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Intermediary, Broker
and International Trade Entrepreneur (iBITE 2017)
Doctrine of Trade for Intermediaries World wide
Front Page: Final site Updated : 25 Nov 2017 AEST
By: David Giovanni.A.Papa
FTN Exporting has moved to www.ftnx.net  on the 16 November 2017.

This long serving site is now defunct and serves only general advice in where the new website www.ftnx.net now prevails. Please read pages herein first before considering purchasing our doctrine which is now offered on the new www.FTNX.net  site.


“We are all contributors, in creating the future today- except for those who are hanging tightly onto the past, causing progress into the future to eventuate at a slower pace than it should. D.G.A.Papa ”


The FTNX study and training Doctrine is offered in segments. Segments Part (1) to (5) are offered in a series of Beta formatted PDF’s. Beta refers to the idea that the author is stating things in the study, in his own words, to ensure a complex matter remains simply prescribed. The study is huge accordingly some grammatical and spelling mistakes are apparent (Beta edition), which does not detract from the overall lesson being delivered. The PDF is advised to the applicants inbox once the purchase process is completed.Thirty years trading experience in one publication is being offered.The base study was re-written in 2016 carrying ‘Z’ status meaning no other base study will be apparent for years to come. From this base study every time we refine the doctrine  and remove a few more pages (10 pages or less) a new base editions is declared. Current edition is iBITE (Z) Edition VI. Do the study and commence trading as advised, slowly one step at a time. Publication name changes from 2018 signifies that in the greater part  the iBite edition (Z) is offered,  in where more  refinements create less words and pages to the doctrine as we try to reduce the size of the doctrine. We will be aiming to provided a full doctrine not exceeding 280,000 words  by years end 2018  on the base IBITE  edition This aspect of refining the doctrine is partly acheived by ensuring some templates offered in iBITE (Z) are moved to the SMICE.net  library for downloading.

The FTN Exporting study is a full beta masterworks, made for the corporate or home based export import Intermediary, Broker, Agent , Buyers and Sellers. Ostensibly or otherwise the author created the first ever academic level study of its kind and is the leading Intermediary trade expert on the planet. The CEO of FTN Exporting (FTNX), D.G.A.Papa is also a best selling hard copy internationally published author as well; with more academic level publications to be released from 2018 by the same U.K publishers as ‘International Trade and the Successful Intermediary’ (ITSI).Our legacy to the world of International Trade is now a matter of future record. FTN Exporting has been educating Intermediaries and trading since 1988 and has serviced the industry for decades (Google: ‘Davide Andrew Papa’ www allexperts.com with over 1000 answers served since 2001-2010) as expert before releasing our first legally defined Beta Doctrine of Trade for all intermediaries online in 2005. In 1995 we appeared in a major newspaper article, adding to verify on just how long we've been trading for. Much study and work produced the legally defined unique one of a kind intermediary trading study which  has been  tested and praised by no just the plethora of home based intermediaries from every country on Earth, but by better minds than ours; including many lawyers and bankers world wide and other industry  specialist  who have purchased the study (often more than one edition.)

The applicant taking up the study must have tenacity and perseverance ‘to last the distance’ and trade full time, or in their spare time over the longer term. It will take around 3/4 months to commence trading as in informed intermediary, and around 12 months before knowing if this business if for you or not. Only those with serious trading intent should take us this academic level export import study and practice. Those who are business minded, financially stable and are currently working, and have a good grasp of the English language and basic maths are ideal candidates for the iBITE 2018 study and practice regime. Those looking for immediate business success in exporting, hoping to recoup money spent on the study in the short term; should not consider this study, as ‘no get rich quick scheme’ nor refund is offered. Trade as an informed person, or don’t trade at all is our strongest advice. Years of trading and studying the laws of international trade makes this study unique and formidable. 

We still get many ill informed trader trying to impress us with idiotic unworkable procedures and fake products. Most have not even bother to check who FTN exporting is ( so much for Due Diligence), as they present their malware. For those reading this page trading on the ill informed premise be advised; LOI, SPA, ASWP, ICPO, MT Payments, SLC Payment, MPA, PO, BCL, Penalty of Perjury’ Sellers side, Buyers side, and many other strange terms we’ve seen on an offer made by ill informed traders are unworkable aspects. USA leads who away with such ill informed traders using USA internal localised business procedures and trying to apply such in INTERNATIONAL trade deals. Be told! You are using unworkable procedures that can never close a import export deal legitimately, lawfully nor legally. We’ve cleaned the ill informed intermediary market place dramatically since 2005 , alas every year, usually at the end of each year, new traders appear ‘out of nowhere’ to again apply unworkable procedures that another ill informed person has advised them about. Want to pay peanuts ! Get a Monkey. I remember years ago, I had awoken one morning not feeling well. I had  taken my very strong medication and made the mistake of reading my inbox thereafter. 72 emails enquires,  all fakes applying incorrect procedures where apparent; even after serving over 1000 answers on a USA forum (allexperts.com)  over a ten year period,  the entities who were reading my posts intently were still sending me 'rubbish'. I expolded into a fury, got the camera out and posted my comtempt of such traders on You Tube as I tried in vain to visually explain the main  aspects of closing a  deal in the time alloted back then (10 Minutes). A short time later I was still receiving such idotic emails , which still arrive, to this day in my inbox,  of which I trash without even opening.I began  to realise  that there will always be a minority number of  ill informed traders in the market place. The  good thing however is that most will meet an informed FTNX  trader, along the trading path, and give up trading, a short time thereafteraf after being advised of their idotic ways.    

The applicant studies the doctrine and commences to trade until finally that one import export deal you’ve been chasing has ‘lined up.’ Issuing the contract is the least of your concerns which will not come around often compared to offers and quotes. I have provided you with a contract model, and advice in IBITE 2018, which is an easy aspect to apply, when the time comes to trade at that level. The DLC and contract stage are nearly self-governing; the starting and offer process is the most difficult aspect to learn for most. It is crucial to get the starting premises right. For now, you need to learn the starting premise intently as a matter of priority as this alone,  has been a big issue for many after studying the true nature of this business.
It's a sophisticated and exciting business to trade as a professional highly informed intermediary. Complex terms have been broken down to easier understandings in IBITE 2018.The trading procedures and subsequent legally defined dealings are not that difficult to apply one a routine is developed. There is nothing more satisfying to negotiate a big business deal with other leading business people locally or worldwide, in where you know your business, and as well as the business of the people you are dealing with intently. To enact on  a business with a very high degree of confidence, where you cannot be challenged and where you dictate the shots, is worth the effort to apply the study intently. This is  also a challenging business, and there is nothing more satisfying, in knowing that you have  closed a complex NBC deal, using knowledge, abilities and skills; in other words, by using your brains! These deals are hard to close for one reason-the potential gains one could make are huge. Hard to close but doable! To make it 'doable ' you MUST study the FTNX doctrine. In the earlier years when matters of health were of lesser concerns FTNX CEO  was trading up to 14 hours per day 7 days per week for more than a decade. Persons not committed and dedicated to trading 'over a long period of time'  are wasting their time taking up the study.A man opens a restaurant–he spends $250,000 dollars in doing so. Within a year of opening he has gone bust. Those looking for deal guarantee, non is given- because no matter what kind of business one enters into, more often than not - no guarantees of success come with the efforts made. This is the nature of any business. It’s no different for this ’business’ either. We cannot guarantee trading success, beside individual efforts, personal skill contributes to the trading aspect. Some traders will get close to sealing deals, some become good as sourcing, some will never learn the doctrine at all, and some will close large deals as a informed experienced buyer/seller. The sourcing aspect even when supported under mentorship; at the end of it all,  one must  trade as a buyer or seller; prior to this event we are all deemed as being professional intermediaires. I don't like using the term intermediary, until the applicant  trades in the buyer/seller position; the term will stick as this is the perception the industry serves. One the applicant  is trading as a Buyer/Seller, they automatically drop the intermediary tag to become a principal, in their own name outright.  One aspect is assured, when compared to this business, the applicant does not need to spend $250,000 to attempt trading in commodities and the lucrative profits one is chasing therein. A student finishes 4 years at university to become qualified lawyer. The applicant never obtained work in a law firm because he didn’t understand that many years working in such an firm is needed (experience) before responsibilities of handling a case may be conferred. Tens of thousands of dollars spend on education in where ( true story ) the applicant is assisting a builder, in building houses within months of  being qualified as a lawyer. That was 5 years ago.Nothing has changed. Spending big money in education (to only attain knowledge) does not guarantee a great job. In this business both education and experience must apply before the road to success can open up.Those who have studied the doctrine, who have paid for support, also receive some experience in where FTNX attempt to instil into the applicant, both aspects of knowledge and experience within one year is attempted. The applicant is now ready to trade alone. Those who have only read the doctrine without any support, may take up to 20 months or more before experience dictates, that they are ready to close a deal. These who buy the doctrine with a pre-conceived idea that in doing so, they will close a commodity deal ‘ just because they paid for a book’ is not thinking correctly. We often get enquires from entities wanting to buy the docrine asking us a question like " How long will it take to close a deal." When  we reply with " Please read the offer herein again"  50 percent don't make the purchase. Today FTNX and its member are specialised; it took FTNX 10 years to identify those who may become excellent traders and those who don't. In fact 98% of mentored applicants  have understood the doctrine on their first read and often only need 'getting started ' advice.Most only needed the mentor to be stand-by as needed.Today, a critera is advised ( for mentorship offers; next page) in where only those fitting the critera will be accepted for mentoring. A  high number of  non mentored applicant, around 70 percent also only needed the first read, using less than 2 FAQ's units , on average to understand the doctrine fully and the application therein that must prevail. Attaining  the knowledge is not an issue; lack of long term experience is. Many give up trading within the first 14 months to taking up the study; which is a mistake. 

No other publication exists about this specific business as presented by us, as we created the first intermediary study. Even if the applicant paid at great expense,  for college or university  import  export / trade type of education; taking years to complete, our 'academic level' study must still prevail or your chances to even come close to sealing a deal is literally nil.This is a formidable doctrine which commands respect of the practitioner. By reading the doctrine intently you chances of closing a deal has arrived at 50% may be assumed; the remaining 50% needs to be earned under the auspices of obtaining experience. Thus not reading and studying  the doctrine intently at all defines that your chances of closing a deal is zero; may also be assumed.

Idiotic traders were plenty when I first started in this business in 1988 (as they are now). I wish I had the advice offered in iBITE back then, when the stamina was not an issue. Legally defined FTNX study can close import export deals lawfully, and is made for private home based  traders and the likes.  It's difficult to close one large NBC deal; that's a truism, but  extremely rewarding for those who do. Many don't understand  that when the 'trading bug bites', you'll be stuck at it for many years or decades. If you are ill informed from the start, you'll waste all those years trading on export import deals that cannot close, as procedures and terms were wrongly applied as advised to them by other ill informed idiots online. All that I am saying is this;  If you are going to trade for so long, why not learn the proper  terms, procedures, rules and laws and spend a few months too do the study.it will open up your mind to all kinds of possibilities and proper lawful trading aspect; that can actually legally close an intermediary inspired import export  deals. It's a 'no brainer' to me. Even if the trader fails and gives up trading, if the entrepreneurial spirit is present in where the applicant attempts to ply another type big business; nothing would have been lost in studying the doctrine ; especially where matters of large payments, and contract are involved. Learning to legally trade in commodities is also about learning matter of large universally accepted commercial business practices, finance and contracts, such practices which can also be found all over the world in many different forms. Hailing a cab in New York causes the creation of a contract between the passenger and driver; no different to a Bedouin goat farmer, in Saudi Arabia shaking hands with a buyer of such goats for an agreed upon price as agreed by negotiating on top of some sand dune in the middle of a dessert. Understanding your own capabilities and lack of such therein, understanding how far one is able to 'stretch a bow,' and understanding the nature of contracts and agency must be learned and practised to understand fully, the nature of buying and selling commodities.There are not short cuts in this business. the FTNX doctrine tells is as it is unlike standards international publications and studies which offer only the facts. The Author has advised on the facts and the reality of applying such facts in the ‘real’ world. Not may Authors are able to present their own works backed with long years of experience along with the standard dogma of theory, rules and laws. There is so much the informed intermediary and indeed specialist needs to know before venturing out into this business.

As for the expense of the doctrine! Ask yourself this? What will years of trading in 'nothing' going to do for you–Nothing!  I couldn't even buy a few good law books with the price of the doctrine. If you spend years, costing tens of thousand of dollars to be educated on International Trade procedures, Finance, Agency and Contract formation rules, you still wouldn't know how to effectively trade as a professional informed specialist  and export import intermediary. Nobody has ever produced such a formidable strict and safe set of procedures that any informed intermediary can reply upon, because the status of the ‘professional intermediary’ was simply never recognised nor respected.The FTNX doctrine has changed all that. We’ve taken a very complex business practice and simplified it in a way, that most applicants will understand. I can state this aspect as a matter of fact based on the huge number of practitioners, in place in any given year as commenced with the release of the first FTNX doctrine in 2005, which was offered for US$125.00 and which was a quarter the size of IBITE. In 2007 the international banking rules were changed, hence the doctrine needed to be rewritten; and updated again with the release of the  new incoterms (2010). We have seen applicants being duped buying in recent times, for hundred of dollars, our outdated publication from illegal sellers; stating that such publications are current, when they are not even valid. This is why we have deemed that all publications produced by FTNX ( over 50 editions) from 2012 back, are out-dated or stale and invalid editions. If you are going to study the trading aspect alone, at the very least ensure you have a current edition of the doctrine to work with which will remain relevant for many years to come.

How much has FTNX made in this business, even if revealed, will only fool the applicant in believing they could do the same, thus FTNX can only educate applicants on legal well tested trading procedures that the professional intermediary can safely apply and rely upon, and nothing more. Today the intermediary has to be defined as an ‘International Trading Specialist.’ FTNX study shows what the informed intermediary MUST do to close an import exporting deal legally and safely. We have turned a complex business practice into an easy to understand, unique doctrine–the rest is up to each individual as personal abilities and skill plays a role. Our formally edited and proofread international best seller ITSI is now in its 7th year , and still going strong. The non edited and non proofread IBITE 2018 'packs a punch' because  it breaks down the 80,000 worded formal works ITSI into a 'step by step' 300,000 word plus beta  academic level study and training  application. Do the study, try your best, make real efforts– IBITE ‘will at all times’ have your back !