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Updated: NOV 2017:

  1. Alas, we are no longer  providing anything  more except  minimum advice, on this website,  as too many ill informed intermediaries  are stealing our information and using it in an imporper manner or are claiming such  'as their own .'
  2. We are not a free advisory service and are unable to serve reply to most email enquiries pertaining to the nature of business, as such; FTN Exporting has returned to private practice in 2017  and is only serving USCT members who are studying a current FTN Exporting inhouse publication as purchased with support.
  3. Our new website in 2018 is
  4. FTN EXPORING IS MOVING TIO A NEW SITE 16 NOVEMBER 2017 ( this site is only a defunct lightly serviced  site
  5. FTNX does not accpet invitations to  trade, social sites and the likes, ( Facebook, linkedin, ETC..) and do not invite other to such sites which have long been deemed as inactive. 
  6. We do no trade with intermediaries unless they have studied our doctrine of trade and have been offered  support. 
  7. Due to our unique position and dramatic increase in business we no longer have the time to read emails, accordingly all such emails are trashed from 16 June 2015. 
  8. Our new  formal publication in support of ITSI ( named COSI) to be released by our publishers Gower / Ashgate  early   2018.
  9. Our personal In house beta publication will continue to be served on this site.Our trade site in 2018 will be  
  10. FTN exporting is also retiring all of it websites progressively in 2017  except for (smice) and
  11. FTN Exporting is no longer needed to supervise the now many informed traders world wide  applying the virtues of the first ever uniform doctrine of trade made for intermediaires.All support when sought is personally served 
  12. FTNX has no resellers and takes no part in "platforms or forums" which weve tested in the past, accordingly; if our ( FTN Exporting)  name or email address appears on another 'platform or forum'  then someone has placed our name on such a mailing list to give impression that FTNX is a part of such a group,  which  is untrue and further denotes that  dishonourable  and ill informed traders may also be apparent on such forums. 
  13. Those who purchase our docrine will recieve  support  where support is provided
  14. No phone number or mailing address posted online as our postion is a difficult one; in where we cannot serve  the many  trading questions sought .
  15. We only intereact with our own Brokers  and selected USCT members; we trash all offers of goods made to us  without ever opening such, when served by others 
  16. We at FTNX do not trade with intermediaries, we teach and educate  such.We trade only with end buyers and suppliers via the  Exchange 
  17. From Jan 2018  FTNX wilkl only  educate and trade with supported members.
  18. Past supported  members once attchment is broken , will not be served by FTNX, unless applicant is updating past publcaiton to a current one.





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