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Updated: 4 JULY 2018 

  1. Alas, we are no longer  providing anything  more except  minimum advice, on this website.
  2. To many ill informed intermediaries  are stealing our information and using it in an imporper manner or are claiming such  'as their own .'
  3. Fake out dated  in house beta copies offered  resellers  use terms like PIA,SI ,PSI, RFQ,OTS, IPG which are is  now terms only applicable to the formal doctrine ITSI via U.K publishers (Interntional Trade and the Successful Intermeduary) which is still selling strongly.
  4. We are not a free advisory service and are unable to serve reply to most email enquiries
  5. FTN Exporting has returned to private practice in 2087  
  6. FTNX will only serve USCT members via our new advisory site (ICOPI).
  7. Our new website in 2018 is as it relates to education.
  9. This site is only a defunct lightly serviced and stoic  site
  10. FTNX does not accpet invitations to  trade, social sites and the likes, ( Facebook, linkedin, ETC..) and do not invite other to such sites which have long been deemed as inactive. 
  11. Due to our unique position and dramatic increase in business we no longer have the time to read emails, accordingly all such emails are trashed from 16 June 2015. 
  12. Our new  formal publication in support of ITSI ( named COSI) to be released by our publishers Gower / Ashgate  late   2018.
  13. In 2018: The PIA is new replaced with PTE, SI is now ISS and PI is now the new PA .
  14. Test: Those who have read this site please add 10% discout to any purchase made from the publication  site 





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