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Trading Rules for Intermediaires Brokers and  Entrepreurers. 




FTN Exporting (FTNX) is a registered business name under Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)  

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This site  refers to TRIBE Rules of Assocations (TRA) 

Last updated; Sept 2, 2021



No matter from which country you are from, or whether you are trading in commodities  from home or corporate office, you are  acting as a private intermediary attempting conduct import exporting deals in the international trade arena–even while a pandemic rages across the globe.To trade in commodities one must become  highly informed to a ‘specialist level.’ The intermediary has to trade as a Buyer/Seller to obtain full legal protection of the  law; to close on a lucrative import export transaction.Our beta private inhouse publication can be found on www.ftnx.net. Our mainstream formal doctrine  ITSI (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary ) remains  the leading study 12 years after the first print edition was released.We've created the first uniform study of its kind.  An ill iformed intermediary must be  prepared  to take up the study and trade as a Professional Commodity Trader (PCT)–or try somehting else, as this business is unforgiving otherwise.  



We entered this business in 1988. Nobody knew what they were doing back then (many still don’t know today either). We were using telex and fax machines back then, costing 1000’s of dollars every few months in phone / fax calls alone.  Our Google ranking were measured in  hundreds of millions pre 2001, at a time when you were not forced to pay  fees to obtain  such rankings.We created and introduced the first uniform legally defined ‘intermediary’ doctrine of trade online pre 2000.  The internet  was becoming prominent at this time, which was a god send, as we could not sustain losing so much money yearly with poor or no results using fax machines. "I had one local trader show me a $15,000 phone /fax biIl." He subsequently went  bankrupt. Saving money by using the internet came with a huge problem. It flooded the market place with ill informed traders and clowns using strange, incorrect and flawed trading procedures. All the ‘trading clowns’ on the planet could be now found in one place on-line. We've destroyed good deals, we closed on seemingly weak deals, we have been threatened with legal action–and we have been aimed at by scammers and fake deals, which have infested the internet. The internet is a dangerous place for the unwary applicant.The doctrine teaches the PCT everything they need to know, and what to look out for– at the  academic level.  Our beta in-house  doctrine breaks down the formal aspects of  ITSI to its core basis and is over 4 times bigger is size. ITSI can be found in all the leading libraries of the world including the Library of Congress USA. Our legacy to the world of trade is now established for decades to come. Applicants  who want to condense the study   to reveal the supporting rules, please study TRIBE Rules of Association.



With the trading in commodties, the  doctrine comes  with a whole lot of inherited rules that must be obeyed  to conclude on a successful deal.  This website is decticated to such Rules.

Our new educational website is www.ftnx.net  where trading and study contiunues to be served to new first time traders, albeit at a less intense pace  as experienced  practitioners of the doctrine have become  mainstream  traders ; many who no longer need our support..