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‘POTE’ 2018

Our new website is:  www.ftnx.net 


Laste Updated : 16 March 2018


Please go to our new ftnx.net a this site has become a static website. The applicant taking up the study must have tenacity and perseverance ‘to last the distance’ and trade full time, or in their spare time over the longer term.

It will take around 2/4 months to commence trading as in informed intermediary, and around 12 months before knowing if this business if for you or not. Only those with serious trading intent should take us this academic level export import study and practice. Those who are business minded, financially stable and are currently working, and have a good grasp of the English language and basic maths are ideal candidates for the POTE 2018 study and practice regime.Those looking for immediate business success in exporting, hoping to recoup money spent on the study in the short term; should not consider this study, as ‘no get rich quick scheme’ nor refund is offered. Trade as an informed person, or don’t trade at all is our strongest advice. Years of trading and studying the laws of international trade makes this study unique and formidable, as we move away from the much maligned intermediary aspect to the orthodox trading aspect, as always suggested in every edition of the doctrine released by  FTNX since 2005.


We still get many ill informed trader trying to impress us with idiotic unworkable procedures and fake products. Most have not even bother to check who FTN exporting is ( so much for Due Diligence), as they present their malware. For those reading this page trading on the ill informed premise be advised; LOI, SPA, ASWP, ICPO, MT Payments, SLC Payment, MPA, PO, BCL, Penalty of Perjury’ Sellers side, Buyers side, and many other strange terms we’ve seen on an offer made by ill informed traders are unworkable aspects. USA leads who away with such ill informed traders using USA internal localised business procedures and trying to apply such in INTERNATIONAL trade deals. 

Be told! You are using unworkable procedures that can never close a import export deal legitimately, lawfully nor legally. We’ve cleaned the ill informed intermediary market place dramatically since 2005, alas every year, usually at the end of each year, new traders appear ‘out of nowhere’ to again apply unworkable procedures that another ill informed person has advised them about. Want to pay peanuts ! Get a Monkey. I remember years ago, I had awoken one morning not feeling well.  72 emails enquires,  all fakes applying incorrect procedures where apparent in my inbox,  even after serving over 1000 answers on a USA forum (allexperts.com)  over a ten year period,  the entities who were reading my posts intently were still sending me 'rubbish'. I exploded into a fury, got the camera out and posted my contempt online as I tried in vain to visually explain the main  aspects of closing a  deal in the time allotted back then (10 Minutes).A short time later I was still receiving such idiotic emails, which still arrive, to this day in my inbox,  of which I trash without even opening.I began  to realise  that there will always be a minority number of  ill informed traders in the market place. The  good thing however is that most will meet an informed FTNX  trader, along the trading path, and give up trading, a short time thereafter  after being advised of their idiotic ways. Something else was amiss; many who have taken up the study have not moved into the buyer/seller position even after years of completing the study.Most thought that by interacting  with FTNX, we would close  deals  for them.It doesn’t work that ways! We serve education in where  the appoint has to make efforts to apply the doctrine when trading. One of the main educational aspects is that the intermediary will need to move into the buyer /seller position ‘one day; and start trading a ‘Principal’ outright. POTE is about advising the applicant how to take up the said Principal aspect immediately or  upon completing the study a short time thereafter. I want to show how easy it is to become a buyer/seller and that the position  itself is easy to enact in. I want too demystify  the apprehension felt with some  applicant hesitating to take up such a position. POTE is release accordingly, abut upon the proves BITE editions.One cannot remain fixed in the  intermediary position for ever. 12 months is the maximum aspect now,  deemed to be an appropriate period of time  for a intermediary  to transform into the poison of principal. After this time holding such a position an adverse position.Everyone MUST eventually becomes a Buyer/seller.String deals are then applied by principals not intermediaries unless a principal is working alone.   



The applicant studies the doctrine intently and commences to trade immediately as a buyer/seller and Principal of Trade (POT)  is the correct ‘orthodox’ trading aspect. The ‘POT’, trades in this very unique  position, refining the intermediary process along the way, until finally that one import export deal you’ve been chasing has ‘lined up.’Issuing the contract is the least of your concerns which will not come around often compared to offers and quotes. I have provided you with the latest  crude oil and general commodity contract model, and advice in POTE 2018, which is an easy aspect to apply, when the time comes to trade at that level. The DLC and contract stage are nearly self-governing; the starting and OFFER  process is the most difficult aspect to learn for most. It is crucial to get the starting premises right. For now, you need to learn the starting premise intently as a matter of priority as this alone,  has been a big issue for many after studying the true nature of this business.