments 1-4) if ordered at once.

First Segment at a Reduced Price
The first segment is offered at a reduced price, and not at the proper price.This will ensure only those applicants who want to proceed wth the study will move forward with the purchase of further segments, as this offer is designed to attract only seriously minded applicants. Whether studying full time or part time, if you sincerely want to transverse within the lucrative complex world of buying and selling commodities, iBITE 2017 is for you. You’ll know with the first segment if this business if for you.If you are looking for employment is a related practice of finance, sales or agency, or want to simply learn about aspects of conducting such ‘big business’ internationally, the study will further add to this aspect as well. To learn and practice the doctrine of legally buying and selling commodities world wide, also delivers relevant aspect of how to conduct ‘big business’ world wide. That’s how formidable the FTNX Doctrine of Trade is.The doctrine has passed the test of time, by being tested by superior minds than our including many lawyers, bankers and industry related others.

Important Criteria
The applicant must have a reasonable grasp of reading and writing in English,be an honourable person, who has no criminal history for fraud and has an ISP connect internet service at home or work ( internet cafe not allowed.) Applicant must have a bank account, and know some basic maths. Applicant may study full time, or if working in their spare time.

iBite Segments and Delivery
There are added reference material that needs to be advised, including a ‘USCT’ number, accordingly with the purchase of segment One (1), we will register the applicants place with FTN exporting and set up their folder. This will allow for any further segments purchased, to be quickly advised once Segment (1) and setting up procedures are completed. Once payment is made and advised for the purchase of any segment after the first purchase, it will take 24/48 hours for the funds to appear in our account as clear, may be assumed. We will need 2 up to 3 days to set up your place and advise all relevant study material on the first order made, when you send us an email, that payment has been made. The final IBITE PDF document is advised last when payment has cleared. We don’t accept cheques. Payment from one account to ours, or by SWIFT direct deposit are accepted ( See: Payment method)

USCT Membership
When you commence to trade online, other like mined informed ‘peer to peer’ USCT members, will cross your path. This aspect readily allows such peers to form trading groups, where the person holding supply leads the group. This process allows only like minded informed traders to become involved in sourcing products, knowing in advance what expectation are. Time will not be wasted on silly demands, when like minded members conjoin to enact on business being attempted. Work with a 100 ill informed clowns and never get anywhere, or work with a hand full of informed specialists, where the lawful potential to close a deal legally exists.

‘Jack in one country has purchase the doctrine and commences trading. Jack at first decides to trade alone. Months later ‘Jill’ and ‘John’ also USCT members, as located in another country had received via another party by default, a sourcing enquiry for ‘Sugar’ as issued by ‘Jack.’ USCT members Jill, and John contact Jack , and all three members amicably form a trading group, as headed by Jack, all looking to secure a supplier of Sugar.Jack has just formed an excellent trading string’

In essence whether trading alone, or in a group (string), as a highly informed intermediary, the FTNX doctrine of trade will ensure one thing above all else; legally defined, safe and uniform transaction and proper procedures for world wide use prevails.