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iBITE (Z) 2018

FTN Exporting (Est:1988)
Intermediary, Broker and International Trade Entrepreneur (iBITE 2018)
Commodity Trading for Professional Intermediaries
Trading site: www.smice.net

Author: Davide Giovanni Papa 
FTNX is online 7 days per week Mornings (AEST)
Note: In Australia  our new 2018 financial  year starts 1st July of any given year
Unified Society of Commodity Traders Edition (USCT)
All offers subject to price rise as USD$ climbs against AUD
Date of offer posted:19 Sept 2017 AEST  Offer Number FTNX071
The best way to study the doctrine is to make/print 4 or 5 rudimentary hardcopy books from such

 "Everything needed to become a highly informed specialist and commodity trader in 2018 is included. A genuine academically inspired, low cost self start up business is literally being offered. Global type of  business as applied by the true business minded home based import export Entrepreneurs. The many  ill informed intermediaries, and others  within the industry, including lawyers, bankers and the likes  should also study our doctrine  before venturing  in this business. No 'get rich quick scheme' is implied–on the contrary, 'no study,' means your chances of closing such deals are literally nil."

OFFER 1: IBITE (Z) 2018 PDF:
FULL COST: USD$1800.00
TOTAL WORDS: 300,000 + WORDS,1000 + A4 PAGES

IBITE 2018 beta FTNX leading doctrine of trade is served in 5 segmented modules, is an  Ideal study application for novice home based intermediaries, delving in the import /export business, as well as seasoned, but ill informed intermediaries, agents, brokers, traders, buyer and sellers.The FTNX doctrine of trade is written in the authors own words, without editing or proofreading; “We tell it as it is, as this is the only way to learn about this business intently.” The Good, Bad and the Ugly - it's all advised in an  5 easy to read modules. We created the first legally defined universal doctrine of trade that all intermediaries can safely use  when venturing into the world of complex commodity deals. We turned a very complex subject matters into an easy to understand and follow process. All the required legal aspects, as well as 30 years of personal trading experience is what  the author is offering.   If you want to trade in commodities, full time, or in your spare time, or trade in the world of international big business. Everything you need to know to trade as a professional intermediary is advised in this  IBITE 2018 publication; served in PDF form into your inbox. This is a difficult and complex business, made for seriously minded people wanting to attempt large scale business deals without the huge expense of doing so.The doctrine breaks complex matters for easy to understand aspects.  “The internet is full of idiotic ill informed clowns who are pretending to trade in commodities-don’t become another clown.” I can educate you at an academic and legally defined level about this business, but I cannot gauge individuals personal abilities; and every applicant who has purchased the doctrine is different.Offer (1) comes with 5 Q&A (Question and Answers) Consultation units. Ask questions needing clarity by email, about trading  procedures not understood within 5 months of purchase and we’ll serve the answer in a different light applied in the doctrine, by email, even when you are in a live deal situation.  "Having a leading expert  on standby to  serve answers immediately as needed, for 5 months minimum, is an excellent way to commence trading." Whether Q&A offered are used within in 5 weeks or 5 months we've left that  aspect for the applicant to consider (we don't even count the first month, after purchase) ‘You are you own boss? Nobody tells you want to do.’  Study the doctrine, take around 12 weeks to do so then slowly enter the world of commodity trading as instructed, “one step at a time.” Within 6 months, the applicant should be trading at offer stage intently and proficiently. We deals in big numbers, hence to close on one small revolving contract, means huge profits to the principal, and great commission to those who assist the principal in closing a deal.A lifetime of earnings made on one single FOB deal; is never going to be an easy proposition to satisfy, but then again not understanding the limitation of a professional intermediary,and not understanding process, rules and procedures will ensure that the opportunity to close an import export deal never comes. If you want to give yourself an even chance at this business, you must first become a highly informed specialist trader.Read the doctrine of trade intently, then “give it your best shot.” The applicant has very little to lose, compared to other business investments, and much to gain on the successful closing of one single commodity deal. If you are intending to enter this business, be informed otherwise–keep way, is the best advise we can give. This business is unforgiving to ill informed amateurs.

Applicant incentives  / Receives Main offer (1) :
1 Letter of Introduction (download access codes included)
2 Reference material freely found online (PDF’s)
3 5 iBITE (Z) Segment(s) PDF 2017 Delivered to your inbox when payment clears 
4 5 Q&A Consults to be be used within 5 months of purchase
5 USCT standard Jpeg Eagle logo with name and number.
6 Incentive: Access to current material FTNXX.net library for 2017 given for added self educational purposes only
7 First month after purchase does not count towards Q&A units offered. 

1 Unified Society of Commodity Traders (USCT) Logo identifies a person who is informed, to another informed person, they meet along the trading path, in where such informed USCT traders can easily form string deals togethers, as one entity understands the requirements of the other person; and in where formed string members assist each other for common purpose of closing a lucrative import export deals, while utilising the doctrine.
2 Beware: Fake resellers: It has come to light that one person has been fooled in buying a fake copy of  'iBite' simile only to have received an outdated altered copy of material  we produced in 2009.Changing the name of a past doctrine and key words therein produces an unworkable copy.Nobody has authority to resell our works in any form. 
3 “Q and A” Consultation is defined as an email ‘chat session’ and thus on any given day when ‘Q&A’ is used by the applicant, a few emails may be needed to add clarity to advice sought; such is treated as one e-mail unit. In effect the applicant has an expert on standby for 5 months, commencing one month after publication is purchased.If the applicant does not use any of the 5 consult units on offer, automatic extension by another 3 months is applied, for the applicant to use consult units offered.

TOTAL WORDS: 300,000 + WORDS,1000 + A4 PAGES
Same as offer one(1) except no consult is provided. The applicant learns at their own pace and enters the market place accordingly as no consultation is offered.Applicant has access to added educational material for downloading.We’ll give applicant 4 months to download such material as current when offer was purchased. Library martial as down www.ftnxx.net restricted download bag, offers insight on current deals being conducted, and other current information USCT member are using. Whether trading alone or becoming attached with other USCT members, the full trading doctrine and added metrical will give the applicant everything they need to know about this business. The rest is about practise so as to abstain experience; until finally that day comes around where that one deal you have been working on heads towards closing. This is your chance to shine.


2018 Is the last year FTNX will be trading openly. With the release of our second publication COSI in 2018, a number of positions will be open in allowing up to ISS ( International Trade Specialists) applicants to learn trading and business aspects while acting for FTNX as a ISS member in a FTNX super string. While we will be delving in general commodities, the purpose of this string is to intently chase live crude oil and fuels based deals for purpose of closing on such a deal by years end 2018. An education service is offered where an opportunity to trade in real time deals also prevails. The applicant is learning the business while actually trading in live deal situation. In this aspect the applicant is obtaining practices and experience with FTNX before trading alone.We start at ground level and quickly learn the required trading routines accordingly. Applicant will be tutored and will be given work every few months, to do with sourcing crude oil and fuels and other commodities. All string member will be deemed as acting for the disclosed principals FTNX as a FTN Exporting Registered Broker (FERB). It will be up to each applicant to make efforts to interact with FTNX as per the advice being served at any given time. No pressure is applied to interact and that those who want to learn the trading aspect are encouraged to participate with the attachment conferred. The offer is to all acceptable applicants past and new. Trading in crude oil and fuels is the most complex trading application; learning to do as much automatically provides the insight to deliver the idea that the applicant is a highly informed trader capable of dealing in all export ready products. FTNX will be mainly concentrating on taking on secondary and primary crude oil and fuel producer, unlike any other time before as we attempt to serve notice to such suppliers, of our specialised position. Applicants joining the FTNX string will have a leading expert supporting them at every step. The applicant simply follows our advice, and attempts to interact at their own will as FTNX direct all deals. We don’t care for mistakes, we expect as much ; what we want is genuine efforts being made. Provide us with genuine efforts, and well support such

All applicant world wide must read and write in the English to a reasonable level, be over 21 years of age and have no criminal history for fraud. All applicant must have a bank account with a good sound bank, who are able to deal in international trade matters. Those who perform well will receive a FTNX endorsed international trade certificate as endorsed by the worlds leading expert in the nature of business being attempted and learned. FTNX checks its inbox every morning, accordingly all replies served as received, regardless of varying international time factors and dates.

All applicant will be both tutored and mentored by FTNX and will be able to source products at will or as directed by FTNX. Applicants simply makes efforts on monthly instruction served by FTNX. This is an educational aspect rarely made available in any learning institute. Being educated by trading is a superior learning application

Applicant taking the offer may have a 4 month grace study period to read all 5 segments, especially the last segment which is to do with crude oil dealings.Applicant should be ready to practise trading as per our directives severed by mid January 2018. Applicant does not need to read segment 6 until after they commences trading, as this segment is offering added advice about “creating investment projects” which “informed specialist traders” ( who were mentored) are also able to apply. In this period applicant may ask us for advices needed. After 4 months ( or sooner if applicant wishes to do so ) the applicant follows our advice, and directives as served in where FTNX is the principal “Buyer/Seller” and mentored applicants are FTNX Registered Brokers (FERB) via www.ftnxx.net site, which is the applicants home base site. The applicant then remains attached with FTNX for 10 months. This is the basis of the actual offer being paid for. As and added incentive, after the initial 10 mo the service period has arrived, all applicants of this new superstring will still be able to present deals to FTNX and ask advice for all deals they initiate on their own as a sole trader, when they are claiming a FERB status, for up to another 6 months, there after. If the applicant does not claim a FERB status of a deal, the applicant is said to be trading alone, in where only advice may be sought. Learn all about this business while actually trading is the quickest and best training aspect available.


  1. With the release of COSI is 2018, FTNX will be once again inundated with enquires, accordingly FTNX will only be servicing FERB super string members at this time.
  2. All applicant must declare their FERB status when trading to receive support. If FERB status in not made on any deals commenced by the applicant, after initial mentoring period is over, then the applicant is working on their own.
  3. No investment projects tuition given with offer 3 as such project takes years to start and complete. Applicant may seek advice about such if they wish; but concentrating on commodities deals, especially fuel and true oil is the expectation while 10 month mentorship period is in effect.
  4. Only 6 applicants will be selected will form the new FTNX super string.
  5. Any deals that closes, FTNX will disburse commission payment as per TRIBE rules of association.The applicant must be financially stable to take this offer and must assume that an advanced educational service is being offered; should a deal; be closed due to the efforts of the attached string members such is treated as an added bonus.

(A) PayPal Users Offer (1) (2) and (3): FTNX is a long serving Paypal member. Please go to Paypal.com to make payment. You don’t need an account to send us payment. Please make PayPal payment to  our email address, by using the button marked "send payment to"  ftn_smice@bigpond.com after following the advice below. Paypal takes up to 3 banking days to clear payment, before publication will be advised to applicant  inbox last via PDF. Paypal payment by echeque not accepted as it could take up to 14 days to clear.

(B) Ideal aspect for countries without access to Paypal or who want to use this direct bank payment method;applicant  may ask FTNX  for a Pro-forma invoice via ftnexporting@yahoo.com email address.  Our banking details will be on the invoice which is  served to your inbox as a PDF. The no obligation Pro-forma invoice will be advised by FTNX into your inbox, carrying a strict 2 day validity. Applicant makes a bank to bank deposit, and makes contact FTN Exporting thereafter. We'll take over and commences advising you at that time.  Please allow up 3 banking days to set your placement up once payment has cleared as per offer taken.

(C) Western union payment accepted .Please as for Westerns Union Pro forma invoice which will be advised by email with 2 days validity.

Payment & Delivery Schedule
We are online 7 days per weeks mornings 6.00 AM to 11.30 AM AEST

  1. Read all pages on this website.
  2. The above aspect defines the writing style of the Author
  3. Read terms and conditions below intently
  4. Select service(s) and make payment
  5. Once payment has been made send email to ftnexporting@yahoo.com
  6. We’ll commence advising added reference material, etc, once payment is made
  7. IBITE PDF / Services advised to e-mail inbox last, once payment has cleared in our account
  8. NOTE:Offer (3): Please send us a good confidential profile first for FTNX to consider. FTNX needs to see writing skills, and needs to know matters about past business, employment, family, and educational matters, before considering an applicant for FERB attachment. If profile is accepted, pro forma invoice will be advised by email within 2 banking days. if not accepted we’ll serve reason why.Only financially stable applicant with spare time on hand should consider offer (3)
    Terms and Conditions of Purchase
    We are offering an educational service.
  • We state all relevant matters as they are, regardless if such matters seem negative, adverse or obtuse, in an effort to attract only applicant with long term trading intent.
  • We are offering educational services ‘not get rich quick’ schemes.
  • This is a professional business, dictated heavily by rules and regulations world wide.
  • Some applicants buying the doctrine will close a deal, some will get close, some will never close deal.This is the nature of any business application including ours.
  • We cannot gauge personal skills of the applicant which contributes to the overall trading success.
  • The academic level doctrine educational aspect herein, surpasses all standard international trade studied studies; should the applicant later decides to look for paid employment in the same related field of practice.
  • An FTNX endorsed and verifiable ITS Certificate is available for those who take our exam at a charge, or if offered with any service being made.
  • The nature of business is not easy to fully apply, nor are import export deals easy to close as many may think. Our doctrine if trade for intermediaries was created by an intermediary of 30 years for all intermediaries, buyers and sellers.
  • Suppliers, exporters, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and the likes could also benefit from this study and training regime. The work offered is unique and would cost tens of thousands of dollars and many years to take up a similar study at a university or college (If it were available, which it’s not as FTNX governs all aspects of this unique doctrine.)
  • These terms and condition have been read and understood is indicated once payment has been made.All advice and publication are served personally to named applicants and may not be transferred, copied and used in any other manner the described in the doctrine.
  • All advice served by FTNX to mentored applicant is done some personally and must not be disclosed to anyone else.
  • FTN Exporting will take legal action over time without notice, against  dishonourable traders world wide breaching copyright matters once evidence is at hand.
  • FTN Exporting created the first and only legally defined doctrine of trade and as such FTNX governs all aspects of such world wide
  • Only FTN Exporting is able to endorse and issue INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND FINANCE SPECIALIST (ITFS) Certification or Diploma to an applicant, based upon exam taken at cost; or as offered when applicant is mentored
  • All Purchaser 2014 onwards receive an identifiable registered USCT number.
  • USCT peer to peer ( license) number is also provided FTNX so that the applicant may use the doctrine and templates offered in our publication-for personal use only.
  • Those who have purchased a fake or unauthorised copy of our works will not be able to trade with FTNX or USCT members nor able to connect with a USCT member who has access to FTNX services.
  • Adverse reporting applies if we are asked to verify the status of a dishonourable trader
  • Education services are only offered. No ‘get rich scheme’ offered. applicant tis being educated and is learning to trade in commodities or as an Agent, Broker internationally
  • NO REFUND possible once payment is made no matter the excuses made. Applicant is paying for the right to sight unique legally defined, well tested training and trading advice.
  • If a claim is made that the publication cannot be opened by the applicant, once served, FTNX has the immediate right to ask another local USCT member to call upon the applicant residence /office and serve assistance in opening the PDF doctrine.
  • The applicant agrees to allow such an applicant to serve such assistance is needed.
  • No matte the situation, applicant will receive the doctrine no matter by what means, is an unconditional application
  • Applicant is learning to trade in commodities correctly, safely and legally a professional entrepreneur and informed professional intermediary defined as a “Buyer /Seller.”
  • As a guide to the term 'reasonable and fair.'Seeking assistance or a deal / asking one or a few questions per month / every few weeks is reasonable, asking one or a few hours , every few days is not.
  • Idle banter or chatting in where a reply is served is considered a service.
  • FTNX has discretion to extend a service upon applicant asking us, due to an unforeseen event.
  • FTNX charges in excess of USD$380.00 to entities seeking advice,as per the servicing a one page 500 word or less expert FAQ or /and consult or opinion by e-mail. It takes just as much effort to service Private Traders.The actual normal cost of the doctrine with Q&A service or any consultation offered is hereby undervalued.
  • The offer of consultation / or Q&A support provided with any offer made,  is greatly undervalued.
  • Abuse of service notably  beyond the 'reasonable and fair' use policy will not be tolerated .
  • FTNX Private Phone number, emails addresses once served must not be disclosed to anyone else.
  • All advice served by FTNX  must not be discussed with anyone else.This includes all access codes, and PDF pass-words, if given.
  • The nature of business between applicant and FTN Exporting ( and visa versa)  is always treated as private and confidential.
  • Good and honourable intent governs the personal use of the FTNX doctrine.
  • Should by the remote chance, an applicant who is given live trading support, actually secures a deal that FTNX is able to close, the applicant and all involved in that deal will have commission payments protected and paid out by FTNX as per TRIBE 2017 Rules of Association.
  • It is a rare event that commission will be earned while training is in effect is the assumption that the applicant makes before taking a service.Accordingly as stated from the first publication released in 2005, FTNX is offering educational services only is also assumed from the start.
  • Applicant must correctly be identified when placing order, and all order must have full legitimate postal address.
  • FTNX created the only legally defined intermediary doctrine of trade and is the only person able to personally issue and endorse an ITFS Certificate or Diploma