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FTN Exporting (Est:1988)
Intermediary, Broker and International Trade Entrepreneur (iBITE 2018)
Private Educational Service: Commodity Trading for Professional Intermediaries
As from 16 November  2017  FTN EXPORTING  ( FTNX) has officially  moved  to its
New Edcuational Website for the 2018 trading year


Best time to commence studying the doctrine NOW as the next few months are always quiet trading periods.


This site remains active but not serviced and serves to inform others who we are. Information clashing with informtion on the new ftnx.net site; only  the new site aspect prevails. 

Our new site is www.ftnx.net   

Author: Davide Giovanni Papa 
FTNX is online 7 days per week Mornings (AEST)
Note: In Australia  our new 2018 financial  year starts 1st July of any given year
Unified Society of Commodity Traders Edition (USCT)
All offers subject to price rise as USD$ climbs against AUD
Date of final posting: 16 NOV 2017 AEST  


COST: Go to Publicaiton Page : www.ftnx.net 
TOTAL WORDS: 350,000 + WORDS,1200 + A4 PAGES

Lets be Frank-Frank! A unique well tested study about making big money is never going to be an easy study to undertake. Discipline and study is the bedfellow of making money, another attribute which is not easy to apply. Nobody is going to help you. You need to help yourself, if you want to enter into this business. Nobody is going to give you a 'big fat wad' of sweaty cash–for doing nothing. To apply big business, one needs to know what they are doing, and what they are saying, and just like any big business, great success stories reflect great failures. But ! unlike most big business ventures, the amount you lose is mitigated only by the  amount spent in becoming informed, which to me, is a 'good bet.' In this business efforts made counts.  Experience is the bedfellow of failure. As experience increases, the spectre of failure declines in where the chances of success increase.This is an academic level study. From the study experience needs to be gained; and with experience, the chances of closing one large import export deal always looms nearby.Then one day, for some, the big event happens, with the closing of a big deal. Some  get close, and many will never close to a deal  due to lack of knowledge, skill and abilities even after reading and studying editions of our doctrine. This is the nature of any business. Get your facts right, secure experience and give this business 'your best shot.' One thing is for sure without taking up the study,entering into this business will result in no chance to close a deal, no matter how long you trade for.   

Want to learn how to trade as an informed intermediary and specialist import export commodity trader? You've come to the right place. Do you want to know and learn about  proper safe first time intermediary procedures for buying and selling large shipments of commoditiesworld wide. iBITE 2018 is for you!
Resources/service: Applicant will receive
•As stated on www.ftnx.net  

FULL COST: Go to Publicaiton Page : www.ftnx.net 
TOTAL WORDS: 350,000 + WORDS,1200 + A4 PAGES

Novice, corporate or home based applicants who are able to meet our strict  criteria may take this offer. Support with this offer  is ‘open’ as needed to all FERB members.   FERB stands for FTN Exporting Registered  Brokers and all FERB members will  trade from base camp www.smice.net in 2018. A special mentored edition of the doctrine is also provided (iBITE 2018(Z)) built upon above offer (1) Predicate edition. The applicant is personally attached to FTNX as a registered ‘broker’ and deal participant, as secured by the applicant, in where the applicant attempts to learn the trading regime from this aspect. The applicant is securing FTNX to remain on standby mentoring and supporting the applicant as needed, as per the attempts made by the applicant, to actually trade ASAP. Even a few interactive processes enacted upon between FTNX and the ‘broker’ will deliver great trading sights over the shorter term. All FAQ’s and all matters of actual serving live deal advice and live trading attempts are personally supported by the Principal FTNX. The ‘broker’ uses our name when entering the market place, after grace study period has been completed. The applicant is not allowed to trade on its own as ‘principal’ while the aspects of this offer are in effect for 10 month active trading period.This is the legal aspect of the offer allowing us to bear liabilities and consequences of any mistakes our ‘broker’ may make. It’s like taking out an ‘insurance policy’ more so for intermediaries who have assets to protect. Having a mentor on stand-by also lifts personal trading confidence to a higher level. A special FTNX Registered (Broker) logo will be served for personal use to identify the claimed brokers status of the applicant, as they slowly ‘one step at a time’ enter the market place. Applicants will be named as Brokers on our trading site www.smice.net in 2018. The first task that the broker will need to do is to secure one supplier for FTNX. All directives are served accordingly thereafter from this premise. The offer of ‘hands on support’ is for 10 months after initial 2 months grace  study grace period has arrived. This is what the applicant is actually paying for. In all cases, if FTNX is closing a deal, due to the efforts of the applicant, all profits earned is shared with the applicant. This aspect also offer the opportunity for the applicant to open their own business website; and even charge others for consultation at a professional level, while applicant is trading under our support. Applicant  should commence  studying the dcotrine now to take advantage of the grace study period as the first half of any given year is the businest  trading periods. 


  • All applicants world wide taking this offer must read and write in the English to a sound reasonable level, be over 21 years of age and have no criminal history for fraud.
  • Ideal for retired applicants as well.
  • All applicants must have a bank account with a good sound well known bank.
  • Applicant must also have good sound understanding of basic maths( Addition, Subtraction etc..)
  • Applicants who seeks an International Trade, Finance and Agency Certificate (ITFA) may submit the exam papers, also served to the applicant within 8 months (min) and 12 months (max) of purchase, at no added charge.
  • Only FTNX as the leading authority on this study and creator of the first legally defined ‘intermediary’ trade doctrine, is able to personally endorse such a certification.
  • Applicant MUST NOT have a criminal record  for matter of fraud/deceptive conduct.
  • Applicant  should be financially stable and be able to interact with mentor in their spare time.
  • Applicants who are able to spare at least 7  hours or more (over a 7 day week) to practice online  trading  while studying/ training preferred. (FTNX is online for mentored applicants who are working, weekends mornings AEST)

Only financial stable applicants should apply, as even one deal participation and mentoring with FTNX takes up a considerable amount of our time.This educational and training aspect will take time to learn. No guarantee that a deal will close, so as to recoup payment made is entertained with this educational service. Any such deals closing is simply treated as a bonus (Therefore; it is unlikely that a deal will close during first 10 months of training period is assumed from the start) Applicant must think like a business minded entrepreneur and be prepared to remain trading for a long period of time to take advantage of this valuable training aspect. FTNX checks its inbox every morning, accordingly all replies served as received, regardless of varying international time factors and dates. Do the study and interact with FTNX while attached at a FTNX registered Broker (FERB) in 2018. Under 10  applicants will be accepted for mentoring at this level, by FTNX in 2018 via this exclusive and unique offer, as FTNX restricts trading information and operations in 2018 as being available only ‘in house’ to endorsed FERB string members. Members do all the sourcing as per our directives served (sourcing suppliers and end buyers), FTNX does the closing, delivering to the applicant great educational aspect there-in in a private, open and transparent manner. For those who are in full time employment; do the study in your spare time as FTNX mentors applicants  weekends as well. In essence FTNX own trading string is being formed to act as a brokers on our live trading site SMICE

Applicant will receive

  • Letter of Introduction
  • Crude oil Reference material we’ve found for free online ( 3 PDF’s)
  • Access to Restricted PDF’s www.ftnxx.net for added insight on current business.
  • 5 iBITE (Z) Segment(s) PDF 2017 Delivered to your inbox when payment clears 
  • USCT FERB logo with name and number.
  • Q&A, Advice, Live trading support /participation for 10 Months
  • Includes: ITFA Exam Paper:Certificate issued if pass mark attained.
  • Initial 12 Months actual mentoring period applies  when grace study period is included.
  • 2 Months grace study period given,the total attachment period is 12 months
  • Total doctrine package is considered a masterworks.
  • Applicant will be attempting to close a deal with FTNX as part of the interactive educational process.
  • Extra I month grace study period given if asked for without effecting 10 months mentoring/trading aspect. 




As advised  WWW.FTNX.NET 


Terms and Conditions of Purchase

As advised  WWW.FTNX.NET