18 Feb 2024


    Let me spend this time explaining in part the intermediary trading  process  to new readers in layman's terms. Thousands of applicants  have gone through this process with  FTNX (FTN Exporting)  over 20 years or more. SPCT /USCT refers to a FTNX  member who has studied our Beta doctrine or has been mentored by FTNX. We do not call  ourselves intermediaries, mandates, brokers or Traders. Once an applicant  is informed they are simply defined as a PCT ( Professional Commodity Trader) We are learning to first  legally trade as an ISS ( Matters of Agency)  and then a  BUYER/SELLER. (The Principal).These are the  traders  who are  deemed  a Professional  Commodity  Trader (PCT). Once an applicant  has spent 3 months to study the doctrine the title  USCT endorsed PCT is apparent. USCT means “Unified Society of Commodity Traders.” It is a title served by FTNX to those who have purchased and studied a FTNX Exporting Beta doctrine 2016  editions onwards. It allows like minded traders crossing each other when trading to cream string deals without confusion on ‘;who does what.’

Society of Professional Commodity Traders (SPCT) have also been  trading with FTNX as a mentored applicant. Anyone who has studied a FTNX  Beta doctrine also has an umbrella unifying title of ITS (International Trade Specialist). Some who have sat for the FTNX trade exam also obtain a ITS Certificate. Sometimes an ISS (International Sourcing Specialist) string group attached to FTNX is large. To help FTNX, we nominate an ISS member to become a P.A ( Primary agent of FTNX) A Primary Agent is the most skilled  ISS member in the group.His/her job is to take all queries  from other string members. The P.A only passes important messages to FTNX, while controlling the ISS group, as FTNX (PCT) is very busy  when a live deal is in effect  trying to close on an  offer and contract; being interrupted by all sides, does not help . Then you have ill informed intermediaries (INT: a.k.a: clowns) that simply cannot deal with above as they don't know what they are doing

Those who have not paid for attachment to FTNX are trying to trade alone  - which is what I want to happen. They are learning to trade as a principal from day one - with guiding assistance from FTNX. A non  current SPCT or USCT member, who are invited to fill  an OTS form on an inquiry made to FTNX, such applicants are often given the courtesy of one reply to test their claim of having secured a supplier. FTNX tries to give all applicants who have taken my study - some directions .That's my option. I don't like  to  see applicants  get into trouble. I do this by offering them Q&A email units when they purchase the doctrine. Others prefer to quickly learn the basic trading routine, and pay FTNX to mentor them ( Aspect is no longer available 2024 ) . I assume that the applicant (ISS)  when contacting FTNX has traded and has studied my doctrine intently as purchased  from FTN exporting. I don't assume that after many years, I have to explain to an applicant who has practised and studied the doctrine; the very basic aspect of  trading. To advise a ISS after years of studying and trading as a PCT  that its a “FCA Incoterms not FOB delivery mode’ is disheartening.

It's too hard for me to do as much; to teach everyone who contacts me, the base steps. I will however deal with professional traders who present  good work - at least once- even after original support has long expired. All PCTs would do as much as sourcing real  products is difficult and does take time; but then again - would you expect less, when handling a potentially very lucrative  billion dollar contract.   Even when new applicants come on board, they have to learn the basic application  within weeks. When an ISS or PCT sends me an email stating that they have a supplier and if FTNX considers closing on such; I often accept  the PCT or ISS to forward the OTS to us on the assumption that the applicant  has understood what needs to be  done. Alas this is not always the case, to which I ask the applicant not to approach us  for another six month after studying the doctrine again.

“An apprentice should not be asking the chief mechanic after a few years of practice and training  “how to change a flat tyre, or change spark plugs or even  do an oil change.” The apprentice should  have been way beyond that stage of the learning curve. An USCT member  after years of study and practicing to trade on their own  should not approach FTNX and ask “What is an OTS or how to advise a quote or source goods etc…” 


Let us  take a broader look at the issues that many applicants don’t seem to comprehend.


We have an end buyer taking possession of export ready goods.

This is the end buyer (EB)

You have a supplier, defined as the entity in possession of export ready goods.This is the supplier (SU)

Then you have a Buyer or Seller  which could be anyone, 90% of who are ill informed ( they have not studied the FTNX doctrine)

The applicant  learning international business  studies to do with buying and selling anything bearing large contract values  ( especially commodities) cannot be deemed an intermediary, Broker or Agent. Such a PCT is officially a BUYER and SELLER of commodities  ‘acting for  a disclosed or undisclosed principals.’ A PCT heading its own deals, always acts for undisclosed principals. An official agent or broker of a principal must act in a disclosed manner; that is they must disclose who they represent being the ultimate principal entity.

‘I am a broker for  Chase bank USA.’

I am a ITS representing the buyer FTNX”

The ‘Buyer’ not the End Buyer’ is being disclosed above.

FTNX had discovered this “BUYER/SELLER” anomaly  alone in 1990 which shed much needed light on the whole trading premise thereafter.,


A taxi driver in New York could be a Seller of Iron ore- legally

A Pizza maker in England could be the Buyer for such ore- legally


Sounds  good- if they were informed traders- but these types of traders  are all "Joker brokers" and clowns who know nothing about trade finance,  procedures, rules  and laws. They are ill-informed intermediaries /traders(INT) . We have ridden the marketplace of these traders, and yet small pockets still pop up yearly and soon vanish once they cross paths with a FTNX informed PCT. 

An informed intermediary and PCT cannot accept anything from an ill informed trader. The PCT (Principal)  can only trade on such a deal if the Supplier or  End buyer  is disclosed to the Principal.Ill informed  intermediaries  will not  disclose who the end supplier  or end buyer is often betrays their position.FTNX cannot trade unless they know who the supplier  is. It's a golden  rule that cannot be bypassed. Those attached to FTNX will only present an OTS with the supplier ( end buyer)  being   fully disclosed.This makes our work harder as we need to spend a lot of time securing such suppliers; but it's the only safest way to trade. Offering goods which later do not exist can land you (PCT) in prison. This is why it is best to trade alone. You are 100% sure that the supplier you have sourced is 100% real.If you trade with string members and you are the Principal PCT, such members  MUST disclose  the supplier  to the PCT; or no deal is possible. How simple is that to understand?


The PCT must never disclose who the supplier is when they deal with the end buyer. The PCT is the SELLER.

The PCT must never disclose who the end buyer is to the supplier .The PCT is the BUYER.

If a supplier wants added sales , they must produce an offer to the PCT. If the end buyer  desperately wants goods offered by a PCT, the end buyer  must abide by the safe process offered by the PCT.

The PCT is the BUYER  of goods from  the sourced verified  SUPPLIER

The PCT is the SELLER   of sourced  goods to a  verified END BUYER.


 I am the Mandate to the buyer ‘ means nothing- it also means  ‘drop the deal  ASAP ‘ you are wasting your time.

I am the Mandate to the seller ‘ means nothing- it also means  ‘drop the deal  ASAP ‘ you are wasting your time.

“I know the supplier. I will disclose the supplier after signing a NDNC and pay-orders have been issued”—means you are dealing with an idiotic  intermediary (INT) who has nothing to offer- He only thinks he has.

I am the Seller (PCT).These are my terms and conditions of purchase. Take it or leave . I will give you evidence sought about our supplier once the DLC is secured, and not before.  No supplier, DLC gets revoked.  Do you want an offer? This aspect places your position as a PCT in the correct and right  light. And! Your ‘Offer’ will deliver to the end buyer aspects that are very different to what INT  seeks. The end buyer will see you are indeed ’highly  informed’ is a good start. THE PCT is learning how to BUY and sell Commodities world wide as a BUYER/SELLER. This is the only legally supported way to ensure no circumvention on earned profits or commission  becomes apparent once  a deal closes. This is what it’s all about; to ensure that the PCT does not get ‘ripped off’, after conducting much efforts to close on a live deal. So much needs to be understood, and learned for this one reason.  The PCT controls all parts of a deal. The PCT  closes on contract and bears all liabilities in doing so- as per doctrine; which if followed intently  will protect the PCT all the way to closing.




CORRECT: SUPPLIER- (Buyer-FTNX-seller)-END BUYER (No string deal FTNX trading alone.Best option )



The deal remains 100% safe from circumvention regardless if the PCT trades alone or with ISS members attached. Since most ISS members are now trading as PCTs, the only attachment most PCTs will get is from ill informed intermediaries.Hence it is best to trade alone, and only consider attaching outside ill informed  traders  to the PCT who  will  NOT  embarrass the PCT and will follow  his instructions. From 2005 through to 2015, with the release of best selling  'ITSI' worldwide FTNX was  trading with many good  ISS. FTNX would get 3 or 4 deals per month at one stage where only the best deals were priced for trading.This proved to be a wrong aspect. So many mistakes , so many deals that could not be followed through, now delivers the idea that working alone or with a few highly informed other is the best  course to take; this is how FTNX closed on  a good number of  deals in the earlier years; and only a few deals  with many good traders on board. There is nothing  that can match learning about this business via experience.There is much to learn for a highly informed PCT like FTNX because ‘we have seen it all.’ Wasting many years  when you start to trade is the biggest mistake. Being ill informed is next. Both aspects go hand in hand. Learning from FTNX puts the applicant ahead.  


A USCT or SPCT member has studied the doctrine under FTNX , as per our directives - they have paid for that right.

Thousands  world-wide have  studied under FTNX over the last 15/20  years. They have all produced many OTSs and many have opted to trade alone after studying the FTNX doctrine.

An Informed trader such as FTNX (PCT)  can trade as an informed Buyer and Seller of commodities - legally

New applicants training under FTNX are called ISS ( International Trade Specialist )

They train with FTNX as ISS string members until they too can become BUYER/ SELLER (PCT)  in their own name.

FTNX supported ISS members who source suppliers, secure the OTS and forward it  to their principal BUYER FTNX, without the need to ask questions and without supervision at this stage. 

Since they are not acting as a principal, they MUST act in a manner not to embarrass FTNX-on our behalf, in a disclosed manner, and be able to follow instructions; already offered in the doctrine. Our best string members also trade in advanced trading aspects beyond the base doctrine, while still remaining  within its bounds.

 "My name is Bill ,  I am an ISS. I represent the BUYER FTNX”

You are not disclosing a supplier, but a seller FTNX. The supplier  never gets disclosed by FTNX to the end buyer/side thus protecting the deal for all involved.TRIBE Rules of Association is simply a  quick reference guide built upon the FTNX doctrine. Which provides such insight quickly- once the doctrine has been studied first.Later when the ISS member has sourced goods , FTNX  prepared the offer as SELLER.The same ISS members again under FTNX guidance and directives  now source and test end buyers under supervision of FTNX. This is how they get immediate experience .This is how such members are pointed in the right direction early.They only present end buyers to FTNX who have accepted  the offer as they know not to waste my time with idiotic requests.They know not to waste my time because they know or ought to know what to do, as they have studied the doctrine  and practised with FTNX.Other  applicants  who are  doing it alone- will take longer to learn  the ropes, but they paid a lower price for the doctrine.

An intermediary (INT) offering an OTS to FTNX where its states - “Delivery  10 X 6000 MT units  via barge to mother ship” will get the OTS trashed , because they failed to read the FTNX study intently which states “ No Trans-shipped” products are accepted.etc.etc. Such applicants are quickly disconnected with FTNX. On the other hand an ISS contacts FTNX and says it is ready to lodge an OTS, but after further negotiation with the supplier,  the supplier is only going to provide 2 months validity , not  6 months as sought.’

FTNX would  look at the OTS  and product therein  and decide to attempt a quick “flood’ trade. The ISS had done his work correctly and kept FTNX informed along her way.They are learning the step intently.What you ought to know,  is different to addressing issues as it applies  to  ‘current negotiations.’So FTNX is the principal  as well as the BUYER/SELLER.It has ISS assisting us to source  suppliers and later end buyers in our  name as they represent me. (more often than not I trade alone as well - unless training new ISS members) They are all learning to become a BUYER/SELLER in their own  name as well ASAP. The ISS members can't do as much-yet. They are sourcing  goods  or end buyers for FTNX as a matter of practice.

ISS members or any  intermediary in a string deal  cannot close a deal all the way to contract- they need an informed  supervising  PCT to head and advise on a live deal. The applicant  trading alone learns the ISS aspect quickly then move to the position of PCT ‘when  they feel confident enough’ usually  after 14 /16 months;  whereas those who were supported by FTNX could trade as a PCT with 6/8 Months - the rest is dictated  by history and added experience gained along the way. A PCT does not return to the ISS ever again.They remain in the PCT  and will not  take a back seat to no-one.The PCT will not accept attachment of intermediaries  in a sting deal unless the supplier is surrendered on the OTS. (Supplier or later end buyer is fully  disclosed)

It's a Doctrine  rule that cannot and MUST not be broken

FTNX will not touch a deal unless it knows for 100% who the supplier is upfront . (I too cannot break the golden rule; in a deal but may do so to an applicant taking the study,  for purpose of serving a lesson ) If  intermediaries (INT) do not want or will not  disclose the supplier or end buyer, then they need to close the deal themselves;  which will never happen as they lack procedural knowledge.

Therefore FTNX works alone and will only look at OTS submitted by a past applicant- who knows what they are doing. FTNX cannot accept service advice to  20 ill informed  deals per week, therefore FTNX trades alone and waits for many months for that one real  deal, to trade upon. It has been like this for 5 years and business has returned with vigour. FTNX will not develop large trading units anymore. It consumes   a whole day just serving advice.  There are always lessons to be learned  in this business- even for an expert such as FTNX. For now an informed trader (ISS) needs an informed experienced  PCT just like to control the deal and close on contracts.One cannot remain in the position  of ISS as they have no Principal  to close on deals.

An ISS learns to trade slowly with FTNX, to get the basics right, usually  taking  around 7/8 months to do so. The ISS  moves to the BUYER/SELLER positioning disconnected with FTNX.The ISS now only needs experience to develop the skill intently over time- as they have been pointed in the right direction from the start.If  they don't learn correctly from the start, some  applicants  could spend many years treading blindly and incorrectly.Sometimes a ‘clown’ in the middle of the string may try to act like a FTNX PCT after reading our website many times; but without real skill and in-depth knowledge  they cannot close any export import  deal.


I hope the above now brings your  trading thoughts forward towards the right direction.I will examine a good clean  OTS advised by a past informed trader at least once. It will be trashed if it is poorly serviced. 

As for commission payment - the deal comes first; if a deal closes the PCT heading the deal MUST protect the whole string involved in the deal via his nominated P.A.